page three September 16, 1992 -Campus Editorial Point Counterpoint College Republicans offer differing views on abortion I am sure that the majority of students and faculty here at Meredith have already decided how they feel about abortion. Therefore, I am not writing this editorial to radically change minds, nor am I writing this to condemn anyone for their beliefs. I am writing this because I am so sure of the way I feel about abortion and I have a sense of duty to express my feelings. This is my first year of college. My ambitions and goals are innu merable. This is the way things should be for every college woman. I cannot believe I am the same age my mother was when she became pregnant with me. What a tremendous decision she had to make! It seems like there are three decisions a woman in this situation can make. First, she can give up many of her dreams and totally alter her life plans so she can have the baby and rear it. Second, she can go through the heartache of having an abortion, and then try to continue carrying out her plans and reaching her life goals. The last, least chosen, and most unselfish decision is adoption. This is the decision my biological mother made. So many times, I hear friends say that if they became pregnant, adoption would not be an alternative because, after carrying a baby for nine months, they would love it too much to give it up. I feel that it takes more love to give a baby up for adoption tlian it does to keep it, if a woman knows it will be better off in another family. I think it is ter rible that people do not realize that adoption is a tremendous sacrifice due to a tremendous love for a baby from a mother. My parents also appreciate and are grateful for the decision my mother made. Adoption is the only way they were able to have a baby of their own. In closing, I would like to express how I feel about the terms “Pro-life” and “Pro-choice.” These The 1992 Presidential race is very tight, and one of the major issues is abortion. Most people see the abortion line drawn between the Republicans and the Democrats, with all Democrats Pro-choice and all Republicans Pro life. This just isn’t true. The Pennsylva nia ruling that restricts a woman’s abil ity to obtain an abortion was pushed through by the state’s Democratic gov ernor, Bob Casey, and the Democratic Attorney General, Ernie Preate. The Republican party platform states an “unborn child has a fundamental indi are inaccurate and unfair labels for anyone. Abortion advocates are “Pro-life” because they are con cerned about women’s lives, and they are “Pro-choice” because they feel women should be able to choose what is best for their lives. However, anti-abortionists are also “Pro-life” and “Pro-choice” be cause they think a woman should be able to choose. But the decision should be what is best for the un born baby. How can you let some one choose if you do not give them an opportunity to live? vidual right to life.” That is only the platform; many Republican politicians such as Wyoming’s Senator Alan Simpson and Pennsylvania’s Arlen Specter, and most Republican voters support the Pro-choice movement. A Times-Mirror poll shows that 71% of Republicans are Pro-choice. Until now. Choice supporters, secure in the Su preme Court decision on Roe v. Wade, have remained silent. For the past ten years, many sup porters, disgusted with platform rheto ric have deserted their party, leaving the remains of a once diverse “Big Tent” to the hands of a more conser vative Right. The basic premise of the Republican Party is to keep gov ernment out of public lives, and the platform stance on abortion is a di rect violation of the party’s overall point of view. This issue is not poUtically based. Catholic Governor Casey and Baptist Senator Jesse Helms agree on the abortion issue. Religion should not be part of any politician’s or any party’s political ideology. When questioned about the platform, Bar bara Bush stated that she hadn’t read it, and had no plans to read it, but that she knew the man, and that is who she is voting for. It’s the man that counts, not the platform. Two Bush appointed justices voted to uphold Roe, and he has also ap pointed Pro-choice members to his cabinet. The leader of our coun try is comfortable with the expres sion of different opinions, unlike the Democrats, who refuse to al low Casey time for an anti-choice statement at their convention. The grassroots organization. Republicans for Choice, headed by Ann Stone, is providing an outlet for Republicans dissatisfied with the party’s stance. Stone’s organization is forcing politicians to realize that the majority of their constituents want women to have the right to control their own bodies. For more information, regard less of party affiliation, on the orga nization of a Raleigh chapter of Re publicans for Choice, call Lynn Davidson at 829-7853. Correction In last week's issue of the Herald, the pictures of Lynn Farmer and Lynn Davidson were switched. We apologize for the mistake and are running the articles again this week to clear up any confusion. Thank you. Amity Brown, editor-in-chief Interested in campus publications? Call... Amy Clark- Yearbook 829-7735 Leigh Anne Perkinson - Literary Magazine 829-7824 Amity Brown - Newspaper 829-7782

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