PAGE 4 I THE MEREDITH HERALD | NOVEMBER 10, 2009 CIENCE * GADGETS GALORE Jennifer Cash Staff Writer Technology has reached a whole new level in our age of the high tech world. So many things’ have come into existence that virtually anything can now be done with technology, even exercising. . it seems that each month a new ^ gadget is released that sweeps the nation by storm. ,Here Is a look at some of the newest technologies that Popular Science Magazine says to be on the look-out for in the . up and coming months. Windows 7: First there was Windows XP, then Windows Vista and now the newest addition to the Windows line of software, Windows 7. Windows 7 features a lot of new features that make users computing experience more enjoyable. The new Windows Me dia Center allows users to record television right on their computer. Internet TV allows users to watch their shows when they want; anywhere they want to for free. Windows 7 is marked by every^ thing from an enhanced desktop with the ability to access the Internet, Microsoft Word, and any other device in a matter of seconds to improved quality of photos and a new program called HomeGroup that allows users to share files in just four clicks. Touch Screens; A technology that is sweeping the nation from phones to computers to cameras is touch screen technology. It all started with the iPhone and Black berry Storm and has now iTioved on to numerous other appliances (even refrigerators!)The new touch screen Verizon Droid is trying to imitate the Apple iPhone, featuring new features such as Google by , voice, allowing users to use their voice to search on the internet from their'phone. The Droid also-. features a number of apps.that can be downloaded from the Android Market, The Droid features special features such as a 5 mega pixel camera, the ability to shoot videos with DVD quality, and the ability to watch movies, play music, and ■ access WIFI. The phone also has both a virtual keyboard and a real keyboard to make texting easier, The HP TouchSmart Computer. is taking the'computer'to all riew heights. The TouchSmart actually allows users to touch the screen instead of using a mouse!''- • The TouchSmart also features an HD screen; improving the clar ity of the screen so it is better for watching movies and television. On the idea of touc.h screen tech nology, Nikon recently released the new Nikon CoolPix, a touch screen camera. From shooting to play back, the entire camera is touch screen, allowing the user to scroll through pictures, enhance photos and adjust the lighting all with the touch of a finger. Music: Are you a fan of Dance Dance Revolution? Get ready for the newest electronic dance game, Tiger U-Dance. This motion- sensed dance system allows players to dance to the steps on the screen by simply attaching, wireless foot tags to fheir feet, tha gaiiie features popular songs to make playing even more fUn. Is music more your thing? The new Ovation IDea an MP3 equipped guitar that allows users to record songs on the guitar. Exercise; It’s hard to believe that exercise has reached the tech nological world, but with the Wii Fit, exercise was taken to a whole new level. Now, the new FitBit Tracker is even more advanced; it tracks calories burned, steps taken, dis tance traveled, and sleep quality. The FitBit Tracker contains a 3D motion sensor like the one in the » Wii that tracks user’s motions and converts it into Useful information about- the user's daily activities, the FitBit Tracker fits in a pocket or on a clip on the waistband, and at night the FitBit can be worn on a wristband to track the user’s sleep ing habits. The FitBit automatically uploads data trackedbn the FitBit \o where all users have a personal page showing their data, A lot of the products featured are some of the hottest gift ideas for the holiday season. With the New Year quickly approaching, be ■ assured that 2010 will bring even more new technological gadgets. Until then, happy shopping! Photo courtesy: http://blogs-guardian-co.1jk/technology/archives/images/iphon9jinux-x.jpg WHINES & GRIPES Dear Youth: When you say “baby daddy/mama” I’m confused. Did you forget to make it possessive, or is it really a miniature or young dad/mom? |For the girls who can not seem to leave highschool behind, go back if you miss it that bad! . Dear girl who just left Ledford: Whoever told you booty shorts were appropriate for November lied to you. Go put some real pants on. IWInter Break? Yeah right! It is more time to work on things for our majors or figure out our majors! Jemestr"""''' Meredith now offers an on-campus apartment option. Considered this for next To the girl who pretends to be my friend, just go away please! IFYI: When you commit to something, doit!!!!!! .

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