Why I Deleted My Facebook Emily Gamiel, Staff Writer During the second week of December, I received a call from my room- . mate after she went to write on my Facebook wall and, gasp, she couldn’t find me anywhere. She questioned: Was she losing her mind? What happened? Was this a temporary Facebook glitch? The confusion that she was experiencing was beyond her understanding and what I told her soon after her interrogation was even more alarming. I answered her question, and after a long, silent pause, she replied, “You did what?” Yes, that’s right, I deleted my Facebook. If you ask anybody who inter acts with me on a daily basis, I am far from a social outcast or loser.I just came to the realization that social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter used by most of the people our age are used inappropriately and ineffectively. Misusing social networking sites is easily comparable to using a utility for a function other than its purpose. Would you use a TV as a coffee table or a desk as a bed? Besides the occasional story I hear about a student staying up late to study and ending up falling asleep on her desk, the answer to these questions is no. So why would one use a social networking site for something other than social networking? My social network site resembled more of a complaint board and public space to let out daily frustrations rather than an outlet to inform, connect, and interact with friends. Although Facebook was originally created to rate the attractiveness of women at Harvard University (which should have a been a tell-tale sign in itself), it has advanced to measures much stronger than those; potential college groups are available to interested students, job opportunities are posted daily for those seeking new workplaces and families are able to keep in touch despite the physi cal miles that separate them. But do we, the immature college students we have proven ourselves to be, efficiently use this site for these purposes or do we simply use it to ridicule and “Facebook stalk” those we aren’t friends with and don’t intimately know? During my social networking days, I found that people, includ ing me, were too busy clicking the “like” button to stranger’s statuses and sorting through countless pictures of people we have never even met in real life to study every crevice of their faces in the small chance that we might run into them one day instead of creating meaningful and lasting relationships with people that we actually care about. And, let’s be honest: who has 1,000 real friends? Maybe one day when I find myself in an environment made up of socially developed adults who effectively use social networking for it’s true purpose, I will regain my respect for Facebook and reactivate my account, or even better, create a whole new one. Until then, I am much better off, and happier, without it. It has been four months since I have logged on, and not one day passes where I regret my decisibn. Whines and Gripes collected by Katy Koop and other students Every time I step in my room it feels like the tropics. To everyone drafting club constitutions: the title “vice president” does not have a dash between vice and president. There’s no such thing as a vice-president. I have eaten pizza at least seven times since I’ve gotten back from spring break. Variety, please? I’ve been sick since last semester, and it just keeps developing into y ifferent and worse illnesses. Anyone else never getting better? fVhen sitting in the dining hall only a day after a Student Life Forum, 1 do not appreciate listening to student government members insult ing the student body for not supporting their proposals and calling the dissenters self-centered. Those actions in no way encourage me to believe that SGA cares about the student body’s current wants and needs, and I surely will not be voting for you again. Senior Year Reflections The past couple vreeks have been rough, ever since I found out that I didn’t -get the prestigious schol^^hip to teach English in Argentina that I applied for last October. A.s disheartening as the initial rejection was,H had to move on with back-up plans B, C, and qvcn D, recognizing that this rejection would most likely not be the last I would experience along my job-seeking journey. I have since attended a graduate school information session at UNC-Chapel Hilk an action , I vvasn't quite.ready to take last semester, and have researched appealing pro- , grams at a few other schools. It’s hard to*be stuck in limbo and not quite sure of what I’ll be doing within the next few months while many of my friends are already finalizing their falkplans, but I trust that this brief lull will be good for me. Still, I’m not sitting and "twiddling my thumbs! I can’t give up^on my post- graduation job search because:fpending|he interim period unempbyed is not an option.,If I’ve learned anything from my few thus-far trial-andterror attempts, it’s that time is of the essence in this economy, and there’s none to waste if you want to get hired. To that end, tbday.I went to Academic and Career Planning (ACP) to get help with rcs|ructuring my curriculum vitae and marketing myself in prepara tion for future job applications and interviews. I probably should have set up a \ent in the ACP office last semester whpn it first became my treasiffed second hbme( (S||haf not#I>tinngly encoUrage eireryonefo taki advantage of that valuable resource before graduation. Amy fosordo informed me that ACP offers frig workshops available to Meredith alumnae along with the current student po;|ulatibn that it already sSrves! I’ve attended multiple events and have been exfremely pleased with the service,! have received.there. How, I can honestly say tl^t although college graduation is bittersweet, I feel hiore than well-prepared to position myself appropriately for the work force, graduate school, and be yond: ' ■ • ^ . , " , - ^ / The only semi-truth that is^difficult for,me to conceptualize is the knnwledge that once I enter “the real world,” there mity not be a'viqble opporfurijty for me to.go .abroad again on my own time and dime. I’m worried that TftlS IS IJ because in ffie work force, employers don’t grant their employees spring breaks, siifhmer breaks, or winter breaks to spend halfway across the world. Sure, one earns paid vacation days..'.:at the walking rate of a three-toed-sloth!' In all seri ousness, though, the ample vacation opportunities for whichmniversity study allows is one very goodxeqson to pursue postgpduate education for as long as you pan—and if you successfully reach the doctoMte level and decide to become i a professor, those sabbaiticals don’t sound too had, either. Lam tremendously thankful for the Meredith College comniunity’s provi sion of both scholarly and personal support ovbr the past four year$,that I have made this campus my home. Hefe’s to looking forward to a new beginning in a, ■ few weeks, hopefully orie that will lead all of Us members of the Class of 2011 to even brighter horizons! ,, , ' The Meredith Herald would like to thank the Meredith community, Hinton Press and our advisor, Ms. Suzanne Britt, for your support this 2010-11 academic year. We will return in the fall with an exciting issue for freshmen orientation and new ideas for our publication. We hope you’ll join us in reporting Meredith! 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