Fall Fashion Trends Jennifer Cash, Staff Writer Crunch, crunch. That’s the sound of leaves crunching be neath new boots on an early fall morning on Meredith’s campus. While it’s hard to imagine wear ing fall clothes while it is still 8o degrees outside, the time for colder weather is approaching. Every new season brings new fashion trends, whether you are looking for a complete change or just a few new items to update your current look. Let’s take a look at what trends are hot for this fall. Fashionable colors this year are much brighter than in years past. Fall typically brings more neutral, basic colors, whereas bright colors are usually reserved for spring and summer. But this fall bright colors are in. The most popular color choices are fuchsia, teal, orange, gold, jade, and yel low. Take a step back in time to the ’60s. Many designers are incor porating trends popular in the 1960s and giving them a modern flair. With the popularity of TV shows such as Mad Men, Pan Am, and The Playboy Club, it seems as if the ’60s are everywhere. Banana Republic debuted its new Mad Men-inspired fall collection in August featuring pieces de signed by the show’s costume de signer, Janie Bryant. Movies are also inspiring fall looks. Thanks to the recent Red Riding Hood movie and the upcoming Snow White films, capes are making a big splash in the fashion world. Capes can be paired with a dress or a pantsuit for a more elegant evening look. Any animal print is always popular, but the animal of the season is leopard. Walk into your favorite department store, and you are sure to find leopard everything: skirts, tops, dresses, shoes, handbags, and jewelry; no area has been left without the pattern. While the leopard print is a great classic, be careful not to overdo it. Try pairing a cute leop ard print top with black pants or wearing a basic little black dress with leopard print pumps. Fall is the time when people like to bring out their boots. Some styles of boots are seen every year, such as Ugg boots and riding boots. This fall, wedged boots are in. While these boots may not be the best choice for walking around campus, they are great for a night on the town with your friends. Last season the kitten heel was the way to go, but this year sky- high pumps are back again. Pumps can be found in just about any color from your basic black and navy to funky fuchsia and purple. Knee-high boots are also popular this fall, looking great when worn with a colorful cardi gan and skirt. Almost any woman will tell you there is nothing like a great bag. Women tend to carry a lot of stuff and need sturdy and reliable yet fashionable bags. Animal skin bags (faux of course) are popular for this fall; snakeskin bags and bulky faux fur bags have been popping up in stores ever)where. When it comes to jewelry, some times less is more, as with the statement piece trend this season. Runways are using models with one extravagant piece of jewelry and more subtle, simple pieces to complement that statement piece. Whether you want a big ring that is eye-catching, a necklace that can be seen from several feet away, extrav images via nordstrom.com agant earrings, or a bulky bracelet, there is sure to be a piece that suits your personal style. It’s best to keep it simple, though. Too much jewelry can come across as tacky, so maybe pair that chunky necklace with simple diamond studs. As you head off campus for fall break, enjoy the remaining mo ments of summer while they last, because the days of wearing shorts and flip-flops will soon be gone. But even though the temperature is dropping, you can still stay fash ionable and warm with these great trends. Ask Gigi -^ear Gigi, My heart has been broken and it feels like it can never be whole again. My boyfriend recently left me and is now seeing another pfvoman. I am hurt that he has moved on so quickly. I am questioning everything about our relationship we had- did he love me? Was file adding my heart to his “collection of jar of hearts”? Was he seeing this other woman while we were together? I don’t want to blame i the other woman, but I can’t help wanting to seek revenge on this witch for being with my boyfriend. I want to move on from this, but I waint to know the answer to these questions. What should I do? Save me, Drowning in Sorrow Dear Drowning in Sorrow, There is nothing like the experience of having your heart broken by another man. It hurts in places that you did not know existed and you feel as if you can never move on from this. But you can and you will. It is ok to wallow and have a few “me” days in which all you do is lie in bed all day, eat Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, and watch romantic films. Take 3 “me” days, but then make a schedule or x’outine to follow for the days after that. In your daily routine you can incorporate doing your homework, go walking, go out with friends to dinner, go shopping, check out a museum you have been meaning to go to, or go see a movie. I am not saying you have to go out and find a new guy; in fact it probably would be best if you did not commit to another relationship right away. It is ok for you to be questioning your previous relationship. You can reach out to him to ask these questions, but beware; you could either potentially feel better or a little more confused after talking with him, but you at least won’t continue asking yourself, “What if?” As for the other woman, ask yourself, “Would it really make me feel better to have my revenge? Is it worth my time?” Keep your chin up and your feet moving-something good will come out of this. I have faith in you. Gigi

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