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February i8,2015
Students Prepare for CSA Day Presentations
Julia Dent, Editor in Chief
The abstracts for Celebrating Student
Achievement Day have been turned in, and stu
dents are busy working on a variety of theses
and research projects. Although CSA Day isn’t
until Apr. 14, here’s a glimpse of the fascinating
presentations that are to come.
Senior Stephanie Livesay is a Graphic
Design major, and she is designing an addition
al project to go with her paper. “I am designing
the identity, stationery suite, website, way find
ing and various print materials for a boutique
hotel of my own creation,” she said. “The hotel,
Chroma, is a modern yet eclectic boutique hotel
located in downtown Raleigh that reflects the
vibrant and unique culture home to Raleigh.
Complementing the design, I am researching
the relationship between hotel success and ef
fective advertising and branding... Through my
presentation I hope to demonstrate to the Mer
edith community that design reaches across
multiple disciplines and that great design em
ploys various skills and knowledge beyond cre
ative talent.”
Junior Kim Hinton is working on her
Chemistry thesis, which is based off of two
semesters of research. “The idea came from a
conversation Dr. Powell and Dr. Agorham had
about connecting organic synthesis to biochem
istry,” she said. She will “examine the effects of
two inhibitors, difluorosuccinic acid and 2,4-di-
nitrophenol, on the succinate dehydrogenase
complex. The question posed is to what extent
the two synthesized inhibitors will obstruct the
succinate dehydrogenate’s ability to catalyze
the removal of two hydrogens from its sub
strate succinate... The samples were examined
using ultraviolet spectrophotometer in order to
numerically measure the enzyme kinematics of
our inhibited succinate dehydrogenase.” After
graduating, Hinton wants to pursue a doctorate
of pharmacology, and she hopes her project will
“communicate how research can lead to cross
departmental connections, specifically Chemis
try and Biology.”
Senior Connor Dixon hated reading
when she was a child, but that changed when
she read the Harry Potter series. She became
interested in how the series and the films were
so wildly successful and focused her English
thesis on that. “I focused my argument around
the successful adaptation from novel to film
and exactly how that happened through pro
duction, narrative scope and staying relatively
true to the novels,” she said. “I learned a lot
about film production and the massive amount
of work that goes into making a film adaptation
of a novel... I discuss some of the changes made
in the translation process and yet how the film
series still stays true to J.K. Rowling’s beloved
Dixon hopes to continue her research
and “one day become an encyclopedia of Harry
Potter knowledge,” she said. “I feel as though
I’m getting there right now, but I don’t think
one can ever know too much about Harry Pot
ter. Hopefully I can continue to develop and
expand more on this subject and one day get it
published as an article or book. I believe Harry
Potter is important for many reasons, and one
of those reasons is how it reaches out, across
industries, across genres, across readers’ ages
and reading levels, and inspires people to wait
patiently for their acceptance letters to Hog-
warts. “
Honors Thesis presenters:
Christa Allen
Kara Barrett
Marline Brown
Marinda Carraway
Julia Dent
Taylor Haines
Haley Harris
Alex Herel
Kimberly Hinton
Keila Jaen
Cody Jeffery
Jennifer Jervey
SarahK. Johnson
Catie Jones
Tia Joyce
Neda Kazemi
Stephanie Livesay
Elizabeth Marshall
Cheyenne Parrish
Samantha Sherlin
Mindie Stanford
Alexis Trell
Jessica Williford
Alyssa Zsido
RHA Plays a Big Role on Campus
Emily Chilton, Staff Writer
Resident Housing Association obviously plays a big part on the
campus of Meredith, but do you know exactly how big? Actually, RHA
hosts several events in the fall and spring, and they’ve been busy this
year. This fall, RHA hosted two Meredith and a Movie events, a BRA Day
Drive, a breast cancer awareness panel, the Penny Barrels fundraiser
and Pancakes @11.
The BRA drive, done in partnership with Sisters United, was very
successful, spreading awareness for breast cancer and receiving 50 do
nated, gently used bras.
This was RHA’s second year hosting the breast cancer awareness
panel, and RHA Chair Ashley Byrnes says it won’t be the last. There were
five panelists, including three survivors who shared their stories. “I think
this issue is especially important at an all women’s collep, since we are
all women students and we need to be aware of this disease and how
early it can affect people,” said Byrnes. , j • •
Penny Barrels during Cornhuskin’ week was a huge fundraising
success; $1,500 were raised and donated to Sisters United s mentorship
program. “I heard from seniors that every bank within a mile radius was
out of pennies one day,” said B5Tnes jokingly.
Pancakes @ 11 has become a tradition for the last day of classes,
and this year RHA partnered with two organizations to help with the
event. FCA and Delta Upsilon both came to help, and are both planning
to come for the spring Pancakes @ 11 event as well. The event is usually
$2 per person, which gets you in and purchases a cup commemorating
the event. The guys from NC State that help actually make the pancakes,
and other fun things like dancing also take place.
This spring, RHA got the ball rolling early. Two Meredith and
a Movie events have already taken place this semester, and more are
The weekend of Feb. 6-8, the members of Meredith’s RHA attended
the NCARH conference and plan to bring some ideas back vdth them
to campus. “The conference reminded me of Cornhuskin’ to be honest,”
said Byrnes. “We actually won awards for Best Banner, Best Display, and
Most Spirited. We’re really excited to take from that conference ideas for
campus; expect new and improved socials coming up!”
Be on the lookout for more RHA events this spring, including a
possible fundraiser and Pancakes @11 just before finals.
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