Celebrating Student Achievement: Highlights from the Herald Staff This semesi^’s final issue q^ne Looking forward for Forlidas to explain This semester’s final issue of the Herald coincides with Meredith College’s annual Celebrating Student Achieve ment Day. To celebrate and congratu late our peers, the Meredith Herald staff has highlighted presentations we are especially excited to see on April 14th. This list is in no way comprehensive, and we support each and every present er! Below are individual staff members’ itineraries for the day. We hope they might help you plan your schedules, and we look forward to seeing you as we cel ebrate student achievement at Meredith. Emily Hawkins: I’m looking forward to the Changing Times: Social Media presentations (9-9:45 in SMB 160). Social media is a transformational force in society, so hearing about its effects on various fields will be interesting. Also “Cinemexicanidad: Representations of Mexican National Identity in Two Films” by Sheila Casalett (9:15-9:30 in SMB 118) looks exciting, as it is an intersection of two personal passions: Spanish culture and film. Ashleigh Phillips: These are the pre sentations that I intend to see and my thoughts going in to each. (9:00-9:15 in SMB 118) Anna Beavon Gravely Politi cal Authenticity Through Social Media - Does Barack Obama really care about the same indie bands that we both follow on twitter, or does he follow them just for hipster cred? Can’t wait for Gravely to give us some truth. (9:30-9:45 in SMB 160) Amy Hruby Foucault meets Face- book - \^at a postmodernist French philosopher would say about the social network we’ve become addicted to. Hru by will surely offer an interesting prog nosis. (9:45-10:00 in SMB 160) Brittany Forlidas The Times They are A-Changin’: The Development and Demise of the Haight Ashbury - If it were the Summer of Love right now. I’d definitely make my way to San Francisco with dreams of free love, Isd, and flowers in my head, like so many others did in 1968. But sadly those dreams fell apart and the Mecca of one of the most significant cultural revolutions of the century became a tie dyed joke. Looking forward for Forlidas to explain why. (10:30-10:45 in SMB 118) Erin Hu ber Developing a Novel: Conquering the Muse - Hemingway wrote 500 words a day, Nabokov wrote on index cards, and Thomas Wolfe wrote standing up. Writ ing habits are intriguing and finding in spiration is crucial. Huber’s presentation on this process will be helpful for any aspiring writer. (10:45-11:00 in SMB 118) Michelle Metivier T. S. Eliot and Edward Hopper: The Artificial Light of Modernity - Double whammy of literature criticism and art interpretation paired together, but don’t fear, Metivier’s discussion of the prolific poet and the prominent painter will leave you enlightened. Emery Lai: I plan to start CSA Day at the poster presentations (7:45-9:15 in Johnson Hall Rotunda) where I’ll be looking for “Are Teachers Prepared to Support Children in Their Classroom Who Have Lost a Parent” by Catherine Mack Gaddis. Many of my teachers have become second parents throughout my education, and I am intrigued to see her analysis of teacher/student relationships. After that I’ll be heading to the Poets, Painters and Prose conference session for Erin Huber’s “Developing a Novel: Con quering the Muse” (10:30-10:45 in SMB 118) As a writer, I find it difficult to find motivation sometimes, and I’m always looking for that constant muse source. If anyone could explain the conquering of muses, it would most likely be Erin. After Erin’s presentation I’ll be running to SMB 162 for “The Effect of Nicotine Use on Decision Making Behavior” by Kath erine Hosford. I have friends and family who smoke, so I think that seeing this presentation would be very beneficial for me so that I may understand them better. Then I’ll most likely finish my day with the Fashion Show (2:15-3:45 in SMB Courtyard). It’s always so much fun to see how creative others can be. I enjoy seeing other peoples talents. Lizzy Wood: One presentation I’m looking forward to is “Is History Dead?” by Hope Robertson (10-10:15 in SMB 160). Hope’s presentation explores how history is verbalized through a string of events and dates, analyzing history with Foucaultian principles. She says that “being a history major, the ambition of this research is to find a meaningful way to talk about history, and be able to recognize trans-historical truths while studying history.” Another presentation I’ll be attending is “Running from Our Discontent: Contemporary and Modern Responses to the American Dream in John Updike’s Rabbit, Run and John Steinbeck’s The Winter of Our Discon tent” by Danielle Fulton (9:45-10 in SMB 118). This presentation holds particular interest to me because I just read Rabbit, Run in an English class. We discussed the theme of the “American Dream,” and Fulton’s presentation will explore these two novel’s response to the “American Dream”. She will look at the struggle of two young men to survive in America and will relate this to our recent struggle with the economy. Fulton says that “their struggles were of interest not only to those studying-Amer- ican literature then but to the broader audience they reached.” Emily Gamiel: In the morning I will be attending the piano performance INTHSKSSUE- & local: Animal Grossology, WikiLeaks, NCDOT Changes rArts & Entertainment: 30 Americans, Shakedown Street, Ask Gigi, Colton Review CafmpHs Lz/e: Anthropologist Lecture, Enrique’s Journey, Study Abroad Wpinion: Senior Year Reflections, Whines and Gripes, Deleting Facebook (9:30-11 in Carswell Hall). There are many extremely talented pianists on our campus, and I love to listen to clas sical music. I am also attending Lisa Ramos’ Biography,a part of the fashion show (2:15-3:45 in SMB Courtyard), during the afternoon because she is in my Chorus class and always wears nice looking clothes. I can only imagine what she can make herself. I also think the DanceWorks open dress rehearsal (6:30 ill Jones Auditorium) is be a great way to get a sneak peek of a show that I look forward to attending every year. Alison Ridick: I plan to start my morn ing with Anne Caitlin Griffin’s interesting presentation on The Effects of Gender, School, and Residence on Achievement in the Argentine University (9-9:15 in SMB 118). Then I will be attending Margo Alfieri’s eye-opening presentation on The Effect of Central vs. Peripheral Route of Persuasion in Fundraising (10- 10:15 in Ledford 101) and the following presentation: Beth Howard’s emotionally supportive presentation on Perceived Effectiveness of Support Duing or After a Major Loss (10:15-10:30 in Ledford 101). In the afternoon, I will be attending Sally Smith’s informative presentation on The Relationship Between Temperament and Social Behaviors of Toddlers (3:15-3:30 in Ledford 101). Regan Dalsing: Something that I wasn’t originally looking for on the CSA program, but that I believe will be inter esting is the group of Criminal Justice presentations (1:45-2:45 in SMB 160). These interest me because they give a face to topics like juvenile incarceration, racial effects on employees of justice, and security facilities that I really know noth ing about.

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