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    SEPTEMBER 23. 2009 | THE MEREDITH HERALD • Educating Women to Excel | VOL XXVI • ISSUE IV
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Anna Turner
&taff Writer
Given the state of today's economy,
Meredith College now is feeling the pressure
to cut bacl'and conserve spending. IHowever,
this requires substantial major and class
cutbacks. During the Student Body Meeting
on September 21, this.cnjclal issue was put
up for discussion.
Preliminary recommendations made by
Drs. Hartford and Page will be brought to the
executive members ofthe Board of Trustees
on Monday, September 26th. The decisions
were partly based on Vision 2010’s aim of
keeping a 12;1 student/faculty ratio.
Eleven of Meredith’s majors have been re
viewed, including Computer Science, Dance,
Environmental Studies, French, Economics,
Music, Religion, Public History, Theatre, and
Women’s Studies. However, just because
these majors have been reviewed does not
necessarily mean that they are going to
be cut from the course catalogue: it simply
means that many of these majors are being
revamped dnd consolidated. The Computer
Information Systems major will be cut; how
ever, Computer Science Is still going to be
an available major. Similar strearrilining will
occur In the Dance, Theatre, and Econom
ics departments, while other majors are
getting renamed completely. Environmental
Sustainability has been proposed as the new
name ofthe Environmental Studies major
and Religion will now be called Religion and
Ethical Studies. Unfortunately, there will be
some majors that have to be dropped entirely.'
Currently, proposals to drop majors In French
and Women's Studies have been made, and
thp Public History major will be dropped, but
a revised minor has been accepted.
These changes have raised concern
among many Meredith students. One is also discussion of adding graduate
Meredith student asked, “What will happen programs, such as an Applied Medical pro
to the professors in these fields?" SGA gram, wiiich would allow students to earn
President Amy Damone stated that at this a Master's of Nursing degree at Meredith
point four jobs could be eliminated, but College.
there are no final answers at this point. For- In addition to Meredith's decision on ma-
tunately, since many professors do indeed jors, the campus smoking policy and new
teach in multiple areas, not all cut positions printing system were two hot topics at the
.will necessarily be lost. Dr. Jackson also Student Body Meeting. To help cut down
addressed a question regarding students on printing costs, students now have to
who have declared one of the majors pay $.06 to print from all public printers oh
proposed to be cut. For these students, campus, such as in the litirary and the Cate
there is going to be a “teach-out" option so Center. This new policy, though it does help
that they can complete their major require- eliminate wasteful printing. Is somewhat
ments and earn their desired degree. There of a hassle for students. The new system
will be a cessation date of the major, and has glitches that Tech Sen/ices are aware
there will be further discussion after that
date has been announced. There Is no
need for the affected students to panic,
because the cessation date would not be
set for this year; however, the date could
potentially involve currently enrolled fresh-
of and are trying hard to sort out. Students
need to be patient while the new system is
being perfected. Suggestions for solutions
are welcome, as are any new problems that
The Meredith College smoking policy is
men. Unfortunately, the option for majors to once again under review. A campus-wide
be turned into concentrations isn't available email will be sent out to alt students asking
because under SACS, they both require the whether or not they feel Meredith should
be smoke free. Though this email will not
determine the air quality on Meredith's
campus, the data will be useful to those
involved in the decision making process.
The email is scheduled to be sent the week
same number of faculty members. There
were some questions that did not receive
definitive answers, such as one regarding
how these changes will influence future
Meredith enrollment. It is uncertain how
these changes will affect student numbers, following fall break,
but students, faculty, alumnae, and patrons This student body meeting was full
are advised to keep up the p'ro-Meredlth . of new proposals and decisions that will
' mindset.  Involve many Meredith students. Any
In addition to reducing and consolidating questions, complaints, or concerns should
majors, Meredith has discussed other was be emailed to SGA at
generate revenue, such renting out the new Every opinion is valid, so if there is some-
athletic complex, dining hall and licensing thing you wish to voice, do not hesitate to
the Avenging Angels athletic logos. There send an email!
^ -
Green Tip for
the Week of
September 23
By buying vintage clothing or
shopping at yard-sales, one will
save money and the environ
ment from heaps of trash.

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