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Volume XI, Issue 4 September 14, 1994 Raleigh. North Carolina
Freshman class candidates take a plunge into politics
by Ashley Peay
Many voices were heard in support
of the fieshman class candidates on
Monday night at the fteshman election
The speeches took place in the
Chapel after the freshman hall meet
ings, and the group was a large and
enthusiastic one.
Kristy Apptehans, senior elections
board representative, said she thinks
there are a lot of enthusiastic candi
dates running this year, and she is
excited about the class as a whole. She
also thought that there was a great
turnout for the speeches.
The three candidates for Ireshraan
class president began the speeches as
Stepli^e Conger offered herself 100%
and displayed her respect for opinions
as well as personalities. She also stated
that she is willing to listen.
Amanda Ledford emphasized her
pride in Meredith College and talked
about laying a foundation for the fresh
man class. She used the orientation
theme of "A League of Our Own’ and
by Marsha Tutor
Each Monday at 10 a.m the fresh
man of Meredith College file into Jones
Chapel prepared for another TRANSI
TIONS program. (Teaching Relational
Academic and other Necessary Skills
In^rtant To Insuring Our New Stu
dents’ Success.) TRANSITIONS, as de
scribed by Kim Uttlefieid. is ‘another
source of support for freshman.*
It is a set of programs that has been
designedtohelpin Meredith students'
first year experience.
liiese prc^rams help students make
a successAil change to college life and
introduce Meredith students to sub
jects and issues. Though many of these
issues may not be new to the students,
TRANSITIONS approaches these issues
in a manner that will help many stu
dents to look at things with a different
TTie first TRANSITIONS meeting
was August 21 at 3:30 p.m during
freshman orientation. This program
she stated that the bases are loaded,
and she wants to make a the class of
‘98’s freshman year a grand slam.
Amy Palazzo, the frnal candidate
for president spelled out her name by
using adjectives or phases to describe
each letter. “A” stood for active, and
“M” stood for her motivation. “Y” an
swered the question of “Why" she is
running for the office. Her reason is to
taught the freshman more about
Meredith College and the community
of Raleigh.
Dr. Jean Jackson, vice president
for Student Development, addressed
the freshman on her experiences as a
student at Meredith and a Acuity mem
ber. The freshman were then intro
duced to the history and traditions of
On Monday, September 12 the
TRANSITIONS seminar “On Your
Honor" was held. During this session
the members of the honor council
discussed the honor code, the rules
behind it, and how these rules are to
be enforced.
The honor council's Solicitor Gen
eral Lori Miller, Chairperson Kristen
TyvoU, Support Counselor Christina
Steward, and Bonnie Williams of the
review board, presented their roles on
the honor council and how they work
for us.
After this presentation a mock trial
represent the class of ’98, and her
slogan was “Amy-it’s that simple."
The candidates running for vice
president are Dana Helpert, Emily Nec
essary, and Kristin Young. Secretary
candidates are Lindsay Bean, Carol
Swink, and Emi Tarieton. Running for
treasurer are Jennifer Gillis, Ellen Ha
vens, andTansey Kidd. Jennifer Ferrell
and Leigh Sitzman are running for his
was held. It explained and enforced to
the students how the honor council
TRANSITIONS is a required session
for the freshman of Mer^ith. If a ses
sion is missed it must be made up. This
is done by going to the freshm^ cen
ter at the allotted times to watch the
taped session. One must then write a
summary of the session explaining
what knowledge was gained from it.
Freshman have many different ideas
about TRANSITIONS. Some find the
sessions to be very helpful while oth
ers do not quite see the purpose of
Maiy Vitkus, a Meredith freshman,
says, “TRANSITIONS is very educa
tional, but nobody seems to respect
Barbara Laubach, also a freshman,
states, “I think they help us adjust
because college can be overwhelming
especially for us freshman. ’
torian and Amy Newsome is running
unopposed for honor council. Emily
Fulgham is also running unopposed
for senate. Rebecca Huffsteter, Donna
Murray, and Sheridan Whitty are the
candid^es for class marshal, and the
student life candidates are Meredith
Lovelace, Amy Everett, and Ginny
Positions are still open for elec
tions board and applications will be
available after the election process is
Campus-wide positions are also
being filled for student life. The five
candidates running for the junior class
positions are Dede Canedo, Rebekah
McRoy, Kimberiy Zucker, Kyle
Hoffman, and Heather Graves. Senior
class representatives are Jan Everhart
and Betsy Trible
Amanda Ledford, candidate for
freshman class president stated, “Even
ifl don't win, I'm really excited about
getting our four years toether as the
class of '98 off to a great start."
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TRANSITIONS help ease the freshman burden
Freshman Class Elections 1994
President Amanda Ledford
Secretary. Emi Tarieton
Historian: Jennifer Ferrell
Honor Council Rep.: Amy Newsome
Student Life Reps.: Amy Everett, Meredith Lovelace, Ginny
Class Marshalt. Rebecca Huffstetle''(njn-off; Donna Murray,
Sheridan Whitty)
Class Senator. Emily Fulghum
Vice-President (run-off) DanaHelfert, Emily Necessary
Treasurer, (run-off) Jennifer Gillis, Ellen Havens

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