February22,1995 2 Campus Opinion EditoriaU Meredith needs to listen to its faculty contributed by Mary Moore I’m sure you have received many letters from traditional and nontradi- tional aged students regarding the Thursday night meeting, I would also like to add my two cents worth. I fully and whole heartedly agree that Meredith College needs to change, but I agree more with what the feculty suggested than what our invisible Presi dent had to say. The nameless, feceless trustees and the President never gave us a goal or vision to strive for, but they kept talking as if no one else wanted to change. Most of the faculty I have spoken to are not upset with what President Weems said, but how he and the board said it. The feet that the “customers” or “products” as we were called were not informed, norour opin ions asked about all these changes which in the long and short run will be affecting us, I would say was a rather callous mistake on the part of upper administration. Sttidents have a lot of power. We are the ones paying the salaries, and quite frankly, most of the student body is just down right angry about being overlooked and ignored when we should have been the first notified. In defending the invisible one, I would like to dissolve any false ru mors about this becoming a commu nity college—President Weems did not mean that in his speech, and I really don’t know how it ever got interpreted as that. But I also have some construc tive advice—as the RA of the Intema- tional/Noel House, I know ^hat there are a lot of nontraditional ' stu dents who don’t speak very well and would love to live on campus so they can better adjust to our culture and become better EngUsh speakers. I also know ofnontraditional aged Ameri can students who are not married and would love to live on campus instead of commuting. These are all people who would be paying full tuition, room and board. Nowtowards night classes, most of the nontraditional aged stu dents I know have to take day courses because of their children and/ or hus bands—they have to be in school when Meredith Herald Editor in Chief Christina Peoples Layout Editor Shannon Peterson Copy Editor Melissa Massengill Features Editor Clarky Lucas News Editor AddieTschamler Photo Editor. Jetson Business Manager Carrie Shaw Reporters Arinn Dixon, Ashley Peay, Kimberly Zucker, Kristine SKgg, Melissa Cloer, Teresa Latham, Marsha Tutor Photographers Laura Ross, JanSeate Faculty Consultants Garry WaKon, Rod Cockshutt, Nan Miller Adviser .i Paula Daniels Editorial Policy: The Meredith Herald is published by the College throughout the academic year. The paper is funded by the College and through advertising. The opinions expressed in editorial columns do not necessarily reflect those of the college administrahon, faculty or student body. Letters to the Editor Policy: Everyone in the Meredith community is invited to wrhea letter to the editor. All published letters must be typewritten with contact name, address and telephone number. All letters must be signed by the author, but names will be withheld upon request. JheHerald reserves the rightto place any other articlesubmissions on file until needed or to choose not to print them. their children are in school. Yes, creat ing more night courses will help the hardworking single woman, but it ig nores (your family values speech) mothers. As an RA I know that most of my residents and their friends would not be here if it wasn’t for the fantastic factilty and staff—1 can do nothing but applaud the faculty for jobs well done. Because of this, I don’t want to see any of them get laid off just because they disagree with our invisible leader. I’m a senior, so I feel like this is more a fight for the freshman and sophomores, but at the same time Meredith is my school. If it wasn’t for the faculty who care so much about each and everyone oftheir students individually, I probably would be dead or flipping burgers the rest of my life, instep of getting a BA in psy chology. And while I am here. I’m going to be heard loud and clear—I love the facility of Meredith College and I will see no harm done to them without doing some serious damage to upper administrations. That is not a threat, that is a reality. Take my advice and listen to the faculty-they know what they’re talking about. It would also be wise to listen to the students and not to exclude them from what is happening on campus! Exclusive Jewelry In The Cate Center Monday - Thursday Feb. 27-March 2 Sponsored by Association of Meredith Commuters % Letter to the Editor: Librarian responds to student letter Dear Editor, I would like to take this opportu nity to respond to the concerns Urie Oshima expressed about the library in her letter to the editor in the 2/1/95 Herald. She wrote about three areas: use of space, new books purchased, and hours. Yes, we agree that the library is short on space. The staff is constantly looking for ways to use our space most efficiently. We are keeping the card catalog as a back up to the on-line ALIS catalog until conversion of biblio graphic information about all library materials is completed. Also the refer ence librarians and I are working on a project to “renovate” the journal col lection to take advantage of new tech nologies. This project includes evalu ating current periodical holdings and the possibility of making titles more readily available while making more efficient use of the space available to us. During 1993-4, Meredith spent $224,041 for library resources, includ ing books, journal subscriptions, au dio-visual resources, and CD ROM sub scriptions. Purchasededsionsaremade based primarily on the recommenda tions of faculty, as long as funds are available. Unfortunately there is never enough money to buy everything. Fac ulty and library staff wo± together to select materials which will most di rectly support the work students are doing for classes. We always welcome suggestions from students. Please let us know what area(s) you find in need of strengthening. Themainlibraty isopen93.25 hours per week, closing at 11 p.m. on Stin- day-Thursday, 9 p.m. on Friday, and 5 p.m. on Saturday. At the present time there is not sufficient budget to hire personnel to keep the library open additional hotxrs; however, we shall give your request serious consider ation. Janet Freeman College librarian

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