North Carolina Newspapers

    Volume XVIV, Issue 15
January 22, 2003
Meredith, world react to possibility
of war with Iraq
forums aimed at helping
the Meredith community to
gain information regarding
the developing situation
with Iraq and be able to
make their own educated
decisions about where they
stand. This Monday, anoth
er forum, sponsored by the
History and Politics Club,
will be held, and the club
invites all students to
The roundtable discus
sion will take place on the
second floor of the Cate
Center from 6-9 p.m.
Several students and pro
fessors have been invited to
help bring to light what
exactly is occurring and
what it means, not just for
the United States but for
the rest of the world.
Students that have a ques
tion they wish to be
addressed at the forum will
be able to write it down
and place it in the boxes
being put up in some aca
demic buildings.
Though the massive
troop deployments seem to
suggest a war is imminent,
it is uncertain exactly what
course the United States
will take.
On the inside:
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Situation In Iraq
escalates, leading
to heated discus
sion and anti-war
protests In Raleigh
and around the
Features Editor
America has not had to
worry about war since the
Gulf War ended back in
1991. But now, daily
reports of more and more
soldiers being deployed to
the Persian Gulf have been
the top story on every news
outlet for several weeks in
a row.
As a home to several mil
itary bases, North Carolina
is feeling the full effect of
the deployment as military
families and friends watch
their loved ones pack their
bags for the unknown. reports that
125,000 U.S. personnel are
presently stationed in the
President Bush has made
it evident to Iraq and the
world that the United States
will pursue military action
if Iraq does not follow the
resolutions that were
passed by the United
Nations. Bush feels that the
danger that Saddam
Hussein poses to the world
is too extreme to be
U.N. inspectors are to
deliver a report to the
Security Council next week
regarding the status of the
situation in Iraq.
Major international fig
ures, such as Britain's
Prime Minister Tony Blair,
are standing behind
President Bush and his
policies towards Iraq, while
countries such as France
and Russia question the
United States’ involvement.
While the state of affairs
with Iraq was once far from
most people’s minds, the
world is becoming more
aware of a potential war as
the weeks pass by.
Recently, several events
have occurred where citi
zens have made their voic
es heard as to the situation
in Iraq.
Last Saturday, thousands
of people demonstrated in
Washington, D.C. against a
war with Iraq. Speakers
included the Reverend
Jesse Jackson (see world
news briefs, page 5).
Overseas, people gathered
in several major interna
tional cites, such as
London, Moscow, Paris and
Hong Kong, to speak out
against American military
build-up in Iraq.
Closer to home, protests
are also building. In down
town Raleigh, protestors
stood outside Senator John
Edwards’ office on Tuesday
handing out anti-war
leaflets and protesting
against his support for U.S.
war with Iraq.
The situation with Iraq is
now coming to the fore
front on Meredith’s campus
as well. Across campus,
stories of family and
friends in the military being
deployed have put a face to
the serious situation at
hand. Opinions have varied
and sides are being taken as
to how the United Stales
and the international com
munity should handle the
situation with Iraq.
"I think that something
needs to be done - they
have violated the anti
chemical weapons treaties
that they have signed,” said
junior Rebecca Lee. “But I
think it's irresponsible that
the government is playing
off of the 'we were attacked
on Sept. 11 so we need to
attack Iraq' mentality.”
Lee, a politics major,
added, “they are two sepa
rate events and people need
to realize that and treat
them as such.”
However, some students
feel differently. “I believe
war with Iraq is a necessary
evil,” said freshman
Lindsey French. “Saddam
has spent most of his time
in power infringing on Iraqi
citizens’ natural rights. He
has even used chemical
“Imagine what he would
do to the rest of the world
with weapons of mass
destruction,” French added.
“There is your reason for
“We [the United States]
should weigh all of our
options before jumping into
a war that is unjustified,
unfounded, and extremely
dangerous to the health of
our soldiers and Iraqi citi
zens,” said junior history
major Karla Gregory.
Last semester, the
Department of History and
Politics held several public

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