North Carolina Newspapers

Volume XII, Issue 5
September 20,1995
Raleigh, North Carolina
Wiseman discusses
media and women
By Ginny Bonkemeyer
Dr. Claire Wiseilian spoke to a
group of Meredith students on the
subject of body image and eating
disorders Thursday night.
She emphasized the impact that the
media has over women’s bodies -
urging them to eat and to be thin
Wiseman stated that “in 1985,
Americans spent over five million
dollars on dieting, ” because the
media portrays that dieting im
proves life. Imagine how much has
changed since 1975, when the only
advertised diet foods were Tab and
Sweet & Low.
Despite the onslaught of diet
products and diet foods, Wiseman
said that the average American is
getting heavier, and that 40% of
Americans are overweight.
Wiseman spoke about the symp
toms and serious effects of eating
disorders, after stating that 80-90%
of women are concerned about
their weight. She outlined anorexia,
bulimia and binge eating disorder.
Anorexia nervosa is an obsessive
panicking fear of weight gain.
The anorexic genuinely believes in
their distorted body image, and is at
least 15% below their expected
Anorexia has extensive side effects
: permanent body damage, de
creased metabolism, delayed
development, electrolyte depletion,
depleted potassium and hypother
An anorexic can actually grow a
thin layer of fur, and begin to shut
down the unessential body sys
tems, such as the reproductive
system Five percent of anorexics
actually die.
Bulimia is a chronic bingeing and
positions filled
By; Betsy Stewart
Nearly 50 percent of eligible voters
cast their ballots Thursday in the
freshman class eleaions. Some
races were decided on Thursday
and a run-off election for four
positions was held Monday. Officers
of the class of ’99 are: President
Ginger Hudson, Vice President
Melinda Spencer, Secretary Celia
Dukes, Treasurer Meredith Pittman,
Historian Brittany Cleavenger,
Senator Susan Barkley, Honor
Council Representative Jennifer
Redinger, Student Life Committee
Representatives Melissa Bishop,
Emily Smith and Melanie White,
Com Huskin’ Co-chairs Candice
Pinocci and Elizabeth Allen, and
Class Marshall Lara Nosal.
“We had 233 voters on Thursday
and 293 on Monday,’’ remarked
Elections Board Chair Ashley Peay,
“this was a really great turnout.”
Positions remaining to be filled are
two senate seats, another honor
council seat and a second class
marshall. Freshman interested in
serving in these positions should
contact President Ginger Hudson
who will be taking applications and
conducting interviews in the
coming weeks.
They came together for orientation,
they survived the first four weeks of
school and now the class of ’99 and
their newly-eleaed officers are
ready to take their places in the
Meredith Student Government
Association. The SGA is looking
forward to their participation.
EDUCATING: Dr. Claire Wiseman addresses Meredith Students
and educates them on the affect of the media on women's bodies.
purging cycle associated with
subsequent guilt.
A bulimic has an over-concern with
body image, shape, and weight.
Binge eating disorder, often a result
of chronic dieting, is bulimia without
the purging cycle.
Some serious effects of bulimia are
dental decay, a vomiting reflex,
esophagus damage, internal bleeding
and elearolyte depletion.
There are several treatment options
for these eating disorders, including
medication, support groups or
Wiseman stressed the importance of
awareness and knowledge that
models are not realistic representa
tions of body image.
Wiseman addressed a topic that is
significant at a women’s college.
Molner addresses issues
on women and aging
By Kim Highland
Lori Molnar, an environmental
gerontologist and interior designer,
addressed a crowded Jones Audito
rium at convocation on Monday
morning with her lecture “Aging—A
Woman’s Issue. ”
Before beginning the lecture, Molnar
showed a presentation of vivid
photos picturing senior citizens from
all walks of life.
Molnar then shed some new light on
the old beliefs of aging.
“We think we will end up in an
institution alone, but really only a
small percentage of the elderly are
put in a home,” she informed the
She went on to explain that most
people define aging as; old, senile,
elderly, mellow, ripe and decrepit.
Molnar believes that aging is a
woman’s issue because we live
longer, we are survivors and
because our income is in work
patterns, meaning women have to
take time out to have children and
may have several different careers.
Aging affects women’s roles in
caregiving, widowhood, change in
See Molnar page 6

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