Campus Editorial January 20.1993 page two In yet another instance of in eptitude and waffling, the Su I^eme Courtlast week ruled that federal judges cannot stt^ {mo- testors who try to block women's clinics to prevent abOTtions. The Court, however, maintains this ruling .does not interfere with a woman’s constitutional right to have an abortion, a right the Su preme Court reaffirmed last June in Planned Parenthood of South eastern Pennsylvania v. Casey. Without a doubt, the right to peacefully protest and to assemble are basicconstitu- tional guaran tees accorded to all Ameri cans. Unlike citizens of many other countries, Americans also enjoy free speech and the power to petition the gov ernment for a redress of griev ances, as stated in the First Amend ment. These constitutional liber ties are invaluable; they prevent the abuse of power by govern ment and allow the free exfa’es- sion of opinion necessary for the maintenance of democratic insti- Jessica tutions. No group, however, has the right to stage a protest that pre vents another group of peopl e from exercising their constitutional rights. Picketing abortion clinics is acceptable under the law; physi cally barring their entrances is not. Imagine the swiftness with which law enforcement would disband protestors blocking voting booths or the entrances to hospitals that performed controversial surger ies. It appears that the Supreme Court has re luctantly given women the right to an abor tion, provided that they are prepared to be psychologi cally assaulted by abortion protestors and are ready to break through actual physical barriers to abortion clin ics if necessary. Insidiously, the Supreme Court has denied federal judges the power to protect women’s constimtional right to abortion; with this incredible in justice, women should feel far from assured of their reproductive freedom in the United States. Letters to the Editor iMeredith Herald m ( liirf AmiiyBfxro/D FraoeyKawls BiiMnMMiiiMiicrr 'miu HasLii:i Cf^yEfiitwr.- $u$0!>iBDiey >rwsl-:diUT . . ILthlo-rtiv Featim«^dU»r.S(^uli S|M>ru KdlUir ^t:iv U).iu Ailtit-or Naa Miller iRqiorters B«nces Tdsta Scitasat, Kate S MauUs&l', CbdsUna . 'ttrly/utlLii. irtUeWeSb (.itiiirihutUiK Wriltrv. Nivs.'i.- ; •in ! >ijcan, Ret>ec^ i Faw» Hobis Haywortb, Aoi^ | Sfaepwct. Jessica Cook InIiihi.iI Advisor 1,^.. U«mI>aVe£iport Ediiulal PcUlcy 'llu! UecaU is publi4iMll>y iteCoUegeiiirtiuflMt^ ^teiitUiBwyear- llie pfi{ier IS thf 'Ilie retUBs right uot io EiuMisbB»»n«l> co&tamuig pcnoial attacks. insuJU, ridKuSe. orUbetoa* suxmcats. Ail lettttS to tte ediw nii&t be c^aad. Tlw «x]>raMd in {^Linuis do TOtnocesiiiniy»fl6(| Ihuie ofibe«eU«$»l»jau$iMr>lion, fai,uiiy.CTs£Q4^ibody. dir hdiUY ruin r B.tbe CMasnmqr iff itlvuiMl'to v/nie a iotta ^ Mm eJ «r Ail (ypMSttea Xante and M^phone miwdby ttn; wiU wifjlitMlid upoa Editors note: The Meredith Herald’s letters to the editor policy states. “All letters must be signed by the author, but names will be withheld upon re quest. ” We cannot publish anonymous letters, but we will respect the confidentiality of an author. If you have submitted an anonymous letter and you still wish it to be published, please resubmit the letter with a re quest for your name to be with held. Thank you. Amity Brown, editor Student complains about suds in fountain I am writing this letter in concern to the fountains’ being constantly foamed. When it hap pened the first time last year, it was funny. When it happened this year, it was slightly funny but already OLD. This Saturday (1/16/93), I went outside for a walk, and the front fountain was so consumed with foam that it had spread as far away as the new building that is being built. This is about the fifth time this year that 1 have seen this happen. I’m sorry, but it was old and pathetic the second time it was done. Yet these girls, whom I don’t know, have to be pretty dim-witted if they thi nk that what they do is funny. It is just down right stupid now. These near sighted, elementary-school- minded little ninnies obviously don’t realize that their BORE DOM or DRUNKENESS is no excuse for them K> destroy our en vironment! Which it is constantly doing — not only is their prank poluting the water and the soil, but ten to one, it is also harming the animals that live here on campus. TTie soap is probably even getting into OUR drinking water! I am writing tliis letter because I love all living things and creatures. It makes me SICK to my stomach when 1 see pollution of our earth on Meredith’s campus. Especially when I realize that these pathetic excuses for human beings that did this are going to keep on doing it just because of the juvenile thrill they get from doing something bad without getting caught. That is all I have to say, but for the sake of the animals I hope what I had to say will bring positive results as to the end of the fountains being foamed. Thank you. Mary Moore Student defends private schools I would like to say that I came away for Hollis Hayworth’s article about Chelsea Clinton attending private school offended and angry. I attended a very good private school in Virginia and not for one moment do I regret it. I feel I benefitted greatly from the per sonal attention and relatively calm see LETTERS page seven photo by Mary Moor On January 16, the fountain in front of Johnson Hall was nUed wiUi soap.

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