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    Meredith Herald
Volume XII, Issuell
November 8,1995
Raleigh, NorthCarolina
Cornhuskin' 1995
By Robin Hollingsworth
On its 50th anniversary, tremen
dous student turnout and involvement
in all events was the positive proof
that Cornhuskin’ spirit and Meredith
pridewas found in every student.
During the week preceding the big
day, MRA sponsored several traditional
events to encourage participation and
build up the excitement level.
Monday was the Scavenger Hunt.
A huge crowd squeezed into Belk Din
ing Hall to hear the clues. The
sophomore’s playing card and junior’s
clown hat were found in record time,
but it took a little longer to find the
freshman’s giant snake. The senior’s
cutout of a 50 proved elusive to all.
Each class gathered in the court
yard to reveal their artistic ability
through “can art’’ Wednesday night.
With time, pictures formed from each
maze of cans to reveal class themes.
That night the annual Big Sis’/Lil’
Sis’ bonfire was rained out, but shel
ter, smore’s and a great band were
provided in the cafeteria.
Sister classes got another chance
to visit during serenades in the court
yard Thursday night.
All these events, as well as, nightly
class prartices and surprise hall raids
had everyone eager to show their MC
spirit on Friday.
That morning worried faces
peered out windows to check for
clouds or raindrops. By three it was
still dry as hundreds of excited angels
and onlookers began to crowd the
front drive in anticipation of the pro
An impressive crowd marched with
chants and cheers onward to Johnson
Hall, where seniors and sophomores
took the stage for one last serenade.
The picnic, also transferred inside,
offered candy apples, peanuts, pop
corn and goodies. All was quickly
gobbled up as students hurried to grab
costumes for the class competitions.
The freshmen led the way into the
amphitheater complete with their
bright blue sweatshirts, straw hats,
and streamers. At last they were going
to find out what this commotion was
all about and why “If s a Jungle in
The freshmen’s skit was a combi
nation of The Tunele Book and
“Wayne’s World”. Through the skit
they were able to relive the anxieties
and joys they have experienced dur
ing their first semester here at
Meredith. - *
In tall tale the freshman’s brave leaf
stood her ground, thougli the. wind
threatened to blow her into the lake.
Later it was the rain they battled as
they sang their first class songs. Fresh
Who can forget the magic show
they created for hog calling? The trans
formation of an audience member into
a giant bunny rabbit by their resident
magician got a laugh out of everyone.
The huge bunny ear featured in tall
tale had everyone straining to hear over
the raging wind.
Lisa Suther and Stacy Wilson, sopho
more Cornhuskin’ chairs, expressed
their appreciation to a dedicated class
when they said, “We’d like to extend
our deepest thanks to the sophomore
man Cornhuskin’ co-chairs Elizabeth
Allen and Candy Petagouci said, "We
are so glad we got to be a part with our
class’s first experience of something
so great. We’d like to thank our big
sister class for all they did to help. Go
Sophomores had just experienced
it last year but they were ready for
“Abracadabra, Another Magical Expe
rience”! They surprised the Meredith
audience with a series of magical
treats. The special effects such as spar
klers and colored smoke bombs were
awesome and caught everyone’s at
Their sea of burgundy sweatshirts
and glowing lights were a visual treat.
class and everyone who worked hard
for Cornhuskin’. Cornhuskin’ this year
was great and just remember it even
gets better!”
Juniors told us the tale of a “3 Ring
Circus” and what a show it turned out
to be. The third year proved to be a
charm for the junior class.
Their sweatshirts displayed three
rings. The first was symbolic of the
balloon arch of their freshmanyear, the
second of the daisy chain of their sopho
more year and the third was their junior
class ring. This theme showed where
they have been and what the year holds
in store for them.
See Cornhuskin' page 5
1st Seniors
2nd Juniors
3rd Freshmen
4th Sophomores,
Con Art
1 St Juniors
2nd Seniors
3rd Freshmen
4th Sophomores
1 St Seniors
2nd Juniors
3rd Sophomores
4th Freshmen
Apple Bobbing
1 St Sophomores
2nd Seniors
3rd Freshmen
4th Juniors
1 St Juniors
2nd Seniors
3rd Freshmen
4th Sophomores
Class Participation
10 points Juniors and Sophomores
9 points Seniors and Freshmen
Class Songs
1st Seniors'
2nd Juniors
3rd Sophomores
4th Freshmen
Tall Tale
1st Seniors
2nd Juniors
3rd Sophomores
4th Freshmen
Hog Calling
1 st Juniors
2nd Sophomores
Seniors and Freshmen disqualified
The Parade Script
1 St Juniors
2nd Seniors
3rd Sophomores
4th Freshmen
Parade Costumes
1 St Juniors
2nd Seniors
3rd Sophomores
4th Freshmen
Final Scores
1 St Juniors
2nd Seniors
3rd Sophomores
4th Freshmen

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