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    who Is ^The Company^?
“Fieldcrest just came aut with a new product.
“Fieldcrest is going to build a new plant.
“Fieldcrest is going to do this . . . and do that”.
Many people talk about Fieldcrest.
But who or what is this thing called “Fieldcrest” or “the Company”?
• Is it a building?
No. Buildings can do nothing by and of themselves. They need men
and machinery to produce results. Buildings are not “Fieldcrest”.
• Is it machinery?
It’s the same story. Without people to manage and operate them,
machines are useless,
• Is it your supervisor?
He’s mighty important. His job is to direct and coordinate the work
of the men and women and equipment in his department. You may
not always agree with him, but you couldn’t do your job effectively
without him. But he isn’t “Fieldcrest”. He does his job and gets his pay
the same as you.
• Is it the mill manager?
He has a big job, but the basic goals of his job are the same as yours
. . . keep quality production up and unnecessary costs down. No, he
isn’t “Fieldcrest”.
• Is it top management?
The president and other officers have tremendous responsibilities.
They have to make decisions for the good of all plants. But their deci
sions would be meaningless without the money, equipment, and other
employees to carry them out. They’re not “Fieldcrest”. They, in turn,
are responsible to the board of directors.
• Is it the board of directors?
They set the general policies that are carried aut by the others. But
they aren’t “Fieldcrest” any more than a school board is an educa
tional system.
• Is it the shareholders?
They are the owners. They put up the money which provides build
ings and equipment and thus make the jobs. The shareholders elect
directors ta manage the business. But the shareholders are not “Field
• Is it you?
You’re mighty important. You’re the one who operates the machines,
does the maintenance work, sells the products, carries on research,
loads the trucks and types the letters. But you alone couldn’t make a
single yard of cloth without your fellow workers, the supervisors, and
the tools furnished by the sharehalders.
Take away any one of the above and production would come to a
halt. There would be no jobs. There would be no “Fieldcrest” or “Com
The company is all of us working together to maintain our reputa
tion with our customers as a low-cost producer of high-quality pro
This is Fieldcrest Mills, Inc.
New Telephone Nos.
In your Fieldcrest telephone directory,
substitute the following for the listings
shown under Sheet Finishing Mill:
Customer Service 7224
Commission Finishing
Scheduling 72o9
Commission Finishing Office 7214
Gate House MA3-8709
Manager’s Office 7275
Office Manager 7213
Sears 72C6
Sheet Customer Service MA3-8476
Sheet Cutting & Sewing 7252
Sheet Packaging 7260
Sheet Scheduling 7224
Shipping Room 7228
Storage & Shipping Warehouse 7269
Supply Room 7288
Superintendent’s Office 7204
Recognition Is Given
Rug Weavers, Fixers
Weavers and fixers on Loom No.
41 received recognition for above
standard performance during the
month of February.
Certificates are given each
month on looms where perfor
mance is above standard in loom
efficiency, seconds, burling costs,
housekeeping, and yield, each a
crucial area in achieving high
quality and low costs.
Weavers Fixers
Harry Evans D. T. Howell
Silas Odell T. A. Roberson
Richard Largen Melvin Fuller
Issued Every Other Monday For ^
and Friends of Fieldcrest MMJ’' |^c.
Copyright, 1964, Fieldcrest
Spray, N. C.
JWember, So*'*”
Council Of
Automatic Blanket Plant H?Lfl
Bedspread Mill A
Bedspread Finishing Mill J
Blanket Mill j Pf/Lj
Central Warehouse Matn\e
Draper Offices Hilda
General Offices •j""V;"ihi»rine
Gladys Holland, Kather ^
Karastan Mill imary
Karastan Service Center wa jes i
Karastan Spinning Div J:''ucth
Mt. Holly Spinning Mill
Newf York Offices LUciHt.W
Sheet Finishing Xu»h ‘‘M
Sheeting Mill
Towel Mill Fay Warren, Fann^_.,^j)
30, 19^^^
Vol. XXII Mon., March
John W. Page
Jesse S. Slaydon
Thirty-five Years
Richard H. TutUe
Cleo H. Hopper
Charles M. Foster .. Karastan ^
Thirty Years
Leonard Dishmon
Mary F. Turner
Carrie M. Phillips
X, ....
Lillian W. Pryor
Sally D. Isley
Lemuel E. Flinchum
Twenty Years
Virginia Carmichael
Lucille H. Harris
Lillie E. Ramsey
Constance N. Land
James R. Graham
Clarence R. Hopkins
Ten Years
James E. Johnson
Mabel C. Johnson
James C. Witt
N. C. Tax Help
Wilbur D. Lloyd, a repre^^pt^
from the North Carolina Depa^.jj^
Revenue, will be at the Leaks
Office Tuesday, March 31,
9:30 a. m. to assist taxpayers - .
ing their state income tax retu
Love not the world,
jj d'"
things that are in the gj
man love the world, the loi^^ „.)5'
Father is not in him. ■
te !)■

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