January 18,1995 Campus Extras 7 REENTRY continued from page four so smart and so young. And they are. However, these students will include you in their discussions and will make you feel like a member of the class. Talk with the younger students. You will find that they are willing to share study techniques, accoimts of what it’s like to be an on-campus student, and stories about their families and boyfriends. Some will even ask you for advice. As one younger student said, “You guys are more experienced and more mature and you might have re ally known Geoffrey Chaucer or Will iam Shakespeare!” NOVAK continued from page five things get a little cra2y. Having many students at Meredith and ayoung son at home depending on him, this generous man comes to school with a smile on his face each day of the year. Students always comment on his teaching technique and sense of hu mor. Lisa St. Pierre, a former western civilization student, said, “I loved go ing to Dr. Novak’s class. It was always interesting. His tests are hard, but I still remember certain facts.” This Meredith professor seems to have figured out the world around him. He balances a career and family TURNER continued from page five dence she needed to embark upon that first semester. She had, at that time, been out of school for 35 years. The support of her sister and her family still means a great deal to Turner, who, in her sixth semester at Meredith, is finally beyond worrying whether or not “my brain will still function. ” “Tliis has been the most wonderful experi ence in my life outside of mother hood,” Turner states earnesdy. “1 have improved my self-image, opened my mind....I used to be fairly narrow minded.” As she contemplates a schedule which includes twenty hours a week working on campus, attending classes full-time, caring for the elderly woman 5. Enjoy yourself You are a re entry student by choice. You will not be put on public display if you fail a test or give a wrong answer in class. Don’t be so serious. Enjoy your classes and save time for other fun, too. Get down on the floor and play the part of a sleeping shepherd in English 202! 1 did. Even if I was little slow getting off the floor, I had a good time. And so will you! Read, study, learn and play. You will be proud of yourself and your family will be proud of you, too. So, chin up! Buckle down! Getyour act together and go for it! You can be a successful re-entry student. Just re lax, find a routine that is right for you, and have fun! and still finds time for extracurricular activities. “1 try to be at school for students to visit me,” says Novak. He loves to play sports, especially tennis and baseball. The Boston Red Sox is his favorite baseball team and one of the reasons he chose Harvard over another ivy league school. If you are ever at NCSU’s Faculty Club, you may see him with racquet in hand, playing with his buddies from N.C. State. He also tries to make time for Meredith sporting events, such as the tennis team. Novak is truly a well-rounded man, a father, a husband, a professor, and a friend. with whom she lives, and responsibili ties as president of the group WINGS (which provides information, support, and fellowship to re-entry students). Turner is quietly happy with campus life. “I’ve made very good friends with both traditional and non-traditional- aged students. Seeing bright young women like that gives me hope for our world. I just really enjoy them.” FITNESS continued from page one steep, but wait until you read the rest of this stuff. b. Genesis Fitness Center - It’s located at Pleasant Valley Promenade on Glenwood Avenue. Right now they are having a special promotional offer where there is no initiation fee for the month of January. However, at the end of this month the price goes back to $159 to join and $29 per month. Their memberships also only come in incre ments of one year and they have no student rate, the schmucks. c. World Gym - 'This place just opened up on Old Wake Forest Rd. They have memberships in one year and two year increments. Initiation fee is $59 and then $39 every month after that. I’m sorry, but I don’t have thirty- nine extra dollars just lying around every month. My gosh, that’s ridicu lous. d. Meredith College Fitness Cen ter- I must say that this would probably be your best bet. Why, you ask? Be cause the initiation fee is $0 and every month after that you only have to pay $0. All you have to do is go through an hour of orientation. Well, there’s my recommendation. e. Last and definitely least we have 'The Club For Women Only -1 have no idea where this place is because they wouldn’t tell me. I must quote the woman I talked to on the phone, “We don’t give out membership rates and locations over the phone. You would have to come in and talk to us person ally.” Excuse me sweetheart, if you don’tgiveoutlocationsover the phone then how am I supposed to come in and talk to you personally? I guess I’m just supposed to drive up and down the length of Capital Boulevard, until I spot it. Yeah right. 'Thanks anyway. fr 2. "The Aerobics class - You can take step, dance, cardio-funk, and all kinds of other stuff 'These classes sometimes don’t require a membership and are pretty cheap. a. Jazzercise -1 have to admit this class is really cool. According to the people who work there it is “heart pumping aerobics with the fun of dance”. Does it really get any better than that? The fee is $5 per visit or $30 for eight visits. They have three loca tions in Cary and five in Raleigh. Just call 839-6600 for more information. b. A lot of health clubs offer aerobics classes. Genesis does, for ex ample. However, attending classes usually requires a membership and consequently isn’t worth it. c. Meredith College - MRA offers classes at different times during the week. Check your calendar for dates. 3. Walking -1 need to go ahead and say that I’m biased. Walking is, in my opinion, the cheapest, easiest to attain and most productive method of exer cise. True, you can’t walk in the rain unless you’re insane, but any other time is fine-especially in weather like we’ve been having this past week. It requires no gas, no money if you al ready have shoes, and no personal trainer named Sven. If you don’t have shoes, they run from $49 to $65 at the Rack Room and Atliletic Attic and $60 to $120 at Champs. Unlike a club this payment is a one-time thing and those shoes will last a year or more. And don’t even try to tell me you have to buy clothes to walk in because I will bet tliat everyone on this campus owns a pair of sweat pants and a t-shirt. So there. I hope this little information ses sion helped all you New Year’s Resolutionists out there. If I put aglim- mer of hope in the eye of some woman who is feeling the After-Christmas-1- Need-To- Lose-Ten-Pounds blahs, then it was worth it. The Writing Center will reopen for the new semester next week. • They are offering many tutoring times in the morning and the afternoon. • Students can receive assistance in Spanish and French. • 'There are also a number of grammar sessions available to prepare students in English 111 for the competency tests. • Students are encomaged to use the Writing Center's services in any way they can. • To make an appointment sign up on the bulletin board outside the center in Jones Hall or call #2800. ^ ^

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