A Woman’s Point of View Courtney Angers, Editor At 3:00 pm on Sunday, February 21, the Meredith Ensemble Theatre finished their run of Kabuki Lady Macbeth, the company’s first pro duction of the semester. Directed by Catherine Rodgers and star ring numerous Meredith College students such as Morgan Hoffman, Sheryl Scott, Renee Ohe, and Stacie Whitley as well as Kevin Morrison, Meredith College’s Associate Direc tor of International Programs and Ben Mazur, a senior at NC State, the show drew large crowds to Meredith College’s Studio Theater for each performance of its 6 day run. Kabuki Lady Macbeth, written by Karen Sunde and conceived by Shozo Sato, is a drama that merges Shakespeare’s original tragedy with the Japanese style of theatre known as Kabuki. Kabuki, in sim plest terms, combines traditional drama with song, dance, move ment, and, as all audience mem bers of this production were sure to notice, elaborate stage make-up. The goal of combing all of these art forms, as Rodgers writes in the production’s program, is to develop “theatre for the masses.” Playwright Karen Sunde’s retelling of the stoiy from the point of view of the leading female character. Lady Macbeth, adds even more depth and insight to the themes of Shakespeare’s version. The Meredith Ensemble The atre certainly managed to. grace fully use the many art forms of Kabuki in this production. Chant ing, intense string and percussion music, traditional dancing, face- paint masks, and neon-colored wigs all made an appearance in'the one hour show. One of the most innovative and effective uses of media in Kabuki was the use of a screen where the shapes of actors, through the use of backlighting, were projected as larger than life shadows. Seeing Macbeth’s at tack on Macduff was much more intimidating when Macbeth was twenty feet tall. As Meredith Col lege junior Erin White remarked, this use of lighting “gave you the impression that you were involved in something that you weren’t sup posed to see.” Although audience members may have been unfamiliar with this Eastern take on a thoroughly Western story, the unfamiliar ity was not unwelcome. As senior Lindsay Astor said, “the Meredith Ensemble Theater’s performance of Kabuki Lady Macbeth took the audience to a world of gloiy and honor. Through theatre, dance, and music integration, this performance gave the audience insight as to what happens when light and shadow, or yin and yang, are nO longer bal anced,.” The next two performances scheduled for Meredith College’s Studio Theater are Eve Ensler’s The Vagina Monologues on February 28 and March 1 at 8 pm and Paula Vogel’s How I learned to Drive on April 13 through the 17. Be sure to call 760-2840 or email boxoffice@ meredith.edu for more information and reservations. Morgan Hoffman in as Lady Macbeth, courtesy of Meredith Fraser Ask Gigi Dear Gigi, My roommate frequently stays alone in the room because her home town bojfriend isn’t around and she doesn’t have many friends. I feel bad that she spends so much time by herself but annoyed that she expects me to hang out with her all the time. I guess my roommate doesn’t seem to understand that roommates aren't always best friends. How should I handle this? Confused but Happy Deaf Confused but Happy, It’s true that roommates aren’t always close friends, but getting to ij. know each other outside the dorm can make the relationship easier. Why' not tr>' to set aside one hour each week to engage in an activity together outside of your room? If you think just the two of you would make the reunion awkward, bring other friends, and encourage her to do the same.^. Maybe you could even introduce her to .some pe«)ple that might be more sociallv compatible with her and encourage her to branch out. A one-hour meeting each week isn't too much time to spare, and it could mean the - world to her. Furthermore, if she knows that you two share that commit ment, she might .stop pressuring you to be the pea to her pod all the time. What’S Up In Raleigh Megalodon: Largest Shark that Ever Lived , North Carolina Museum of Natu ral Sciences: “At 60 feet long, Carcharodon megalodon was the largest shark that ever lived and a dominant marine predator. Sharks are at risk today, with recent population.declines attributed to humans” Ringling Brothers Circus - RBC Center: Feb 24 Wed 7:00 PM, Feb 25 Thu 7:00 PM, Feb 26 Fri 7:00 PM qpd more t 2010 Meredith College Alumnae Art Exhibition, Meredith College Live Music in The Lounge at 42nd St. Oyster Bar, Live Music in The Lounge Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings Goodnight’s Comedy Club: ongoing, “As a writer, producer, and actor, Tom Arnold has established himself to both television and film audiences worldwide, having won such awards as the Peabody Award and a Golden Globe Aw’ard." Yours truly, Gigi

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