September 16, 1992 page seven Campus News Elections, continued from page one emphasized. Heather Shook spoke of dedica tion, enthusiasim, and the future, saying “I will make this an unforgettable freshman year.” The four candidates for secretary were Taylor Armstrong, Jennifer Faircloth,Rebekah McRoy, and Mary Pulley, who was the even tual winner. Taylor Armstrong stressed team work and class unity in her speech. She also told us to “Remember to vote.” Jennifer Faircloth emphasized being on the ball and there for the class, especially by saying “ I plan to be here for you.” Mary Pulley, who turned out to be the winner, opened her speech by singing a song aboutherself to the tune of “The Adams Family.” She then proceeded to talk about her experience and excitement about the postion. Candidates for treasurer were Shannon Brittain, Inga Lanier , Kristi Merrell, and Catherine Walker, Shannon Brittain spoke to the audience about her past experience as a treasurer and her leadership qualities. She closed her speech by saying “A penny saved is a penny earned.” Inga Lanier told the crowd about her leadership experience and about her preparation to serve the class as treasurer. Kristi Merrrell emphasized her high school experience and her ability to work with others. Catherine Walker talked about how she liked to keep everyhthing in order and finished off by saying “So far I haven’t gone into debt!” Finally, the candidates for Class Histo rian were Amy Dunn and Rebekka Heffinger. Amy Dunn stressed hard work and leadership. Rebekka Heffinger stressed her creativity and the fact that she was not afraid to “get in there” and make a fool of herself at any time. Letter to the Editor continued from page two men did. I want to say another special Thank You to the student advisors. All of you did a wonderful job and I am very proud of you. Thank you for all of the help and support that you all gave to me during orientation. You all have found a place in my heart and given me something to treasure about my senior year. Don’t ever forget that YouDoMakeA Differ ence and your job is a very special one. I would also like to thank our advisor. Marge Stevens. Without her, I never would have made it through my 4th freshmen orientation. Thanks again to everyone! Dawnyelle Thrush, Chief Student Advisor Recycle, continued from page two I am afraid that recycling for me has be come like slipping an extra five dollars in the collection plate because I know I’m going to outline my research paper during the sermon. Because I recycle most of the time, I can wink at my occasional slackness. Knowing that so many others are recycling. I’ve become less con cerned about my own habits. I have come to regard recycling as a solution to—rather than a symptom of—an ever-growing problem. Now that recycling is easier, both we old- timers and the newly converted should redouble our efforts. But that is only the first step. We must admit that recycling alone is not enough, and we must make our voices heard. As con sumers we should write letters demanding re form from companies that flood the market with wasteful packaging. Public opinion persuaded even the all-mighty McDonalds to mend its ways. As communities we should question our legislators before they spend our tax dollars on yet another recycling program. With our voice and our votes, we should force policy-makers to devote as much attention to reducing trash as they do to recycling it. We must also practice what we preach. Using a coffee mug instead of a paper cup, taking a canvas bag to the grocery store, and using cloth napkins and dish towels in our kitch ens are things we can do easily every day— small thing that make a big difference. As we continue to recycle our garbage, we can begin to revolutionize our thinking. WINGS Social Friday, Sept 18 6:00 p.m. 132 Jones All re-entry students are invited to join us for subma rine sandwiches. Come meet other WINGS students. $4.00 per person Designing Women for the future Fall leadership conference scheduled for this weekend by Cheryl Smith, Program Director On Sept. 18 and 19, the Office of Student Activities and Leadership Development is spon soring the Fall Leadership Training Conference at the Howard Johnson Crabtree Plaza. The theme of the conference is “Designing Women for the Future.” The purpose of the conference is to provide an opportunity for delegates from a variety of campus organizations to get motivated about and prepared for the upcoming year. Del egates will learn new skills and information that can be taken back to benefit their organizations. The conference begins Friday, September 18 with a sit-down dinner and presentation from keynote speaker Renee Keever. Ms. Keever, a 1979 Meredith College graduate, currently serves as Director of Development for the International Service Research Honor Society. Following the keynote, students will meet in small groups to discuss delegation, time and stress management, conflict management, and self-esteem. Friday night’s events will end with a special activity to get students working together creatively. On Saturday, September 19, students will begin the day learning about “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.” Students will then choose between attending one of three sessions- Workforce 2000: Preparing for Your Future as a Professional Woman, Effective Meetings, and a panel of alumnae who will discuss “Maximizing Your Potential” at Meredith College. The con ference will conclude with a session on motiva tion. The Office of Student Activities looks for ward to this opportunity to help Meredith Col lege students learn new leadership skills that will assist them while in college and for years to come. The main goal of this conference is to design women leaders for the future! Need A Friend’s Phone Number? 829-7590 • Access to all Meredith College students' phone numbers (On and Off Campus) • 24 Hour Service

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