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Tc prove that it is laore than merely^a
(governing body, the Student Gabine- is
playing hostess tonight in Anderson. I
yii enjoy indoor sports, music, n -things
v«»t t, mlBs all the f.m that
the members of the Qabinet have . banned.
The affair begins at eight o'clock.
Desnite romors to the contrary,
wi'ii observe T'rianksgiving m much tl
same vr&y as in preceding years.
At ten O'clock, In Gaither Chapel, the
ennice sohool and coicmunioy ''gl “jy
for a opeeiol service, at wnich Dr.
Caldivell nlX.. preach a lAanksf^vinp sor-
i„on and the choir will sing Krc. yoshj
Mans' “Praise the Lord, 0 Jcrnsalem.
pollowdnr the church
TlARnksgiving soccer ra-p^e, s.’cn.o ^ y
the Athletic Board, vn he
on the soccer field. After ^uT,oh, _ -
will be a s'how for all those ^^too ',/iohto
S°* . . .
The Tiianksglving Banquet ’vill he
at Alha at six o'clock. The Social
Committee of the Faculty
entertairment tebe presenued in Gaixner
Fall immediately following the hanqueu.
FiTS. Louis Krainock and son, are Abating
on the Montrout.-Campus. She wes the
former Miss TRldrod Brooks and gr.du- ■
sted from Montreat College -nd taught,
English hero before her marriage.
Because of the inconvenience in buyin.,
defense stamps at the Post e,
Montreat- girls are now being given
opportunity' of buying stamps on tn
cApus. The sun Dial Staff, when it
realised that Montreat girls were net
fully aware of and cooperating m thi^
imooAant phase of Uncle Sam's defense
decided tEiat it could d. something about
tho’situp'.tion. Aobhapcl program on Sato
urday, November 7, launch'od the ec-mpai^
During the coming weeks the stamps wi
be sold on Saturdays in front of ^ >
j but anyone wishing to buy v-?
' tine nLy get thorn fro.n Caroline Elkins,
230 College Hall, Hazel Blythe, Fc_ ow-
ship, or Faith Swanstrom 6a, Alba.

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