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In mattc-rs concerning, good health food
is an important topic—a balanced diet,
milk, the perfect food, the necessary
vitamins, fruit, begetablcs', and so on,
water six or eight glasses daily.
Then there's exercise, the Physical Ed,
course wo take, the hikes .-and all those
oxhilirating games vio play, " Tncrc aro .
those- good, rul.e-s wc must oboy aheat tlr
-top coat, a rain 'coat', and ri..bbcrs'.
But there's another topic little dis
cussed, ,vhich consumes a good portion
of our time, a third of it "at any rate,
or should, lie jWakc and know that wo
have 'been asleep and wo often remember
our droams, bu': no one knows when wc go
to sleep, not even ourselves.
Sllepting, is/such/-a natural st&t^df- our
partial existence that at fl'rst thought
it appears insi.gnif leant. tp speak _abput.
Yn-h -...rr- frequently hear ' some girl say
not get enough sleep,lust night”
' j‘ .dd," hate to ret ub this mor'n-
Ycb -JK,
•1“ j
i or ■'■■''Ho\v
hate to get up this mor
-^iig' and. "I -was so, sleepy on class
this aflc".iron I cannbt* e'vcn reihember
what the a esignment vras,"
There are rules co nducivc to good sloey ■
as .well rr -.bout other things.' Some of
those arc ; regularity ' in retiring,
inviting bed, cl.can sheets, shaten-up
P'covers smooth and sufficient, o
bod that has not been lolled, in dxi'ring
the day; then having" a roommate- with
whom vjc have long - boon accus't^oraed, one
xvith whom we have,harmonized Our'ideos, •
told all our experinnees, so there's'
nothing .left to talk about at bedtime;
no spon'ding -the night otit. You sloop
best in yout ovjn familiar ropm and bed,. ■
Exciting and vigorous exercise just be**
fore lights arc cut often keeps one wide
av/ake after going to bod. Then some
good refreshing sleep is, . Better
get quiet and leisurely p’r.Opafc for
slumber, Then~-”Now I lay ,mc. down to
sloop, I pray thcc Lord my soul to tbep
feu'll be glad when you awake in 'the
moxning with a fresh and rested mindas
7/cll as body.
Not ¥Jhat we give, but what we share.
For the gift without the giver is bare. .
who gives himself with his alms feeds
three, '■
L'''rr sclf, his hungering neighbor, and Me.
* * 5(c * *•* >*:•
If I can stop one heart from breaking,
I shall not live in vain.
-.f I can ease one life the aching,
. Or cool one pain,
Or hcl p one -fainting robin
Unto his nest again,
I shall not live in vain,
—Emily Dickinson

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