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Volume Four
Monday, February 18, 1946
Legion Meeting
The members of James Hudnall Post
No. 119, the American Legion, employed
by Marshall Field & Company, are urg
ently requested to attend the next meet
ing which will be held in the Legion
hut on Boone Road on Tuesday, Febru
ary 26, 1946, at 7:30 P. M. This will be
the usual social meeting, but some im
portant business is to be discussed and
the opinion of every Legionnaire is
Every man who has been honorably
discharged from the service and who
would like to become a member of this
organization, is extended a cordial in
vitation to attend this meeting.
Introducing New
Personnel Offices
After several weeks of intense activ
ity the .hammers and saws of the car
penters are no longer heard around the
Nantucket building—which houses the
Personnel offices. Medical, Wage and
Hour Bureau, Laboratory, and Engin
eering departments. The painters have
cleaned their brushes and departed and
at last the place has assumed the look
of a busy office and settled down to
We’re quite proud of our new home;
so proud that we’re going to take you
on a sight-seeing tour through the
building and let you see for yourself
what a nice place we have to work in—
at least we think it is.
The Personnel offices are laid out,
roughly, in the shape of the letter L
(and by “roughly” we mean that the L
has a lot of angles). The entrance, fac
ing the Central Y.M.C.A. is the top of
the L. Incidentally, the heavy iron fence
has been removed from the front of the
building and with grass and shrubbery
planted on the lawn it will look like the
lawn of a well kept home.
You enter at the top of the L. To your
right is the spacious waiting room for
people seeking employment. If you’re
looking for work you take a seat, but
you don’t have to wait long. To your
left is the office of Roger Wilkes, of the
Employment department, who will di
rect you to the next office where charm
ing Virginia Winecoff will aid you in
filling out your application. Then Roger
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E. D. Pitcher Passes
Another Milestone
It would be difficult to select the out
standing honor that has come to this
grand gentleman during a lifetime
crowded with accomplishments, but to
most employees of the Manufacturing
Division Ernest D. Pitcher is best known
for his unexcelled record of continuous
service. On January 31, 1946, Mr. Pitch
er completed 61 years of continuous ser
vice with Marshall Field & Co. and is
now well into his 62nd year, a record
that can never be equalled because ot
the Company’s compulsory retirement
age of 65 years. For example: a boy
entering the Company’s employment ?.t
the minimum legal age of 16 years and
retiring at 65 would have completed 49
years of service.
Not only has Mr. Pitcher filled many
responsible positions capably but his
influence, sterling character, and his be
lief in his work and his Company has
had far-reaching results. His steadying
influence will be missed when he retires
from active servicb July 1st. Some of
the top executives of the Manufactur
ing Division began working for the
Company under Mr. Pitcher’s super
vision, among them being Luther H.
Hodges and J. F. Wilson.
Mr. Pitcher’s fellow workers and
Number Sixteen
Red Cross Drive
To Begin March 4th
The annual Red Cross drive will begin
in the Tri-Cities on March 4 and will
be in progress through the ninth. J.
Frank Wilson has been named chair
man of the Industrial Section again this
Mr. Wilson urges all people connect
ed with industrial organizations in the
Tri-Cities to make generous contribu
tions this year to the end that the Red
Cross may continue to render its usual
fine service to humanity. The United
States still has several million men in
the armed forces, many of them over
seas. The Red Cross will serve these
men and will also carry on its usual
program of emergency relief in case of
disaster, first aid training, and many.
other useful activities.
Quotas for the various mills will be
announced at the beginning of the drive.
Do You Kno-vv That—
Icebergs are more numerous in the
North Atlantic during the summer
months than in winter?
Grapefruit is so named because it
grows in bunches like grapes?
Today one out of every three cars is
10 years old or older; three out of five
are seven years or older? These war
wearies are now going to the graveyard
at the rate of 1500 a day.
A new drug invented by Army doc
tors prevents seasickness yet leaves no
hangover? Made of a barbituate and
belladonna derivative it will soon be on
the civilian market.
Two colored men were discussing the
possibilities of safety.
“Sam,” said Mose, “if you had your
way, which would you rather be in—
collision or explosion?”
“A collision, of course,” replied Sam
“How come?” asked Mose.
“Well, in a collision, dere you is; in an
explosion, where is you?”
townsmen have on many occasions
shown him the honor and respect in
which they hold him. And we of the
Manufacturing Division are proud to be
associated with a man like Ernest

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