North Carolina Newspapers

Volume XI, Issue 17
February 1, 1995
Raleigh, North Carolina
Lecturer presents "A View from the Underside"
by Marsha Tutor
The Wednesday morning worship
service Jan. 25 at Meredith’s Christina
and Seby Jones Chapel began with an
organ prelude by Dr. David Lynch,
head of the music department. Then
the congregation sang the hymn “A
Mighty Fortress Is Our God” and Rev.
Sam Carothers voiced community con
cerns. But this worship service was
differendt because b A1 Staggs pre
sented “A View From the Underside:
The Legacy of Dietrich Bonhoeffer.”
This presentation depicted the life
of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. The setting is a
Gestapo prison cell around 1943 in
Germany. Staggs, playing the part of
Dietrich Bonhoeffer, begins by sol
emnly pacing the length of the prison
cell and asking God for someone to
talk with. He then exclaims that he will
speak to the future. Bonhoeffer(Staggs)
explains tliat he is in prison because of
a decision he made when he was four-
teenyearsold— to become apreacher
church of the 1930’s.
Bonhoeffer believed that one prob
Chapel lecturer,Pastor Al Staggs, presented the life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a religious
activist for change in Nazi Germany. Bonhoeffer sought to better the German Church,
and he was imprisoned for his beliefs about religion and government.
and change the church. Bonhoeffer
believed that there were many aspects
wrong with the Protestant German
lem with the church was its application
of the Bible to peoples daily lives. To
day this problem still exists because
Meredith's Cat Team's cat trap is missing
by Kimberly Zucher
Whether picking up Gumby’s pizza,
waiting for a date, or moving back into
school, we have all seen the many cats
circling around Johnson Hall.
Have you ever wondered where
these cats came from, or what hap
pens to them when they move onto
the Meredith campus?
Anne Pugh, Chuck Taylor’s assis
tant, and Frank Berry , from General
Services, have invested a lot of time
into curing Meredith of this cat prob
The main problems with the cats
are their fleas and their fertility. These
cats come in off the streets and are
usually dirty, so they bring in fleas to
circulate throughout Meredith.
The cats also generate kittens. The
cat population is very high on the
campus, so the cats at Meredith have
to be neutered or spade. If not,
Meredith will be helping to increase
the already high cat population.
To combat this problem, Pugh and
Berry set cat traps. The traps, called
“HaveaHeartTrap,” inno way hurtthe
cats. The cats are reeled in by a plate
of sardines. When they step on a
panel, the trap door flies down. Dur
ing the summer, the team caught about
20 cats in this fashion.
However, the cat trap is missing.
Pugh and Berry fear that someone may
"I only want to make sure
they have good homes, receive
their shots, and are prevented
from having kittens."
- Ann Pugh
Cat Team member
have stolen the trap because they
feared the cats were being given to
the Humane Society. The “Cat Team”
wants to be sure the students know
that each cat is given a home.>
Pugh has taken several of the cats
to her own home. Since she cannot fill
her entire house full of cats, she takes
the rest to the Six Forks Animal Hospi
tal. There, her vet gives each cat all
the necessary shots and finds the cat a
Berry has been nicknamed “The
Catman.” He often takes the cats home
to tame them and then sends them to
the Second Chance Adoption Agency.
They want to stress to students that the
cats are wild and students should not
get near them.
Both Pugh and Berry urge anyone to
call them with information concerning
the cat trap or questions about the cats.
If students do spot a cat, one of the two
will be glad to come and get it. Pugh
can be reached at 8516, and Berry at
As I finished talking to Pugh, she
pulled out a huge bag of cat food from
under her desk. Smiling at me she said,
“I cannot let the poor things starve to
death! I only want to make sure they
have good homes, receive their shots,
and are prevented from having kittens. ”
The cats have been around Meredith
for as long as Pugh can remember. She
believes she cannot ignore the prob
lem, and by working with Berry, they
can help the cats and Meredith.
people still do not apply the teachings
of the Bible to their daily lives. Another
problem with the church, according
to Bonhoeffer, is that the German
churches were stagnant and did not
work on the serious problems of the
world. In today’s churches this is also
a problem. Today’s churches many
times try to overlook the numerous
problems of the world such as abor
tion, violence, and drugs. But churches
should consider the problems of the
world their own problems. Bonhoeffer
also believed that the church belonged
in the middle of the German villages
because this is where life and its many
problems occur. Bonhoeffer explained
howthe German church of his day had
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