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    Volume XXV, Issue 5
Educating Women to Excel
October 3, 2007
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Campus Activities
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TODAY: Few Showers.
Low 68, High 85.
Thursday: T-Showers.
Low 68, High 84.
Friday: Isolated T-
Storms. Low 67, High
Saturday: Scattered
Showers. Low 65, High
Sunday: Partly Cloudy.
Low 63, High 86.
Monday: Partly Cloudy.
Low 62, High 85.
Tuesday: Partly Cloudy.
Low 57, High 80.
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'Hies. Oct. 2 at 5 p.m.
Why Don't You Just Go and Read?
Kaitlyn Briggs
I'll start this article off
by saying that I am an
English major. Now that
doesn't mean that the
first draft of this article
was devoid of errors, that
I can spell every word in
the dictionary, or that I'm
even a good writer but it
does mean one thing -1
read. Ok, by read I mean
skim. There is no way,
minus the intervention
of angels (and I mean the
real kind), that I could
read 450 some odd pages
in just two short nights.
I mean it took me 3 days
(only because I had to
work) to read the last
Harry Potter book, but
Amber McKinney
Staff Writer
I've been trained since
I was little to be polite, to
be sweet, to be respect
ful, and to be agreeable
at all times. It's just the
way things are in the
rural parts of the South;
women are raised to be
self-sacrificing and kind
even when they don't
feel like acting that way.
I remember one time my
mom and I were talking
about something that
had annoyed both of us
when the phone rang.
My mom went from
being angry and upset to
automatically pleasant
and energetic when she
answered the phone. I'm
tine same way. When I'm
awake and alert, I smile
when I'm not happy, and
I act as if everything is
that's not college level
reading, oh, and it's inter
My grandmother
was an English teach
er, my grandfather a
History teacher and I
owe my love for litera
ture to them. I remem
ber reading and acting
out scenes from Mark
Twain's The Adventure
of Huckleberry Finn. We
were in the graveyard
and I got to be Tom, my
sister - the dead cat,
dangling from her ankles
and giggling though the
entire cold reading, my
grandmother was the
ever energetic Huck.
She instilled a great
reverence for literature
in me and I am sorry to
Why I Like
okay even when it's not.
I think my catchphrase
has become "Hi, how're
you?" because it's the
polite thing to ask anoth
er person when you first
see them.
When I'm sleepy,
my social conditioning
melts away. As long as
I'm tired, I can't put up a
wall to block out the part
of my personality that
people might not like. I
don't feel like I have to
make people happy or
make sure I don't insult
anyone. 1 just don't think
about performing the
social graces that have
been ingrained since
childhood. If I'm sleepy, I
might talk back to some
one, turn down an offer
to go somewhere, or, hor
ror of horrors, actually
tell a friend what I really
think about their opin-
say that such a love for
literature has diminished
with each passing year I
struggle with the inordi
nate amount of reading I
am assigned in my mul
tiple English classes.
Now there is a ridicu
lous amount of reading
in other majors besides
English. Off the top of
my head I can imagine
that Communication or
Sociology, Psychology
and even Biology all pro
vide students with more
texts and articles than
they imagined existed on
the subject. Many a stu
dent has lamented that
they are overwhelmed
by the amount of reading
that they are assigned in
their classes. Once dur-
Being Tired
ions. It's refreshing to say
exactly what I think even
though it may come back
to bite me in the morn
When I'm sleepy, I
don't have much control
over what I say. I can
remember times when
it's been twelve o'clock
at night and I'm talking
about whatever I wanted
to say during the day but
didn't. I say whatever's
at the tip of my tongue
or whirling aroimd in
my head. Ideas come
rushing out of my big
mouth whether I want
them to or not. I might be
philosophical, wondering
why God made the grass
green and the sky blue
and not the other way
around. I may become
a poet, declaring such
lyrical verses as the cres
cent moon looks like a
ing a class discussion
I tried to give the class
tips on how to remember
what they had read by
taking notes and writ
ing down the characters.
I also commented that
I was currently taking
five English classes that
involved and exorbitant
amount of reading -1
was accosted by a cho
rus of "but aren't you
an English major?" This
question brings me back
to my original point;
I'm not a super human
The question that I'm
posing here is this: Why
Read cont. on pg. 4
watermelon rind amid a
hundreds of white seeds.
I might even tell embar
rassing stories because
I can laugh at myself
without shame when I'm
sleepy. Most people think
I'm just silly and ran
dom when I get this way,
spouting off whatever
comes into my mind.
They laugh and think
I didn't really mean to
say it, that I didn't really
expect a serious response
in return. Truthfully, I
did mean it, but in the
morning I'll pretend I
didn't. I'll laugh with
them, the Superego
expressing its dominance
At that time right
before I fall asleep, I
think about things that
Tired cont. on pg. 4

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