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August, 1971*
EDITCBS: Kary Doll 726-7521
Betty Hammon 726-^8f^8
COLONEL BOB O'NEAL was introduced as Director of Civil Defense. He said that,
following a Civil Defense meeting cn 29th, he w''.>uld hz^ve a reporto He
assured^those present that PKS wou3a be a pretty safe plrf.oo to wait out a hurri
cane ^ al Oiiough ne emphasized that es^ch p^^rson must U3e his ovm judgment about this.
He will iic'^ve HiCTican Evacuation ^(:.,ldel*j:i3S p-.rinted soon, r.railahla at PXS Town
Hall 9 O'r^eal yays tiiat any resj iont of PfS w.i.-o wa,nbs a s dicker, which is to be
put on hj.s front left car bvju'peT '.rader 'ch^ hacidligbOj can buy one soon at the
ToT-m fJalx, IhjS sticker make it easier for the person whoso car it is on
to leave or return to the island in an emergency.
The resignation of MHe KEN HALLEH from the Plf?,nning Board was announced, Ken had
been active on the Board duilng its most productive times, a leader and clear
thinker throughout.
Building Inspector RAY SGOGGIIIS noted that a well has been dug to supply water
to the newly moved Town Hall and that some carpentry and painting would soon be
done as well,
MAYOR EWIELD announced the resignation of CGMISSIONER DOLL who has taken a
t-jTie-consuming job wl*f:ii the Kohler Oompciny in Kohler, V/iSt, and feels great guilt
over decer-.jing tl'ie Toyn, but r.aedo to, as they say, make a IJ.ving, (EDITOR'S
NOTE: The Kohler Co!u-p-viiy, a x-lum^ing ma.niifacturing conce3:ri, has appointed him
Vice President cl Mai ^;:e‘ for Pl'Jiiibing 'Produr^'t-sHe will be known now, of
course, as the Toll.?t •'Jvooon. Dolls are NOT leading ?I3.)
Luckily, SI BEZ'.’YEN b-ie oonsanted to become Bill's replacement, Mr, Redfield
announced0 Mr^ Pczuyen is especially qualified for the job as he has a fine
accounting back^i:ound,
The Board a.lso voted to join the Chamber of Commerce,
M^T^.NG^FOLLOV'-'UPs The Board met Saturday, July 20, to appoint SI BEZUYM
oir'.ciaiiT', he >ras siAOiii in Monday, July 22j a^ Superior Court in Beaufort as
Comi.iissioner of Adm3.nl3oration. Finance and Budget,
At the Board’s ?.;pecial meeting they also passed an Ordinance to prohibit parking
o^Doi^viOoc]^ "Tow-a-way" signs will be erected,
Tlxe Gorps of En^5.neers will, no longer give after-the-fact appro\^ for dredging
or buil(^.ln^, reports tlie Carteret News Times (July 4), A district engineer
learning of unauthorized work will issue a, cea;'ie-and-desist order, investigate the
mr.tter, and refuse to accept any application foi an after-'the-'fact permit,
NIDW NEIGHBORS: MRS^ ET;fZABETH GORMAN, W-Jlow Hoad, most recently of Winterville,
N, G^, where she has oiren a Medical Techi"cioglst, She moved into her new home
oust about a month ago^ She enjoys knitting and plays bridge» Living with her
is her Mother, KPS, ll.Vm HAWKINS.
VIGI''^R and WILLIS FRE3GA are new residents of Pine Knoll Townes, Dr, Frcsca is-
a r?x.iologist who wil?L be working in his field at Cherry Pojj..t and doing soine
gv^-ne::al rractice in our area, with privileges at Carteret Ho.spital, The Frescas
oor'-j to vs from Forest .Hills. New York, have two married sons in New Ycr>i and New
Jercey, Victor will be working with Bob O'Neal on C.i7il Defense for PK3,
BILL and JANET ROBBINSj originally from Da.rien, Conn,, are now living on Salter
Path near Mimosa, on the sea. Bill is with Hardee"s out they have hurried on
down to PJvS to live li'^es oi golf, tennlc:, gardening, and beaching,
Tasir daughter^ Pam, X:-ves and worte in New York Ciiy as p, rosear jh repo?cter,
their sou-y Todd is in f-.xocfe:> and ;’nt;uranco in Gonnec'oicutc _
M-ARILYN and JERRY McDEHi'^OTT, temporarily living in Walkers* house, are b‘*iilding
on baiter Path nearby. They are former wood-finishers (te3chers of same as welH),
and are now into the manufacture of a small, very portable boat. They have three
girl.3, 8, 15 and 1?,

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