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The Dialette
(New Tradition)
Warren Coker, a student organist; Waldo Miller, a liberal arts
major; and Roger Allen, a business administrative major (left to
right), freshmen at Montreat-Anderson college, with Dr. Ivan B.
Stafford (V. P. at Montreat-Anderson and the Mountain Retreat
Association), study a proto-type of a tryolean hat which is expected
to be adopted by the board of trustees as the symbol of the Moun
tain Retreat Association Development Program.
Ending the old year with a new
tradition became the experience
of three Montreat-Anderson Col
lege students on December 31,
1961. Roger Allen, Warren Coker
and Waldo Miller, Jr., along with
Dr. Ivan Stafford, participated in
the first student deputation team
from Montreat-Andersbn College
and the Mountain Retreat Asso
Early in December Dr. Stafford
outlined the objects of these
teams in a chapel talk to the
students and when the facilities
0 f Westminister Presbyterian
Church in Charleston, South Car
olina, were offered to him. Dr.
Dr. C. Grier Davis, president of
. Retreat, Association,
announced that he had’'received
word from Mr. L. K. Benson of
Milling, Saal, Saunders, Benson
and Woodward that Miss Mable
A. Dresser of New Orleans, La.,
had left a cash gift of $50,000.00
in favor of the Mountain Retreat
In announcing the gift. Dr.
Davis said that this is one of the
outstanding gifts made in recent
years to this mountain institution.
The Mountain Retreat Association
is a wholly owned facility of the
Presbyterian Church in the United
States and it operates the General
Assembly’s Conference Center.
No immediate plans have been
made for tbe use of Miss Dresser’s
gift but it is assumed that the
board of trustees will apply it to
the development program now in
the planning stages.
Dr. Davis stated that the in
stitutions at Montreat were in
creasingly becoming the recipients
of benefactions from estates as
an evidence of the growing con
cern among church people for the
improvement of the facilities
made available here.
Concert Duo
Opens Minds
Stafford accepted and preparations
were begun.
Roger Allen spoke on his life
as a business administration stu
dent at Montreat. He outlined
careers which his course prepares
him for and spoke on his courses
at Montreat. Warren Coker cent
ered his remarks around the music
students program at Montreat.
His talk embodied both music
course descriptions and descrip
tions of the liberal arts courses
required of music students. Waldo
Miller talked on courses offered
in the language, history and Bible
departments. He also gave a
brief account of the history of
Montreat-Anderson College.
Dr. Ivan Stafford ended the
forum type discussion with an
overall projection into the future
of Montreat. He tied together
what the students said concerning
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Freshmen Elect
Margo Fraser has been elected
by the freshmen girls to be the
WRA Gold Representative. Margo
is from Alexandria and is the
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Donald
H. Fraser.
As Gold Representative, she
serves on the WRA Board and
works in cooperation with the
Blue Representative on publiciz
ing the ideas of the Women’s
Recreational Association. Margo
is also responsible for freshmen
girls’ participation in spotrs.
Prior to her election Margo at
tended a conference at Guilford
College, Guilford, North Carolina,
on December 1. This conference
was for representatives from var
ious colleges in North Carolina
and was held for the purpose of
discussing problems and exchang
ing ideas concerning physical ed
ucation and recreation.
The recent two-day visit of the
Cello-Piano Concert Duo of Sher
man Van Solkema and Harry
Dunscombe, introduced to Mon
treat students two artists of un
surpassed capabilities. Their stay
on our campus was relaxing and
rewarding to us and to them.
Their time on campus was turn
ed over completely to the school
and Montreat-Anderson began us
ing their time and talents within
three hours after their arrival.
Mr. Dunscombe and Mr. Van Solk
ema were “guests” of the Com
parative Arts’ class and their
comments on performing, touring,
practicing, and the arts in general
were soaked up by eager minds.
One topic of interest that hour
was the trend of contemporary
music. This discussion was most
stimulating, especially because of
Mr. Van Solkema’s participation
in the field as a composer.
The following morning the two
visitors presented a chapel pro-
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Di\ Crucet
Speaks to Club
On January 15, the Language
Club was privileged to have as
its guest speaker Dr. Crucet, a
surgeon on the staff of Oteen
Hospital. He has just recently
come from Cuba and now lives
with his family in Black Moun
Dr. Crucet gave a brief synopsis
of the history of Cuba with final
emphasis on the present govern
ment of Cuba. His talk showed
how the government of Russia has
put its fingers in the present
government of Cuba. He spoke
on the advanced social laws exist
ing in Cuba before the Castro
regime and constrasted them with
the present laws.
The next meeting of the Lang
uage Club will feature a one hour
movie, “Around South America”.
All language students are invited
to attend these meetings of the
most active organization on cam
On Sunday, January 14, the
Montreat-Anderson College stu
dents were invited by the Moiir
treat Women of the Church to
eat supper in private homes.
One hundred and sixty-five stu
dents signed to be entertained by
these people: Mrs. Brown, Mrs.
Brinkley, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Co
burn, Mr. and Mrs. Marion Cor
bett, Mr. and Mrs. Corrie, Dr. and
Mrs. C. Grier Davis, Mr. and Mrs.
W. J. Gammon, the Gartrell fam
ily, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hopper,
Miss Elizabeth Hoyt, Miss Carol
Williams, Mr. and Mrs. James
Latimer, Mr. Sam Leonard, Mr.
and Mrs. Frank McElroy, Mrs.
Gladys Slight, the Clyde Stubbs,
Mr. and Mrs. Kay Stutts, Mr. and
Mrs. Karl Snyder, Mr. and Mrs.
Ivan Stafford, Mr. and Mrs.
George Stockton, Edith and Jean
Tait, Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Thiel-
man, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Wil
helm, Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Williams
Mrs. C. W. Wood, and Miss
Winfred Wood.
The concert duo of Harry Duns
combe, cellist, and Sherman Van
Solkema, pianist, who have ap
peared at Montreat-Anderson Col
lege on February 8, at Chapel-
Gaither Hall in the morning from
10 to 10:30 A.M. and in the even
ing at 8:00 P.M., was formed at
the University of Michigan in
1958 when both artists were
doctoral students there.
Harry Dunscombe attended the
University of Florida at Gaines
ville, his native city, where he
conducted two Bach festivals for
the Gainesville Bach Society. He
later studied cello and conducting
at the Royal Conservatory in
Brussels, receiving a “premier
prix” for cello in 1954. He has
since been a member of the
faculty at the University of
Kentucky and at Calvin College
in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
During several years of grad
uate study at the University of
Michigan, Mr. Dunscombe was a
pupil of Oliver Edel. His most
recent study was with Pablo
Casals in California.
Sherman Van Solkema was grad
uated from Calvin College, He
studied piano with John Kollen
in Ann Arbor, later with Friedrich
Muehrer at the Hochschule fuer
Nusik in Mannheim, and with Ed
ward Steuermann in New York
Work in the 1962 SUN DIAL
is well underway. The cover has
been returned and wlil be kept
a secret until the SUN DIALS are
given out in May.
The individual pictures have all
arrived and the' representatives
would appreciate it if the students
would get their pictures from
them. In Howerton Hall see Susie
Smith, in Fellowship Hall Miranda
Fain, in College Hall Bob Jarmin,
day students see Shirley Pound.
The deadline for annual sub
scriptions will be vlose. The en
tire cost for a copy of the 1962
annual is $5.50. Please pay one
of the following people: Virginia
Durham, Bob Jarman, George
Boney, Carol Holder or Millie Ray.
Dr, Grier Davis
Announces Posts
Reuben B. Robertson, Sr., of
Asheville and Dr. Oliver C. Car
michael of Biltmore Forest,
North Carolina, have accepted co
chairmanship of the Board of
Visitors of Montreat - Anderson
Their acceptance was announced
by Dr. C. Grier Davis, president,
who said the board will be com
posed of 15 to 20 educational
leaders who will study the insti
tution in the light of its objectives
and make suggestions in overall
planning for extension and growth
of the college.
Robertson is past president and
chairman of the board of Champ
ion Papers, Inc.
Dr. Carmichael, a past presi
dent of the University of Ala
bama, now holds a position with
the Ford Foundation for Advance
ment of Education.
City. He studied composition at
the University of Michigan with
composer-in-residence Ross Lee
Finney, and with Roberto Gerhard
of Cambridge, England.
Mr. Van Solkema’s “Three
Pieces for Violoncello and Piano”
received their world premiere in
Rio de Janeiro in September,
1960, when the duo took their
first concert tour in Brazil. Other
principal cities, such as Sao Paulo
and Porto Alegre, were also
The recital programs of Duns
combe and Van Solkema reflect
the duo’s deep interest in the
great sonatas of Bach, Beethoven
and Brahms, but these are set
off by the inclusion of works of
a soloistic character and frequent
performances of contemporary
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Miss February
Judy is the daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Charles W. Jettner of
Hialeah, Florida. She graduated
from Hialeah High School where
she was active in FTA, FHA,
chorus, and was on the newspaper
and annual staffs. As a member
of the Hialeah Methodist Church,
Judy was active in the MYF. Af
ter she leaves Montreat Judy in
tends to attend Florida State
where her sister, Pat, is a junior.
Upon graduation Judy plans on
teaching elementary school.
Here at Montreat Judy is a
member of tbe chorus, choir, the
Montreat Singers, and is in the
Church Extension group. If she
is not busy with these activities
and can’t be found in the library
with Alva, the chance are that
she is either at the skating rink,
writing or collecting poetry, em
broidering, laughing, or singing
at the top of her lungs.
Judy’s most outstanding feat
ures are her bright red hair and
an equally as bright smile. It
doesn’t take very long before you
are drawn to her by her infectious
humor and understanding nature.
■Whatever she is doing or has to
do, Judy is always ready to listen
to your problems and help in. any
way she can.

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