November 2,1994 2 Campus Opinion Editorial: Pizza party did not deliver By Addie Tschaooler Pizza anyone?....That question may now have a different ring to it if you were one of many who stood in line at last week’s Pizza Fest. As most people are aware, pizza is a favorite among college women and men for that matter. Pizza is something that the college student is willing to stand in line for, no matter how long the line may be. As long as they get their pizza, the time is well spent. For many Meredith women, their time was not well spent Oct. 25 at Pi Sigma Epsilon’s Pizza Fest. I, among the mob of others, had come to Belk Dining Hall to be served 10 pieces of pizza for $2. 1 arrived on time, 8:30 p.m. to be exaa, but even so, the line had already stretched the length of the cafeteria. At about 8:50 p.m. we were told that more pizza had been ordered and would arrive by 9:00 p.m. At 9:15 the pizza arrives and the price has been changed as well as the amount of pizza - five slices for $1. Another 10 minutes goes by and I’m the neict one up to the almost empty table that was once lined with pizza. About 35 hungry people are behind me. One piece is left. The club president informs every one that the club cannot order any more pizza, so everyone will now have to wait in line to get their money back;. She comments that they did not ex pect so many people to show. Need less to say I grabbed that last piece, while others picked crumbs from the boxes. Besides, many of us were count ing on that pizza to be our supper. To begin with, let me start out by saying that the pizza fest was a good idea; however, it was not handled ap propriately. First of all, the pizza fest was advertised all over campus, through student mailboxes, bulletin boards, and large signs in the Cate Center. Pi Sigma Epsilon should have anticipated the big turn out with all of their effective advertising. After aU, $2 for 10 pieces of pizza ain’t half bad. A possibility might have been to just take a survey of all who intended to come, so that enough pizza would have been ordered in advance. In addition, I felt that something else should have been done for those who did not get served. Although the Meredith Herald Editor in Chief Christina Peoples Layout Editor.. CopyEditor„ .Shannon Peterson Melissa Massengill Features Editor. Clarky Lucas News Editor — Addie Tschamler Photo Edhor. Jetson Business Manager Carrie Shaw Reporters .Arinn Dixon, Ashley Peay, Kimberly Zucker, Keri VanDoten, Kristine Stagg, Meiissa Cloer, Teresa Latham, Meagan Cronauer, Marsha Tutor Photographers Laura Ross, Jan Seate Faculty Consultants Garry Walton, Rod Cockshutt, Nan Miller ^*^***^- Paula Daniels Editorial Policy: The Uendith Herald is published by the College throughout the academic year. The paper is funded by the College and through adverising. The opinions expressed in editorial columns do not necessarily reflect those of the college administraiton, faculty or student body. Letters to the Editor Policy: Everyone in the Meredith community is invited to write a letter to the editor. All published letters must be typewritten with contact name, address and telephone number. Ail letters must be signed by the author, but names will be withheld upon request club members informed us that three out of the five pizza shops they had ordered fix)m had closed for the night, my question remained - what about the other two? Let’s face it, by this point in time all we wanted was our pizza. Who cared where it came from? The main issue here, however, was not pizza, it was time - very valuable time. Most of us wouldn’t have minded that the pizza ran out if we hadn’t alreadywaitedsolong. But all that time had been wasted, time that could have been spent studying for exams or fin ishing a paper. Now, not only did we have to ^sh that paper, but also find a place to eat. I can’t say that many of us are apt to return for the spring Pizza Fest unless we are assured that our pizza will be ready and waiting. Don’t get me wrong; the club had a great idea and obviously put a lot of time and effort into putting the Pizza Fest together. I was just disappointed in the planning. Maybe next semester something could be done to make the fest a little more enjoyable for everyone. Attention! If you are a club or organization president, please make siu'e that you sign-up for a time to take organizational pictures. These pictures will be the ones that appear in the yearbook. The sign-up sheets will be in Cate Center. There is a $10 fee for your club. Pictures willl be taken on Tues., Nov. 29. Thank you, the Oak Leaves staff Letter to the Editor: Save the Ginkgo Dear Editor, I write in reply to the letter from Veronica L. King (one of my favorite former freshman advisees—she de clared her major in math!). She objects to the Ginkgo (note speUing) tree that produces the seed cones that do smell...well...unusual. Yes, we can fo cus on the smeU—or we can focus on the tree itself and use it as a way of increasing our knowledge and under standing of the plant world. This species. Ginkgo biloba, is the sole survivor of its division, having been cultivated in China for thousands of years ^tdiile its relatives became ex tinct. Thus, it has great religious and cultural significance. The seed inside the smelly covering is a much-sought- after food in China. If we had a dish in the dining hall that included this, we’d all ask for more! Notice its leaves—they are quite unlike those of any other tree we see in this area. They can teach us lessMis about the ancient ancestors of this truly remarkable species, so does its growth fonn. I could say much more about this species (and will, if pressed), but per haps this is enough for a first lesson. (Brides, 1 must hasten to get this to you before the administration re sponds to this student request!) I am very glad that we have both this tree, as well as the other one with the pollen cones (no smell), because it allows us to understand this species in away wenevercouldby reading books orwatching films aboutit So,although wecan’treally enjoy thesmell, couldn’t we appreciate it for what it can teach us? Sincerely, Janice Coffey Swab Department of Biology and Health Sciences

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