North Carolina Newspapers

ISSUE 20 Docenbor, I97V
Editors{ Mary Doll 726-7^21
Betty Hainmon 726-6Sj8
Mayor JIM REDFIELD was authorized at the November Board of Coimnif^sionorG mooting to
a commj.ttee to look into what effect tiie proposed new bridge (should 5..t
ccjuieot 'the main land ho Bo.'jiie Br.'iks at Bridgs Poad in PKS) might have on oui*
coifL'iunity. The Mayor ^rill jfelccme voli:/i teens to sojyre on this conjTiittoo, and the
Bo-ctid j.t^jolf w.7.11 taJco no further actioii regarding the bridge un^il thl53 authorized
study ha;v> boon jnado.
The Board alfo r.pprovod a mutual c^j.d pact between Atlantic Beach and PKS for
po.i.jce pro toot'\un in oirergeixcieSo Such a pact has sir.ce been dr^'i.Fa upe
A^repre«f?ntatxvfL of j-;G*icon House ^111 speak at the next B::rrd meeting on December
12'^h, BeL’^cor: Xs the L-rug A'^use Cor tor ?.n Moroi;ead City wMcli sponsors Kelp-
Line and offc:c£, drug education clasnes and coimseling,
KraRNEY SMITH j.s botton—he is rerovering fror^ a recent heart attack. In fact, he
fe.Lo gooa onougb to go to th3 polj.:; on cjoctioii aay. The only thing was, he
cciil.In V quite lir.-.r!dj.e 'O'e rtaps .‘jo^ beca;ir3e of ^he Gu-bside. Votir..g Law, the
exQcj-ioni?.’ offx-^lals T.iint to him ouinSldc the Tcw.i Ha31 so that he could fill out
hie oallo'jii, Mr, Tij^::)ruan o-i;’ the Board of Elections tells is that although ordi-
naxily people v.ric’ 70 boon j.l I prefer to cast absentee ballots, they are r.ore than
welcome tc come a.3 close as they can to the polling place and the officials will
meet thom4 Noat, huh?
Incidentally, pei^haps the best voter tumout in the State happened in PKS, Out of
an o3igibio I99 voters here, I60 voted.
/jid^j our tax coHlection rate is one of the highest in the county* for 1973#
Proves once a,'/:iin that this is a commi^nity of people who care about
wbat's to ::‘3conit.i of ti'ioa, and who are responsible citjzons, AILEEN ADAMS, Town
Clerk, sa;': wo^ro already up to the halfyay mark for the 197^ collection,
Among oi^r Jong-time residents (long as Pine Knoll Shores goes) are ADALINE and
HL'^BERT y,hL:S?.o They bought the rod house on Salter Path Road almost nine years
agD, a?id t'cr many of -oc:;, the Walkers were our f^rst acriaair-tances down here, Vjhen
tb3y moved hor.j . {..hero vore very few year-round residents —- just Hazel and Bill
Smith, irctne and lioui''. ‘^abuin, Ne'ttie and Willian. Murrill, the McBrides, the
Ga--/.ers, c-nd thj Fulchoio.
The^ WAJjI'IS[^.S mov:*d hero Xroir. Cleveland where Herbert was with the Federal Home Loan
Ban!w Board as a f^avin^r, oxaikiiicr ro'^ponsible for the Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee
area, Th.,y had search'-d foi coast icrom Wilmington south for a retirement home and
found nothing tnoy liK;;d« Then they read an ad in the Wall Street Journal, carr.e
tc Look, and foil in love with our vfooded islande Thoir horn.*? hero is mi.dway bu-
tvvcon their son’s hoiii: in Key West and their daughter's in Toronto, both of whom
aie i\eadir?g thi.: way fc.T Ghrlr.tmas^, The VJalkers love to truvel. Their j.atesb
trip took them across Gd.nad3. by train, and just this ir.onth they returned from their
favorite ^not on a latco in Ontario, Canada, where Adaline spent her siiiniaers as a
chixd. Both of them enjoy walking, and you will meet them any day walking the or tlie roads of Pine Knoll Shores,
The Walkers live on the ocean side of our community; the HALLERS on the Sound,
They came here from New Jei’sey where they had a home on the luountr^in above Watcbung,
KIjN >as a partner in a New York City law firm and spcoializod in corporation lav^y a
specialty from which we all b'^nefited when worked out tne charter of incorpora'oion
for our Town of Pine Ki-oll Shores, One of his pi'inciple clients a.s a lawyer ^as a
Japanese import firm which ho incorporated after the war, and through ti\r.t rsl:\tion-
ship, KEN and NETOLL met many Japanese businessmen and their wives, KS?' speaks
particu].arly of the ni.ce sense of humor of the Japanese, KEN took his L'.w de^rree
at Harvard Law School and practiced first in B;iffalo, New Yoik, where he shareu a
house with five other yo'ong i-ion and an ex-Pullman car atteiici.'.nt vrbo did their
cooking and hoiusekeeping. He and I'ZIWELL met on the S,.S,Sicot-'.ey in the ^U-lf of
Mexico, and I^WHIjL points out that tnis was a fthipbovcd rciuar-ce wh:ch has lasted
and lasted. The Hallers have two sons, two daughters, and j:;.Lx giard-childron. Both
NEWELL and KEN have traveled a great djeal .(Newell‘S-tarted young - her father was

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