December 7,1994 Campus Extras 7 Men go mad with holiday shopping by Arinn Dixon I just got a new job. I’m really proud of myself. Now I am an em ployee of Victoria’s Secret at Crabtree Valley Mall. My official title is “fitter” which conjures up a mental picture of yards of fabric and straightpins, but turns out to be only being asked to do twelve things at one time. Never in my life have I talked to so many people about underwear. It’s kind of unnerving at first, but as I got used to it I began to use it as an excel lent opportunity to “people-watch,” and I have noticed so many things about so many people. I’ve found that one of the funniest things in the world is watching the men that come into Victoria’s Secret. In my opinion, there are three kinds of male shoppers at Christmas: 1. The Aggressive Boyfriend- This man could find his way around the store better than the employees. He LETTER continued from page one Sion. Check out a critical thinking text to see if you agree. From the previous article I wonder where the idea came from that in order to “practice what we preach” we must accept the pro arguments “whether we agree with homosexuality or not.” Do you think that someone has been preaching that? I think not. Many thinking people have exam ined the complexities of this issue and still choose not to accept on the basis of reasonable objections. They have a right to disagree. I think the process of a liberal edu cation would be hindered if someone were to exploit Christian tolerance in order to insidiously promote their per sonal political agenda. Practice critical thinking skills to determine when someone is promot ing “critical thinking” — only then- way. Of course, thinking critically does not mean that we should be personally was probably buying underwear for his girlfiiend in Sixth grade and he has been in here so many times that he doesn’t need to ask any questions. He just heads straight back to find the skimpiest thing possible with garters attached. Obviously he knows what he likes. I guess he doesn’t consider the fact that he’s not the one who is going to have to pour himself into that tight little teddy. What a jerk. 2. The Shy, Yet Devoted Husband- This guy is awesome and I love to see him walk through the door. He is easy to spot because he just walks around trying to find a place to look that isn’t sinful. I’m sure his wife sent him to Victoria’s Secret, otherwise he never would have had the nerve to walk in. The only problem is, becatise he is aiming to please his wife, he wants to see everything in the store...twice. He spends about an hour fingering fabric and asking two thousand questions. critical of those with whom we dis agree. Tolerance must work both ways. Instead of criticizing the adminis tration for decisions that are consider ate of the diversity of opinions among Baptists and others, I think we all need to be more aware of Baptists’ tolerance and thankful for the promotion of di versity at Meredith. STRESS continued from page one care of themselves. Most students on this campus have already expressed their feelings about exams. Kristen Stamps is a transfer from ECU, and this will be her first year taking exams at Meredith. She said, “I am really nervous about taking exams here because the professors grade tough, and I feel that my exams will cover an abundant amount of mate rial.” But howdo veterened seniors feel? She said, “Not only do I have to deal with the pressure of taking exams in what I have found to be one of my hardest semesters, but in the back of Invariably, he settles on something sweet and elegant that any woman would love, but she is going to love it because it’s from him. 3. The Totally Ignorant Male Who Is Probably Buying For His First Girl friend- I ’ve got to feel sorry for this guy. He is the type who asks questions like “ When you say panties, are you talking about underpants?” He is a favorite of employees, though, because he is a sucker for expensive things. I believe he thinks that if it cost a whole bunch, then she will like it. And who are we to argue with that? Unfortunately, the more lingerie he sees, the more ex cited he gets and in time he could progress to the more advanced Aggres sive Boyfriend. Well, there you have it, folks. Now you have a bona-fide copy of the types of men from an expert. Just think of it as an early Christ mas present. my mind I have the added pressures of graduating and finding a job,” Lesley Cox, senior, said. Students on campus are not the only ones who are stressed. Patricia Barrett is a re-entry student and ex pressed her difficulties in studying for exams. She has a little giri at home and she says, “I really feel the stress because I have to take care of my girl and then study. I cannot study when she is Habitat for HiomanitY is looking for volunteers to help build affordable homes for eligible families and make their dreams come true. If you would be interested in volunteering for Habitat for Humanity, contact Hasty Barron (X7833), Elaine Hondros {X8645), Katie Tyre (X7983), Laine Marus (859-9373) , or Rebecca Rogers (836-9842). awake because she needs constant su pervision, so I begin my studying after she goes to bed. It is hard for me to be cheerful with her when I am so tired. ” One comforting thought to keep in mind is that mostly everyone at Meredith is stressed. No matter what age, the end of the semester and exams are a stressful time. During exams, students should not to let stress get the best of them. CATALOG CLOTHES YOU LOVE; PRICES YOU CAN ’ AFFORD! OIGLETS SAVE SOS EVUr DAY ON atAlOG AND QUAUH lAREL UOTHES 3105 Hillsborough St., Raleigh Open 7 days a week • Next to Gumby's On-site parking • 833-3636

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