North Carolina Newspapers

Volume 4, Number 1
A student committee, composed
of Sophomores Don Young, Leesa
Hidelburg, Pamelia Thomas and Steve
Moody was organized recently to find
out why students had not been able
to get seconds on food, and to help
prove som'e of the differences bet
ween the students and the cafeteria.
Two meetings have so far been
held with the Slater officials and Dr.
Dougald Monroe of the college admin
istration. Following the first meeting.
Dr. Monroe and the Slater’s officials
issued a joint statement which said,
“Seconds will be served on all non
premium meals. No seconds on des
erts will be allowed. During the last
ten minutes of a meal period, stu
dents will be allowed to have sc-
onds on any itm the cafeteria has
to spare.”
Don Young, a member of the
committee said, we take gripes stu
dents have about the food or the ser
vice about the cafeteria and present
them to the Slater management, with
hopes that some form of positive act.
ion will be taken.”
A second meeting was held on
October 3 to assess the policy state
ment previously issued by Slaters and
the administratiyn. Students were
still in doubt as to how the policy
was to operate, and could not get
meaningful answer from the Slater
employees. As a result of this meet
ing, Slater officials have pledged
their corporation with students, and
are looking for ways in which to
improve the food service.
Recently the cafeteria gave
Food Preference Questionaries to
students to try and find what foods
students most enjoyed. After these
questionaries have been examined,
the cafeteria can choose foods
liked by students.
The committee will continue to
take students ideas and opinions and
present them to the cafeteria officials,
with the aim of improved service for
Nov. 6 “Scavenger Hunt”—Afternoon
—Sat. Night Movies.
-Ronnie Millsaps, better known as
the “White Ray Charles”—Ander
son Auditorium.
Nov. 12 Sat. Night—Movies.
Nov. 13, Dr. Billy Graham, Vespers,
—7:00 P. M.
Nov. 17 Maurice Williams and the
Zodiacs—Dance 8:00^—12:00.
Nov. 19, Sat. Night—Movies.
Nov. 24,—Thanksgiving Day.
Football game with Warren Wilson.
Girls’ Soccer game with Warren
Nov. 26, Home Coming,
Afternoon concert with the Tams,
A. B. C. Recording Stars.
Evening Dance with the Impacts.
Vespers each Sunday night, 7:00 P.
Church Choir each Thursday night,
7:00—9:00 P. M,
The Black Mountain and Bun
combe County Rescue Squads and
the members of the Montreat-Ander-
son Conservation Club conducted an
intensive search for nine Montreat-
Anderson students lost on a hike to
Mount Mitchell throughout the night
of Saturday, October 22 and part
of Sunday morning, the 23rd of
October. How did nine of our Mon-
treat-Anderson pathfinders lose their
The day of October 22 was
warm and pleasant. The large group
of hikers expected to take a short
hike for exercise and relaxation.
For nine unlucky students the hike
lasted longer than they had planned.
This group must have taken a
wrong turn on Greybeard Mountain.
They circled the mountain several
times before they realized it. Rather
than panic, the group of five boys
and four girls decided to build a
fire, sit down and talk the situation
over. '
The only food they had with
them was a pack of chewing gum
which lasted until 8 p.m. After
that was gone they had to' resort
to nature.
The hikers made the most of
their plight. Terry Grice, afraid of
rain, tore chunks of green moss
off the trees to be used as rain
hats if the need should arise. The
lost students said Dave Graham
should have received a medal for
sportsmanship. He found an old
bent nail, and a grasshopper. He
put the grasshopper on the nail and
went fishing to try and relieve the
hunger of the group. Unfortunately
the fish weren’t interested in grass
hoppers. During the night, Jan Nel
son had to have some water to
drink. The woods are pitch black
at night, so the group sent along
a protector and guide. When the
guide reached the creek’s edge, he
called to Jan, “See where I’m stand
ing?” She answered, “Yes.” The
guide then said, “Well, don’t stand
here, because I’m standing in the
And so the group' huddled
around the fire during the night,
trying to keep warm. Unfortunately,
some members got too close to the
fire. This caused one boy’s shoes
to start melting, and another’s socks
to start burning.
Sunday morning, the group was
found on the Asheville watershed
property, not far from the Grey
beard Mountain boundary by Robert
Brown, who works at the North Fork
Tired and hungry, they were
greeted on their return with a bowl
of Lucy’s hot, nourishing noodle
The nine hikers were indenti-
fied as; Richard Bruggeman, Dave
Graham, Cathy Claiborne, Deborah
Lentz, Larry Mullen, Larry Kinner,
Terry Grice, Jan Nelson and Debby
The A. B. C. Recording Stars, “The Tams,” will give an after
noon concert Saturday, Nobember 26, as part of our Homecoming
Activities. That night, their back-up band, “The Impacts,” will
provide music for a dance in Anderson Auditorium.
Twenty-four Montreat-Anderson
College students attended a one-day
workshop on the United Nations, Fri
day, October 7, in West Asheville.
A full day of speakers and panel
discussions were presented by the
Asheville chapter of the United Nat
ions Association of the United States
of America. The UN Association is a
privately supported group that is in
terested in research and education
concerning the functions and goals of
the United Nations.
Authorities from the State Dep
artment and the clergy discussed
from first-hand experience their views
concerning the admission of Red
China to the United Nations.
A representativ'e of the Method
ist Church mission field also gave an
informative talk on the future of
Africa based on her travels and ob
At the close of the meeting the
Montreat-Anderson group was com
mended by Mr. P. M. Limbert, the
chairman, for showing such an inter
est in the workshop.
Throughout the coming year
more activities of this nature are
planned for the Montreat-Anderson
College CCUN. It is the hope of the
present members that interest and
membership will enlarge in proport
ion to the expanded agenda of acti
vities being offered this year.
Rosford. The group expressed ap
preciation to all those who searched
for them, and said they were very
glad to be back at Montreat.
Auditions were held October 10
for a choral group relatively new to
Montreat-Anderson college. The
group, called the “Merry-Macs” was
first organized last year by Dr. Rus
sell Wilson, Chairman of the Music
Department. Last year the group was
made up of nine members, 3 sopranos,
2 altos, 2 tenors, and 2 basses, who
rehearsed 3 times a, week. The group
developed a style of their own, and
according to Dr. C. Grier Davis, Pre
sident of Montreat, who said, “a very
fine group of young musicians.
From the 20 singers who report
ed for auditions, a small ensemble
was chosen on the ba.°is of voice qual
ity, ability to blend, and musical
Sophomores were Jim Davis, Mari
lyn Ball, George Peace, Stuart Sch-
walm, Bitsy Mayer and Tom Guer-
rant. The Freshmen chosen were Ed
die Allen, Kathy Burns, Bertie Oster-
man, Julie Ann Rountrey, Robert
Smith, Brenda Thompson and Larry
Wood. From this group, a perfor
mance group of 8 will be chosen, de
pending on individual merit.
According to Dr. Wilson, “the
group will present a difficult pro
gram, representing choral styles from
each period of music history.” Be
ginning with Palestrina, Bach, Bra
hms, and Handel, they will move to
contemporary composers such as
Paul Hindemith and Vaughan Wil
liams, and will include arrangements
by Peter Paul and Mary.
Dr. Dougald Monroe, Dean of the
Faculty, said he feels a group of
this nature is needed to promote the
school off the Montreat campus. The
group will perform for churches,
civic groups, high schools and colleges
throughout Western North Carolina.

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