February 17,1993 page four Campus News Convocation panelists to address role of Meredith in their lives by Susan Finley On Monday, Feb. 22, Mo«dith College will observe Founders’ Day Convocation in Jones Audi torium. According to Dr. Julia O’Brien, Chair of the Convoca tion CcMnmittee, there will be a panel discussion entitled “Girls’ SdioolwWomen’sColiege:'n)e Meredith Experience.” The panel consists of Meredith alumnae who will discuss ttieir own experiences. Panelists are Anne Dahle, Karen Britt Peeler, Tracy Sternberg and Cincfy McEnery. Dr. Betty Webb, a Meredith alumna and a member of the En glish Department, will serve as moderator. As part of the Founders* Day tradition, seniors will attend con vocation in their caps and gowns. Following the panel discussion there will be a wreatii-laying cer emony at the marker in firont of Jones. A reception will be held at the Alumnae House. Faculty and students are re minded that class sdiedules will be shifted to accommodate the ceremonies. Convocation Schedule 8:00-8:45 a.m. first period 8:55-9:40 a.m. second 10:00 a.m. convocation 11:15-11:50 a.m. fourth noon regular schedule Student calls abstinence best choice for physical and emotional health by Lisa Lund As a seni(»^ biology majcw. I have become increasingly aware of he^fl) hazards as I have ^nt more and more time in u|!^r- level biology classes. One haz ard of v^iich 1 have become aware is the hazard of sex outside of marriage. In a MerediOi public speaking class, v^ch had students from freshman to senior status. 16 of 21 students stated in an anony mous survey that they were sexu ally iuitive. All of these students stated they were eiflter moderately or very concerned with their physi cal health, and 19 of the 21 stated they were either moderately or very (SODtLtEtK&OQ'S ffiOSIEIESir HfltnTILS SQDSBIF SDOtlllPfitl SPRING BREAK '93 SUIIMIUEflR SALE!! GET IT NOUl AND SilUE $10 OFF (Thru Febrvarg 28tti) NAME BHBNflS TflKECOUER RfllSINS TONGfi RflBIO FIJI POINT CONCEPTION PORTA 00 SOL DEL IR MER TACNEE RITCHIE IIMITEO SPACE LOCflTEO IN NORTH HILLS MAIL UPPER lEOEL > MAIN ENTRANCE 781-5756 concerned with their emotional health. { will assume for (he salce of ttiis article th^ these statistics are relatively representative of the Meredith population. Iwould.like to i^esent the (Aysical and emo tional dangers in premarital sex in order to cause those involved to question their sexual practices. For those readers who have already made the dedsion to abstain fixHn sex until marriage and fCM' those of you who are already married, I hope to confirm your decision and give you valuable information to share with your children when they ask you hard questions about sex. The physical consequences of sex before marriage range from sexudly transmitted diseases to pregnancy. It is common knowl edge ttiat syfMlis, gonorrhea and many other diseases can be ^ead through sexual coiUact. R is also commonly assumed that condoms -canprotect against these diseases, but that is just not true. Condoms are useless, because they only pro tect the body parts which they cover. Because female secretion reach alarger area than the condom covers, males are not adequately [^tected. And females, we are not covered by a condom at all, so what does that tell you about our protection? Condoms just caimot be trusted to protect against sexu ally transmitted diseases. In addition to sexually trans mitted diseases, premarital sex also introduces the danger of AIDS. Like seiuially transmitted diseases, AIDS is known to be ^ead through sexual contact And once again we have been told th^ condoms protect against ttie S{xead of AIDS, but once again that is just not true. Condoms were developed to i^event pregnancy: that is to {xeveitt male sperm from penetrating the condom. Hie size of a m^e ^)enn is 4 to 5 microns or .0002 inches. The size of HI V, the virus which causes AIDS, is -100 nanometers or .0000039 indies. The normal pores in a la tex condom measure 400 nanom eters or .0014600 inches — four timeslargerthan HIV. These pores are not holes or tears; they are present in the best brands of condoms that haye been cared for and used properly. As if this is not bad enough as it stands, latex is heat, cold, li^t and pressure sen sitive. According to an offidal law document recorded in Hu man Experimentation and Law, "Condoms arerarelyifever stored and transported in compliance with federal guidelines subject ing them to intense he^ and cold.” Iherefore, the pores are most probably even larger! Dr. Robert Noble, a professor of medicine at the University of Kentucky Col lege of Medicine had diis to say about condoms and AIDS: “Pass ing out condoms to teenagers is see PREMARITAL page five

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