NOVEMBER 4, 2009 | THE MEREDITH HERALD I PAGE 7 TIME TO GET “CORNY” Anna Turner Staff Writer . Corn, skits, and tall-tales, oh my! So, what's the all the hype, about these days? With tiny corn post-its, posters, and sidewalk messages covering the campus, there are many who do not fully understand the why corn is one of Meredith’s favorite grains, Corn- huskin’ is a time honored Meredith tradition that began in 1945. It's been all downhill from there. Now, Cornhuskin' has become furious show of Meredith spirit among freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors. It’s an amazing show to watch and to participate in. Cornhuskin' is the true test of Meredith College spirit. Cornhuskin’ is an event simply too big to be contained within Mer edith’s campus. When practices begin, nearly the entire Raleigh area knows, People ask, 'Isn’t Meredith starting to play with corn, or whatever it is they do this time of year?” Friends from NCSU, Peace, and other area colleges have to be patient with their Mer edith friends during “Corn Sea son." They have to endure excited conversations about the parade, hall raids, skits, dances, tall-tale, can art, sweatshirts, hog callin', and powderpuff football game, just to name a few events, all of which they know nearly nothing about. Many friends, some simply out of sheer curiosity, attend Cornhuskin’ even though they do not attend Meredith, It is a great way to let parents experience part of their daughters’ lives at Meredith in a very entertaining way, Cornhuskin' is a craze that envelops the campus during the month of October, Students can tell when the Corn mist begins to creep onto campus when the mys terious sidewalk messages begin to appear. During the final days of September, messages like '“2011 Loves Corn!",“Happy Corn, Love 20131”, and “Let’s Get Corny!” begin to show up in various places. To catch a glimpse of these chalk- ings, simply take a stroll around campus. They're all over the place! However decorative they are, their origins remain a mystery to ttiis day. One day, the sidewalks are spic and span, the next, they're covered in excited Cornhuskin' scribblings! If Cornhuskin’ does not do anything else, It does bring out the '‘night-chalkers" in full force! To those who have never expe rienced anything quite like Corn huskin' and are a bit overwhelmed by the whole idea of having to drag themselves to their class’s desig nated practice spot until all hours of the morning to learn dances, skits, etc, do not fret! There’s no pressure to participate if your heart does not leap for joy at these thoughts; those who do participate will need an audience! Some believe it to be the Meredith equivalent of blas phemy to say that you just don’t get excited over Cornhuskin'. It is not everyone’s forte to dance in front of an audience or dress up in an elaborate costume and tell a Tall Tale. That’s where events such as can art, hall raids, the parade, and for juniors and seniors, the powder- puff football game, come into the picture. Even if you are not gung-ho for Corn, there are plenty of things you can do to show at least a little spirit and bond with classmates. One of the main purposes of Cornhuskin' is not only to have fun and fierce competition with other classes, but it is also to unite the campus in an outrageous way. No matter if you are dancing, hog- callin'. corn shuckin’, decorating the courtyard with cans, parading in front of Johnson Hall, or simply supporting classmates on their big night, Cornhuskin’ is a wonderful tradition that Meredith wouldn’t be complete without. And for those who do not fully understand the Corn Craze, simply attend the event on Friday, November 6 at 6:00 pm in the amphitheatre. When all is said and done, no matter how many times people try to describe the wonders of Corn, it is ultimately something “You Just Have To Experience”! Photo courtesy: littp:/Amages. WHINES & GRIPES Why do clubs always expect me to show up at a meeting during the week of Cornhuskin'? Don’t they know that if I am dancing three hours a day, I am not going to go to a meeting! What is up with the heat in the academic buildings? Could we please get some consistency? Dear girl that sits in front of me in class: if you are going to share intimate details about your love life over Facebook. do it in the privacy of your own room. If we are paying more than $30,000 per year to go here, why do we have to pay fees for some of our classes? Dear Meredith College: If I was going to go against the "boy hours” rule, I wouldn’t sign my guest in. I am an adult. Please treat me like one. To the in-class Facebook user: Please stop looking at inappropriate Halloween pictures in class, 1 don’t want to see how drunk you and your friends got this last weekend. Dear administration: Why did you wait so long to tell us that registration was pushed back? It's not like I emailed my advisor ten times to find a time to meet or anything. m

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