HOW TO BE GREEN j The Importance of Ink Cartridge How Much "Green" Recycling Knowledge Do You Have? Laura Hart Contributing Writer College students have to write papers, print reading assignments and any number of other things that involve the use of a printer. As such, we go through lots of printer cartridges. It is very important to dis pose of these cartridges properly, for printer car tridges use oil, a resource that is fast running out. The production of a new toner cartage for a laser printer uses three liters of oil. Another reason to recycle printer cartridges is that they contain haz ardous chemicals that can get into the ground water if a cartridge if left to sit in a landfill. The third reason to recycle printer cartridges is the sheer space they take up Maggie Bizzell Contributing Writer A year ago gas prices were just below the $3 mark. Current gas prices around Raleigh are between $3.53 and $3.80, which really squeezes wallets. When it come to miles per gallon (mpg), our cars looked bet ter last year than they do now. Never fear, has the top cars of 2008 for fuel economy. Leading the under $15,000 price range is the Honda Fit. The Honda Fit has a five-speed automatic transmis sion, a 109-horse power VTEC engine, and gets 28 city/34 highway mpg. The Ford Focus is a four door sedan with a five speed manual transmis sion. It gets 24 city/45 highway mpg and can be in landfills: 800,000 car tridges are dumped into landfills every day, which adds up to about 300 mil lion every year. Recycling your printer cartridges is an easy thing to do. There are boxes in every parlor in the Meredith dorms for used ink cartridges. At http://www.askforink. com/recycle.asp you can send in your empty ink cartridges for a discount on purchases from that site. At http:// recycleforbreastcancer. org/about_rfbc.htm you can send in your empty cartridges and help fund breast cancer research. The chemicals in ink cartridges cause breast cancer, so that is why breast cancer research ers are concerned with cartridge recycling. An classified as a PZEV, or a partial zero emissions vehicle. The $15,000 to $20,000 class boats a crossover. The Nissan Rogue, not a sedan but not a full size SUV, has all wheel drive, 170-horse power, and 25 city/27 highway fuel economy. Also in this class is the Chevy Malibu, a four door sedan with 22 dty/ 30 highway mpg. The Honda Civic Hybrid has an impres sive fuel economy with 40 city/45 highway mpg and so does the Toyota Prius, with 48 city/45 highway mpg. These cars are in ^e $20,000 to $25,000 price range and seem to be the best cars for the money. You can also buy the only full-size SL)V on the list, the Ford Escape Hybrid. option of choice for many is to take printer car tridges to Staples stores for a $3 discount off of ink purchases there. With so many easy options for recycling printer car tridges, why not recycle? Reducing the harmful effects of improperly-dis- posed printer cartridges is well worth dropping an envelope in the mail or a walk to the parlor. For more information visit these sites: http://www. cartridges4kids. ca/environment/ environment.htm fms/environment/recycli ngprinterphotocopiercart ridges.php Per Gallon It has 34 city/30 high way mpg and is in the $25,000 to $30,000 range. However, if you want a little luxury in your life, try the Mercedes-Benz E320 Bluetec. It has a V- 6 engine, runs on "clean diesel technology," and is only over $50,000! No matter the size or the cost, automakers are moving towards the "green" light and pro ducing cars that are easy on the environment as well as on the wallet! For more information, check out,, wv/w., or www.nis- 1. What percentage of the world’s forests is left? A. 30% B. 16% C. 20% D. 40% 2. How long does it take a glass bottle, today, to decompose? A. 4,000 + years B. 500 + years C. 3,000 + years D. 1,000 + years 3. How many acres of rainforests are cut down every minute? A. 200 acres B. 150 acres C. 100 acres D. 75 acres 4. In the U.S., 10,000 gal lons of gas are burned every A. half hour B. second C. hour D. minute 5 How much waste do Americans create every day? A. 7.5 pounds B. 3.5 pounds C. 9.5 pounds D. 4.5 pounds Answers: 1.) C, 2.) A, 3.) C, 4.)B, 5.)D Compiled from: Recycling Revolution herald(^ Editor. Meredith Beeman beemanme@meredith. edu Copy Editor Joy Strickland Staff Writers Kaitlin Briggs Anna Britt Chelsea McGlaughlin Sarah Servie Whitney Wilson The Meredith Herald is published by the College throughout the academic year. The paper is fianded by the college and through independent advertising. All advertisements should be sent to The opinions expressed in the editorial columns do not necessarily reflect those of the college administration, faculty, or student body. Published by Hinton Press The policy of this paper requires that submis sions be made forty-eight hours before publica tion, allowing time for consultation between staff and contributors; that articles not exceed-1050- 1100 words; that letters to the editor not exceed 200 words; and that contributors sign all submis sions and provide necessary contact information. The editor and staff welcome submissions meet ing the above guidelines. Top Cars of 2008 on Miles

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