OPINION WHINES & GRIPES Dear Smokers, Smoking between Joyner and Har ris between classes is not 30 feet away from either building. Please move your smoke clouds away from where I don’t have to breathe it in every day. Sincerely, Trying Not To Get Lung Cancer . I didn’t realize it would be so hard to get sleep in college because they’re blowing the leaves around every other day at 7 a.m.!!! What is the point of the three days of class after Thanksgiving and before exams? Can’t those days be used for the review sessions that every single one of my professors is holding on Reading Day? Why do people think it’s okay to park overnight in 30 minute park ing? A girl just wants to unload her groceries. When did Reading Day become ‘hold overlapping study sessions’ day? LETTERS TO THE EDITORS To the Herald, I liked Monique Kreisman’s article about all of the 3rd party candi dates and their array of strategies for solving the country’s problems that are much more bold than either Romney’s or Obama’s. It bothers me, however, how easily we accept that they have ‘no realistic chance of winning’. Our two party system is a result of the way we count the votes. If we switched to Instant Run-off, 3rd parties wouldn’t spoil the election, and we wouldn’t have to suppress them. Until that happens, however, we are doomed to be like the classic eco nomics problem of two ice-cream seller on a beach. They end up standing back to back in the middle of the beach, and there’s hardly a choice to be had. Barry Koster, Assistant Professor of Computer Science Holiday Wishes and New Years Resolutions from the Meredith College Community Wishes: This holiday season I’m wishing for the safety and happiness of my loved ones. -Elizabeth Schlieper To not have any papers! .-Noreen Elnady Please oh please, let me pass physics with a C! -Anonymous I wish the Meredith community a happy and safe winter break (and a pet dinosaur under my Christmas tree). -Christina McDonald I want preparing Christmas dinner to not be stressful this year! -Shea Pierson I want a half inch of snow on Christ mas morning and sunshine in the afternoon. -Dr. Rebecca Duncan I want a basket full of kittens and unlimited Starbucks coffee. -Jessica Feltner All I want for Christmas is a sexy Ko rean man. Halo 4 and a claw foot tub. -Isabel Benson I would like for some good family time awgy from school. -Christa Riley I want an iPhone and video games. -Dee Evans I want a camera and a mini horse for Christmas! -Catie Jones I want cowboy boots, red high heels, and Toms. -LuAnna Swanger For Christmas, I want pointe lessons! -Elizabeth Ryan I wish that genetically modified foods would be labeled, that way consum ers are aware of what they are eating. Americans do not deserve to be science experiments! -Samantha Taylor To be 21 again and back in my dorm with my angel sisters at Meredith! -Julia Kinlaw, class of 1988 I wish for us all to live in gratitude for our blessings and concern for one another. -Dr. Eloise-Grathwohl I wish that our servicemen and women serving in harm’s way remain safe and return home very soon. -Dr. Daniel Fountain For colleagues, I wish a long rest, a good read, and memorable hours with loved ones. For myself, the same and perhaps some orange low tops. -Dr. Brent Pitts To have snow in Raleigh, A LOT of snow. But without the all the compli cations that come with snow- no power outages or bad roads. Just beautiful snow everywhere else! -Sarah Cullen I’m going to New York City during my break with my little sis to see NYC during Christmas, go ice skating, and hopefully have a few job interviews! -Jade Rice The top item on my Christmas wish list this year is The Hemingway Clas sics Collection, which includes five classic films adapted from some of Hemingway’s most celebrated pieces. -Shanna Alley The top item on my wish list for Christmas would be to have my own bow, arrows, and targets. I fell in love with Archery this semester and I would love to continue it as a hobby! -Sarah Farrell-Buchanan Resolutions: To not procrastinate! -Samantha Noland To live by no one’s standards but my own! -Kristen Rivera To get over the sophomore slump! -America Moreno To start my assigned semester-long journal at the beginning of the se mester and not the week classes end! -Anonymous My resolution is to stop tumbling so much and to do my homework instead. -Isabel Benson I want to exercise more. -Jessica Boyd I just want to keep living. -Christa Riley To waste less time on the internet and read more literature.*-Elena Christian To eat healthier. -Dee Evans To eat healthier and exercise more. -Lizzy Thomas To start actually caring about calculus. -Courtney Minchew Not to procrastinate so much. -Lu Anna Swanger To focus on the things that are impor tant and not put things off until the last minute! -Elizabeth Ryan To try and say twice as many positive things as negative. -Amy McKenzie To reach out to the elderly or those in need on a regular basis. -Patricia Olsen I resolve to make time to appreciate my blessings and to walk the dog every day. -Dr. Eloise Grathwohl I resolve that while I am on sabbatical in the spring that I will neither assign , nor grade a single paper! -Dr. Daniel Fountain Finish an article, see Istanbul, go camping, be thankful. -Dr. Brent Pitts Read more, Tumblr less. (Or more ac curately, read more, tumblr the same amount). -Alissa Jording Drink through the alphabet with dif ferent cocktails. A to Z and repeat until next year. (A- Aperol Press, B- Brandy Alexander, C- Colorado Bulldog, etc). -Sarah Robinson Make a visible and lasting (positive) impact in my community—whether that be Meredith, Raleigh, or my hometown—and read all of Sylvia Plath’s prose (including letters). -Shea Pierson My resolution is to let go of the past and move on, to forgive those who have wronged me and let go of grudges and anger, and to stop letting my past deter my future. -Gabrielle Landi As for my New Year’s resolutions, I plan on getting two job offers before I graduate in May and choosing the best option for me. -Sarah Farrell- Buchajian To run a marathon in under 4 hours. -Dr. Steven Benko To acquire even meaner dance moves. -Ashleigh Phillips, class of 2012 To see more live music and travel to places I’ve never been before. -Chris tine Daniel To figure out how to budget my money better, so I don’t fit the ‘broke grad student’ stereotype nearly as well... -Jordan Jaked, class of 2012 To find/Get hired for an internship for the summer. -Mary Rawls To do what makes me happy. -Kristen Gallagher

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