North Carolina Newspapers

    Meredith Herald
Volume XII, Issue 2
August 30, 1995
Raleigh, North Carolina
Portrait vandalism still a mystery
By: Shannon Batts
A student living in Poteat
Hall called Meredith secu
rity to report abnormalities
in the first floor parlor on
Sunday, July 30. The parlor
was completely dark when
security arrived because all
the light bulbs had been
removed or broken. There
was also a powdery sub
stance on much of the
carpet. It was not until the
following m 0 r n i ti g when
daylight entered the gloomy
parlor that Jessica Owens of
housekeeping discovered
the worst of the damage.
The portrait of Ida Isabella
Poteat, which had graced
the main parlor of Poteat
Hall for many years, had
been destroyed.
Various cleaning products
had been left in the first
floor parlor by housekeep
ing on I'riday, July 28th.
Like the rest of the dormito
ries on campus, Poteat Hall
was to undergo an intense
Career Center
links students
to future
By: Clarky Lucas
The Career Center is linking
students to their future with
the center’s adoption of the
Resume Expert System.
This system will help stu
dents produce a professional
resume that will be kept in
the Career Center. The
information that students
enter on the disk will be
used to help students gain
access to on-campus inter
views and refer them to
employers who are looking
See Future page 7
cleaning in preparation for
its new fall residents. How
ever, housekeeping’s at
tempt at a head-start was
not successful. It was their
duty to clean up the mess
left by the vandals. Owens
was very upset about the
vandalism'and the painting.
“It needs to be brought out
how destructive some
Meredith students can be,
especially since we try to
make it so nice here,”
Owens said.
Although housekeeping
was able to clean up most of
the parlor and replace the
light bulbs, the priceless
portrait of Miss Ida Poteat
was destroyed. Why was this
portrait so important to
Meredith College? Ida
Isabella Poteat is a Meredith
legend. She was born to a
prominent family of North
Carolina in 1858. After
much schooling in the fine
arts. Miss Poteat became
head of Meredith’s art
department when the
school opened in 1889.
portrait of Ida Isabella
She was a very active fac
ulty member and was in
volved in a V;iriety of citm-
pus activities. She loved her
job and the hundreds of
students that crossed her
See Portrait Page 7
Kick-Off is
4:30-6:30 in
Belk Dining
Elections Board
members will
answer all of
your questions
Opening convocation is a multi media event
By.Be.h Morris "tVClll
On Monday, Jones Audito
rium became packed with
students and faculty who
turned up for the 1995 fall
semester’s opening convo
cation. Everyone was sur
prisingly pleased to be
welcomed by smiling faces,
popcorn and drinks. The
food lines moved quickly
and the auditorium seats
were filled. The stage hosted
Meredith’s version of Star
Trek s Starfleet Academy. A
large movie screen allowed
viewers to hear and see
some of Meredith’s finest
professors at their best. The
professors tried to give
their best approximations of
what the future holds.
The video captivated all
onlookers with cleverly
intertwined black and white
movie clips, cartoons and
Cornhuskin’ snipits. Even
the rustling o | t ii c popcorn
bags did not interfere with
the video's sound. As view
ers tuned iti, between the
clips of professors they
heard what sounded like an
old wave radio struggling to
find a frequency. Full credit
must be attributed to Dr.
David Heining-Boynton as
he designed and produced
the video.
He began working on the
storyline and contacting
professors in early May.
Approximately 80 hours of
his time went into the
video’s production.
H e i n i n g - B o y n 10 n designed
the video in an attempt to
give students a sampling
Irom most departments and
a glimpse into the future.
Ilcining-Boyntonwas very
grateful for the help that
he received from all who
assisted him in his futuris
tic creation.
Among those who helped
make the occasion a success
were Bill Rogers, Cindy
Bowling, Rick McBane and
John Kincheloe.
See Convocation Page 5

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