Campus Extras Scent of a Woman — a heart-warming story of friendship January 20,1993 page eight The title may sound like a catchy ji ogle forfeminine deodorant, but5c«n/ of a Woman is far from a f^-paced> trendy, hyped-up commercial. Scenl of a Vioman is a delightful, emotional and intense story about a blind man who, one Ihanksgiving weekend, de cides to live life to the fullest before taking his life. Do not let this serious subject matter scare you, however. Scentofa Wiomtjn is a feel-good movie which will leave you laughing more than crying. A1 Pacino, most famous for his role in ttie Godfather \iio\ogy, plays a retired Army lieutenant colonel who became blind from a grenade explo sion. He is a moody, angry-at-the- world, ex-military man—barking or ders M anyone who tries to help him. Chris O’Donnell plays as young prep school student hired to take care of Pacino over Thanksgiving weekend. I^cino instantly does not like him, and O'Donnell isimmediately intimidated Beth Lowry Senior Major: Political Studies/ History by the gruff demeanor of his charge. The beginnings of a beautiful rela tionship! Pacino makes plans to go to New York to live life to the ^so lute fullest — rooming at the Waldorf-Astoria, dining in the fa mous Oak Room, driving a flashy, red Ferrari (yes, Pacino drives!) and dancing a sensual tango with a beautiful brunette, and O’Donnell is along for the ride. While Pacino spends his week end planning to blow hi$ head off, O’Donnell has problems of his own to contemplate—whether or not to snitch on fellow classmates who van dalized the head master’s car. A Harvard scholarship is at stake. In the end, Pacino teaches O’Donnell how to live life completely and to stand up and be a man, and O’Donnell teaches Pacino simply how to live. Scent of a Woman has nothing to do with a woman, which is my only complaint It is a story about rela tionships, butin diis case, a relation ship between an angry man and an innocent boy. The relationship be tween these two men results in sub stantial changes for both of them. Scent of a Woman is a heart warming, tear-jerking, feel good movie. Pacino’s star shines brightly and convincingly (a sure thing for an Oscar nomination), and O’Donnell does an excellent job as the movie, prep student, (girls will surely de velop crushes). See this movie, en joy life, and feel warm all over. CULTURE NOTES Fletcher School of the Per* forming Arts:Nicholas Kitchen, Violin. Friday, Jan. 22, 8 p.m. Carswell Concert Hall Fletcher School of the Per* forming Arts: Nicholas Kitchen and Kids. Saturday, Jan. 23. S p.m. Caswell Concert Hall Fletcher School of the Per* forming Arts: Nicholas Kitchen, Violin. Sunday, Jan. 24. 3 p.m. Carswell Concert Hall Erik Dyke, Faculty Bass Re cital. Sunday, Jan. 31. 3 p.m. Carswell Concert Hall Natalie Crocker. Guest Pi ano Recital. Saturday, Feb. 6. 5 p.m. Carswell Concert Hall Easy Money photo by Frances Pate Michelle Williams, sophomore, uses the Automated Teller Machine, which was installed in Cate Center last week. The ATM is available for use during the hours Cate Center is open. Male visitation discussed by student organizations In response to student concerns about the lack of social activities at Meredith during weekends, Senate, Student Life and Residence HaU Board are considering a recommendation for a temproary open house policy. TTiis temporary open house policy will allow visitors and will encourage campus-wide activities for a trial basis on the third Sunday of each month from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Beginning in September 1993, the policy is designed to increase involvement in t he Meredith community on weekends by promoting a positive social atmosphere for students. Because it is temporary, this policy also allows the campus an opprottunity to experience and evaiutate the idea of open house. Senate will vote on the recommendations for a temporary open house on Tuesday, January 26 at 5:30 p.m. Senators will talk to students this week to gauge opinion and to hear ideas about open house. If you have any opinions or suggestions concerning open house or would like to see the proposal, contact your class senators immediately. Next week in the fiaald... •PoiiityC nuiiicipoiiu - (he U S. rcspuiisu lu Iraq •HiiisKetball covciugc •'Itniiii.s lu'ws

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