HOW TO BE GREEN 4 Essentials cont. from pg. 2 of warmth enabled the Vikings to land in North America. However, the Little Ice Age began right after that warm spell and the Vikings' crops in Greenland, Iceland and Newfoundland all failed, forcing the * people to leave. This change delayed any European colonization of the Americas until a much later time. When Europeans did make another attempt to settle in America, many lost their lives when searching the icy waters north of Canada for the Northwest Passage. During the late 1700s, meteorologists of the day marveled at the mild ness of the winter when George Washington and his troops spent the night at Valley Forge. The tem perature of the earth's atmosphere fluctuates naturally from time to time, and some might say that we are simply due for a natural warm spell and that human activity has had little effect on the overall atmospheric temperature. Proponents of climate change protocol beg to differ on the issue of the economic well-being on the country. They believe that observing climate protocol would be useful to the United States, as it would bring us in on the global carbon emissions trade, which is projected to become a 5-10 billion dollar-per-year market. So how does emissions trading work? First of all, universal limits (like the Kyoto Protocol) are set on the amount of carbon emissions that a compa ny can emit. If a compa ny cannot meet the stan dards, it will have to buy emissions credits. Where do such credits come from? If a company's emissions are under the limit, they can sell credits Become More Energy Efficient to other companies equal to the difference between the standard and the company's lower output. In this manner, emis sions will be capped at a certain level. For every company that goes over the limit, there is another company (or multiple companies) that make up for it by staying under the limit. Much information on global climate change remains to be researched, which I encourage each and every person to do. Global warming is a problem that will fall into the hands of our genera tion, and it is in our best interest to find out all we can about it. Whichever side you choose to believe, that humans are or aren't causing global climate change, the important thing is that you know your facts and are informed in your beliefs. Katherine Martin Contributing Writer Energy conservation not only helps you save the environment but also helps you save time and money. David Suzuki, a Canadian scientist and environmental activ ist, shows us that there are very easy ways you can start saving energy today. When you are ngt using electrical appli ances, unplug them. Even though you might not be using your curl ing iron or lamp if it is plugged in, it is using Katherine Martin Contributing Writer In the Triangle, fami lies might be able to water their lawns on certain days, but we still need to be conscious about conserving water. The website Earth 911 suggests simple ways of conserving water in our homes. One suggestion is to avoid flushing the toilet when it is unneces sary. Do not use your toi- energy. Most appli ances, like TV's, are in a standby mode and are still on even though you do not see a picture. Wash your clothes with cold water instead of hot~it works just as well and it does not take the energy to heat the water. Also, when washing your clothes, make sure you just wash them when you have a full load. Suzuki suggests that we use energy-efficient light bulbs, for they last a lot longer and use a lot less energy. He also sug gests recycling to reduce let as a trashcan; throw away Kleenex and insects instead of flushing them. Take shorter showers and turn off the water when you are brushing your teeth and washing your face. Another shower tip from Earth 911 is to decrease the water flow to get a comfort able temperature instead of changing the water temperature. You can also save water by stor- emissions from landfills and eating locally grown food. These are all easy steps we can start taking today to become more energy efficient. If you want more tips about efficiency, check out these websites: http://www.davidsuzuki. org/Climate_Change/ Energy/conservationef- ficiency.asp httpV/www.davidsuzuki. org/Climate_Change/ What_You_Can_Do/at_ home.asp ing water in the fridge so it will be cold instead of letting the water run until it is cold. We can all conserve water to help protect our environment. For more information, look at tiiis website: water-conservation/sav- ing-water-in-the-kitchen- and-bathroom/ Water Conservation Tips Iceland Runs on Water Katherine Martin Contributing Writer Iceland is working to become more envi ronmentally friendly by replacing fossil fuels with water. According to Tim Hirsch for BBC News, Iceland currently uses hydro-electric power and geo-thermal water reserves for their electric and heating needs. Even though they have already found some alternatives, they are still working on being free of fossil fuels. Iceland is a very small country, but it produces more greenhouse emis sions per person than any other country. They are trying to change this by using another natural resource; their plan is to run an engine by electric ity that runs off of hydro gen and oxygen. The current hurdle is how to produce the hydrogen. Professor Bragi Amason from the University of Iceland in Reykjavik proposes splitting water through the process of electrolysis to get hydro gen. Iceland is first going to convert buses, later focusing on cars. They want to be free of fossil fuels and depend on their own natural resources. which will also be better for our world. For more information check out hi/sci/tech/1727312.stm

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