page three October 7,1992 -Campus Editorial Point Counterpoint Economic plans of the presidential candidates by Nancy Bradley Trickle-down economics has not worked for twelve years. Bill Clinton believes it is time for a change. The qualities which make America great are opportunity, re sponsibility, and reward for hard work. These basic ideals are the ma jor components of a brochure en titled “Putting People First” written by Clinton earlier this year. He pro vides five methods to improve the economy which coincide with what he believes to be the American val ues. The most important issue to aid the economy in Clinton’s plan is cre ating new job opportunities. The other issues on which he focuses are gov ernment cutbacks, lifelong educa tional programs, affordable health care, and rewards for hard-working families. Each of these five topics assists the economy in many ways. The health care issue has long been con sidered a problem to many Ameri can citizens. Clinton asserts that by making health care affordable many people would have more money to circulate elsewhere in the economy. Government cutbacks are basically self-explanatory in how they would aid our economy. The idea of re warding families means tax breaks, family and medical leave programs, and child support enforcement. Clinton believes each of these re wards wouldimmensely supplement family income. The lifelong educa tional programs would educate all persons interested in furthering their educations, without posing a major financial burden. If Clinton is elected, he will implement all of these economic betterments. He promises to make this great change in order to assist all classes of our society so that the economy will no longer seem to be a burden at all. by Missy Barakat As a whole, the Republican party believes the same things that Presi dent Bush tries to implement. Repub licans believe in a private enterprise system and a broad-based system of economic development. George Bush promises, if re-elected, to try to keep Congress implementing ideas of the Republican party and to carry these ideas out himself whenever possible. President Bush says he will con tinue to support big business and con tinue to help smaller ones, contribut ing to the general wealth of the Ameri can public. He believes a balanced budget is possible without raising taxes. He will try to maintain his idea of “no new taxes.” He also believes Congress should not be allowed to spend at will. Bush strongly believes in the conservative economic re forms, with efforts to reduce taxes and regulation. Bush also hopes to reduce unemployment, gas prices, inflation, interest rates and hopes to increase personal wealth of US citi zens, investment, and economic growth. If re-elected. President Bush plans to implement all of the above ideas, plus other new plans of the Republican party. Bush’s platform will try to maintain and better some of his ideas from the Reagan-Bush era. The Meredith Herald would like to thank Dr. Clyde Frazier and his Current Events class for their contributions to the Point/ Counterpoint page. Amity Brown, editor Health care plans of the presidential candidates by Trista Schagat On July 16,1992, Bill Clinton announced that “health care for ev ery American should be a right not a privilege. ” Along with this statement, Clinton introduced his health-care proposal. His proposal is based on the belief that current health care rates have become virtually unaffordable to the average Ameri can and involves the government stepping in to reshape the system. Clinton’s proposal is slightly vague, but his goal is clear: universal coverage. He plans to set up a system that will help cover those people who are too poor to afford private health insurance. There is some mention of a “pay or play” plan that would re quire every employer to provide their employee with the money needed for health insurance, but because of the effect that this could have on small businesses, Clinton is not stressing this point. The key to Clinton’s plan is putting a ceiling on the amount of money that doctors and hospitals can charge their patients. Through cost containment and government- sponsored insurance, Clinton hopes to make quality health care avail able to all Americans. Although President Bush thinks this plan will lead to a system of socialized medicine with the “ef ficiency of the House Post Office and the compassion of the KGB,” Clinton, on the other hand, acknowl edges that the health care problem exists. The problem is health care expenses have become extremely high, and something needs to be done. by Ellen Greer President Bush and Bill Clinton have opposing views on health care as seen in this election. In the New York Times, Axi%. 12,1992, President Bush uses the quotation “the Grand Canyon of philosophy” to describe the differ ences in opinion on the issue. Presi dent Bush wants to cut costs and make insurance available to the majority of the public. George Bush and Bill Clinton do not agree on the method to go about giving out health care, especially when it comes to the government. Bush re lies heavily on the private market. He wants to offer tax credits to the lower- class people up to a certain amount (about $3,750) for them to buy private health insurance. He wants to offer deductions to middle-class citizens so they can also buy private health insur ance. President Bush wants to try to lower costs by encouraging Congress to limit the damages received in suits involving malpractice. He also be lieves in providing the public with valuable information on the most eco nomical hospitals and doctors. An other one of his ideas was to encour age individuals and small businesses to buy health insurance at a discounted rate by using their purchasing power. Chitwood Poetry and Short Fiction Reading Tuesday, Oct. 20 7:30 p.m. Kresge Auditorium For more information, call X8507

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