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Eden, N. C., November 16, 1970
No. 10
Employees’ Gifts To Fund Total $87,243
employees in the Eden area
tiig strong and generous support to
litijj United Fund campaign. A
'Out •ff^'^^^tion showed that employees
2^*°uted an outstanding total of
b^j ^'idition to the employees’ contri-
'fe;t*^’ company through the Field-
^°'^*odation donated $7,700 to the
^ 'oigh percentage of the com-
j|hty-wide goal of $125,000.
The combined gifts of the em-
and the company amounted to
Raven Ellis, an area personnel
3ger who was chairman of the
Fieldcrest campaign, expressed appre
ciation to all who contributed and to
those who assisted with the solicitations
in the mills and offices.
“This overwhelmingly generous re
sponse represents an outstanding ac
complishment by Fieldcrest people. Ev
eryone who contributed can take pride
in the fact that he and other Field-
cresters have again demonstrated their
interest in the community in a most
unselfish way,” Mr. Ellis said.
Of the 4,892 employees on the pay
roll, 3,631, or 74.2%, pledged on the
Fair Share basis. A total of 3,927 em-
er Cites Textile Career Opportunities
jiQw ® textile industry must attract
iti^ including minority groups, if the.
R ^ is to survive, a textile executive
tofjy students attending a career op-
]yj ^ity seminar in Atlanta, Ga.
tofi ^0 Schoenbach, vice president, Ful-
°tton Mills, Atlanta, was one of
Panelists addressing Atlanta area
spj ?*^ts who had been invited to the
®®®sion of the American Associ-
Textile Chemists and Colorists,
''siiti holding its three-day con-
°n in Atlanta.
of manufacturing, marketing, and man
aging will be as outmoded as the ox
cart is today.
“The textile industry is taxed to meet
today’s consumer needs. However, by
comparison, the demands of tomorrow
are fantastic,” Mr. Schoenbach contin
ued. “Such things as bridges and sky
scrapers made of textiles, the joining of
man-made fibers to produce material
stronger and lighter than aluminum
(Continued on Page Eight)
the improvements of the last
sUfg^^'^ades (in the textile industry)
ss those of the previous 100 years,”
Ihgj .''Roenbach said, “I am convinced
\^_^20 years our present methods
Children’s Parties
Wo., the Eden-Fieldale areas have
annual Children’s Christmas par-
20, *tj,®nheduled for Sunday, December
)?• Parties are for children and
aw ^nRdren of all active or retired
party will be held at 4 p.m.
^’^ditorium of Morehead High
%u » and the Fieldale party will be
2 p.m in the Fieldale-Collins-
.. School gymnasium.
° each child present and enter-
V and other details concerning
. Otjj will be announced soon,
h'*st^ niili locations will also hold
parties, with those dates and
announced locally when
®enients have been completed.
as stockings will be distrib-
Appreciation To
Fieldcrest Employees
I would like to thank the em
ployees of Fieldcrest Mills for
their outstanding response in the
Eden United Fund campaign. My
congratulations to you on your
splendid achievement. You have
provided an inspiration and an
example by your unselfish spirit
in being willing to help others in
such a generous way.
Each of you can be proud that
you have done your full share in
this most worthwhile cause. I feel
that it is an honor and a privilege
to be associated with you in a
community endeavor o' this kind.
May I say again most sincerely:
Congratulations and Thank You.
Campaign Chairman
Eden United Fund
ployees, or 80.3%, participated by con
tributing in some amount.
Employees of the Blanket Operation,
with 80.1% pledging a Fair Share, won
the President’s Plaque, given by G. Wil
liam Moore, president and chairman of
Fieldcrest Mills, Inc., to the mill di
vision in which the highest percentage
of the employees pledged on the Fair
Share basis.
The percentage of employees in the
other mill divisions who pledged a Fair
Share were: Sheeting Operation, 75.8%;
Bedspread Operation, 75.4%; and Kar-
astan Mill and Service Center, 59.3%.
In the staff departments division,
83.5% of the employees pledged on the
Fair Share basis.
Among the staff departments. Indus
trial Engineering and Plant Engineer
ing each had 100% participation on the
Fair Share basis and tied for the Pres-
dent’s Plaque to be given among the
staff departments.
Departments Will Get
Certificates Of Merit
Each of the following mill and staff
units is to receive a Certificate of Merit
from the Eden United Fund for Fair
Share contributions by 100% of the em
In the Blanket Operation: salaried
employees. Stock Dyeing, Wool Picking,
Cotton Picking, Spooling, Inspecting,
greige mill Superintendent’s Office,
Flocked Blanket, Print Shop, Film Bag,
and Non-Woven Mill.
Also, Sheeting greige mill salaried
employees. Bedspread Finishing Ware
house, Bedspread Finishing Superin
tendent’s Office, General Management,
Auditing, General Accounting, Budgets
and Mill Accounting central staff. Blan
ket Mill Accounting, Sheeting Mill Ac
counting, Bedspread Mill Accounting,
Business Information central staff. Can
teen Service, Plant Engineering central
staff, Filter Plant, Floor Finishing, Yard
Maintenance, General Office janitors.
Pilot Plant, Product Development and
Designing, and Quality Control; in In
dustrial Engineering, central staff. Dra
per area, Leaksville area, and Spray
area; Fieldcrest Store, Traffic Depart
ment central staff, and truck drivers.

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