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BOARD OF GOMMISSIONEPS' MEETING? The regular maeting of the Town Commissioners wfis
held October 1C, The Board votnd to contribute $300,00 to the Bogue Banks Firo and
Rescue Souad which provides fire protection from the western bouiidary of Pine Knoll
as McNeill liilet. The Atlantic Boach squad covers the area east
01 McNe:? Ij. Inaet, The Board approved installation of street lights at ten new lo
cations, They adoptel the C?.vil Defense Ordinance. There was discussion of the
need to enfo^xa tho^oidstiri' ordi aance which prohiilte wi:-?.eled vehicles on the
beach cxcopt ioc official goverx-'m^nt vehicles. Police CLief Overman reported on
police work bho month and was appj.auded for the hig’i standard of’ ser\dce by
Dep j,rbiiert. The next regular meeting of the Cc:.Lmissioners will be held a
at 8j00 p.m., November 1^, at the Atlantis Lodge, -
Special meeting, Oc/cohex l4; Mayor Redfield defined the purpose of thio special
meeting, namely to dlr.cuss the issue of a new bridge. Ho pointed out that this
meeting was a h'aringj and no action would be taken at the meeting, Mr, Haller pre
sented a pet±t-ion protesting Board endorsement of a bridge with a terminal in Pine
Knoll Shores, presenting the viewpoint that the Board’s action was premature. There
was extensive and amicable discussion of the need for a third bridge, both pro and
con, and of the effect of various possible locations. As Mayor Redfield stated at
the outset of the meeting, no action was taken. The Board will consider the view
points expressed by the many citizens present at this special meeting,
EMERGENCY INPCRI'IATION? In an emergency, the Carteret Communications Center can
contact ihe police and all fire and rescue squads in the county. Their number is
728-3772, This number is on the card given to residents by our policemen. We
repeat it for your convenience,
NEW NEIGHBORS: ARTHUR and CONNIE BROWNE, on the beach on Salter Path Road, are
pariicularly enjoying their yard work these first days in their recently completed
hou’t-o, ,i:;thur was wi.vh the j}ept, of Agriculture, working in marketing and con
sumer sar^J.ces, He waa Deputy Director of Fruit and Vegetable Division, He is
currreiit ij .ceseitrching if.jjid!H of things that can best be raised here on our sandy
shores. V.e tru^t he will share his findings with us at a later date. The Brownes
have tiro sone. One is in California and the other in Delaware, Once the yard is
unde*” oia.rol, iirthur and Connie hope to get themselves a sailboat and skim the
Bogus K.vhe;cs,
CRAIG W.ITLIf? and NANCY JOHTiSON, married November 2 in Morehead City, will be living
in a nei: borne on Mimosa near the boat basin. Craig, a pilot for United Airlines,
originalo.y froiii Morehead. Ciiyj and Nancy, a stewardess for United, from Grants Pass,
Oregon vi^nH that a wonderf\a name for a town?), met in the friendly skies. They
will continue to work out of Washington, D,C, while living herej they both work the
same three days a week on different flights. Their house is built high in the trees,
with one tree coming right through the deck,
AND NOW — We have been introducing new neighbors, but we want to get back to
Wa.i-ting about long-term residents. Of them, we believe that Mrs, James Wallace is
probably THE senior citizen of Pine Knoll Shores, She will be ninety on Nvember
15, Mrs, Wallace who makes her home with her daughter and son-in-law, Bob and
Marion Greenlaw, on Oakleaf Drive, is a white-haired lady with a delightful Scot
tish burr to her speech. She was bom in Glasgow, Eaizabeth McLellan, and was a
ladies tailor there. When she came to America, she worked in New York City making
the long evening cloaks ladies wore then. In 191^ she and James Wallace whom she '
had^known back in Scotland were married in Washington, D,C, where he was a sculp- .
tor s assistant to Bush Brown, In 1915 they went back to /Scotland, They were
booked on the Lusitania but changed to the Tuscania at the last minute, and on that'
voyage, the Lusitania was sunk, James Wallace and his bride did not come back to
Merica until the war was over. They settled on Staten Island where he was a
builder and contractor, Marion was married from the home her father built in Jfew
Doorp,^ When the Wallaces left that home, they moved to a house next to Bob and
Marion s in Franklin Township near Middlebush, New Jersey, In I959 they went back
^ Scotland, their first pleasure trip together. After Mr, Wallace's death,
^izabeth Wallace lived with Marion, and with Marion and Bob she came to Pine Knoll
Shores, They all remember their first Christmas here in I968 when they had a picnic

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