April 26,1995 2 Campus Opinion Editorial: Terrorism within by Arinn Dixon I know we all think that this whole Oklahoma City bombing thing is really disturbing. We heard the death count go up every day. We heard that there was a daycare center on the bottom floor of the Federal Building in down town Oklahoma City. We watched the tape of the local Oklahoma City 10 p.m. news for Wednesday night that said, ” If your mommy and daddy work at the Federal Building and they have not come home yet today, call the number on the screen and we will try to help you find them. ” We witnessed all of these atrocities and we shook our heads at the shame of it all. True, all of the aforementioned things were hor rible, but I think we missed the most disturbing faaor of all: the fact that all of these acts were caused by citizens of the United States. There have been numerous terror ist acts on the United States involving groups from the Middle East, for ex ample, the Worid Trade Center bomb ing and a bunch of plane hijackings. In light of these past events, it was easy for us to just assume this random act of violence was inflicted by the same sort of people. Well, imagine our surprise when it came to our attention that the bombing occurred on the one year anniversary of all that mess down in Waco, Texas. That was quite a coinci dence and, once it was discovered, the FBI opened a whole new bag ofworms. Now I hear investigators are not quite sure which group was behind the bombing, but they know it has somethingto do with white supremacy or anti-government activists or the Michigan Militia or something crazy like that. The point is that the people who tortured and killed Americans were Americans. Whatever happened to “...one nation, under God, indivis ible, with liberty and justice for all?” How are we supposed to stand up to the foreign terrorists around the world if we can’t even control the terrorists within our own country? Meredith Herald Editor in Chief Christina Peoples Layout Editor Shannon Peterson Copy Editor Melissa Massengill Features Editor Clarky Lucas News Editor AddieTschamler Photo Editor Jetson Business Manager Carrie Shaw Reporters Arinn Dixon, Ashley Peay, Kimberly Zucker, Kristine Stagg, Melissa Cloer, Teresa Latham, Marsha Tutor Photographers Laura Ross, Jan Seate Faculty Consultants Garry Walton, Rod Cockshutt, Nan Miller Adviser Paula Daniels Editorial Policy; The Meredith Herald is published by the College throughout the academic year. The paper is funded by the College and through advertising. The opinions expressed in editorial columns do not necessarily reflect those of the college administraiton, faculty or student body. Letters to the Editor Policy: Everyone in the Meredith community is invited to write a letter to the editor. All published letters must be typewritten with contact name, address and telephone number. All letters must be signed by the author, but names will be withheld upon request. The Herald reserves the right to place any other article submissions on file until needed or to choose not to print them. 'Ji'. ' " ■ ' ' #' C ■ There are five more days of class...nuf said! The class of '95 will be leaving these hallowed halls in 19 days. Emotions are running high; the work deadlines are nearing, and the poor seniors are exhausted. Lets give them a pat on the back as they take their last strolls around campus. Letter to the Editor: Camcard crime in library Dear Editor, I would like to thank the gentle person who turned in my Meredith cam card to the circulation desk at the Meredith library. I had inadvertently left the card in the slot on the copier. I had made four copies for a total of 24 cents. 1 use the cam card to make copies because I save four cents on each copy. I had saved 16 cents. I discovered the cam card was miss ing as I was checking books out at the D.H. Hill library at State. I rushed back to Meredith to rescue my card only to find it had been “raped” 51 times in by absence. Anyone using that copier knows he/she needs to insert his/her own cam card. If he/ she finds a cam card already in the slot, that cam card must first be removed. It works the same way the computers in the computer labs woric — if you find a disk already in the disk drive, you remove it so you can insert your disk in the disk drive. I don’t know if this was a gang rape or if one person make 51 copies, but I think there has been a breach of the HonorCode. Of course, only youknow who did it; however, you do know who you did it to because my name and pirture are on the cam card. Name withheld.

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