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to the sohool. According to Davis, thes« our own student government will not fall
students were trouble makers, vandals, andj into the trap of parliamerrtarjr procedui"®
aisiuntive influence. iT-ere is a lot t. accomplish thi-
a generally disiuptive influence.
In summing up the meeting I would say
that the Administration is hoping for
more student support. President Davis was
very optimistic about this year’s student
body, and seems to feel that the school
will not encounter any of the problems of
last year,
* * %
iyear, and I hope that we will have timo
to move oti t.o xnoi^ Import^ant matters,
JAl^'ES wmTPi^
* * *
The Montreat—Anderson Cavaliers gained
a well-deserved first victory Saturday
afternoon by defeating UKC—A 3-1 at the
Black Mountain field.
Standouts for the MAC squad were John
Akin, Allswell Muzan, and soccer All-
American Edwin Udogu, each of whom scored
one goal.
In one man’s opinion, the hard-working
Montreat squad seems to have jelled at
last. Thus, I would not be too surprised
to see the team become a consistent win
ner during the season’s second half.
After reading the minutes of the last
Student Government Association meeting, I
began to wonder what useful purpose this
bedy of legislators serves.
These people are not sitting in the
Hause or the Senate of the United States,
Yet their procedures for establishing con>-
In a sp5ech to the AsherviJLle Civitan
Club on 22 Septet^ber, Dr. C, Grier J'avls
Imade a statement to the effect that since
the Second World War America has degener
ated morally and spiritually to a point
of ’’decadence” and ’’depravity,”
Personally, I have lost count of the
times I have oncoiuitered this kind of
statement, and I had almost begun to be
lieve it, I had once been nearly convinc
ed (some will believe anything if they
hear it often enough) that by some magic
formula we had all become decadent and
depraved only since 1945—when all of
those disillusioned and somewhat fright
ened guys came home and made all those
babies—but now I'm not so sure. It Just
.sounds too easy and convenient to attrib
ute it all to "since World War II” and in
a sense pass the buck to the "war babies,"
What really bothers me about such a state
ment is what is insinuated. It seems to
be saying that since the magic date of
1945 we have all fallen into the gutter,
(Whereas prior to that time we all basked
jin the warm sunshine of the rooftops. It
isounds nice and simple and some people be—
jlieve it,
j It cannot be denied that the Second
mittees seems to be their greatest asset. World War abruptly changed a lot of things,
This week's crisis concerned the room [nany of them definitely not for the bet-
decoration resolution (which has apparent-jter, it is also true that much of what this
ly been downgraded to a "petition” in the country is currently suffering through is
space of one week.) Several people favored jt© an extent a result of the upheavl of
adopting a strong point-by-point reply to (1939-1945,
... . . I* f
the Administration's position, while some
others did not. After the great debate
finally ended, it was decided to make yet
another draft of the "petition." A motion
was made and seconded to do something def
inite about the matter, but it was defeat
I hope that by Christmas this dispute
over room decorations will be settled. In
some ways this type of meeting reminds me
of the national government. In the Senate
they debate and rewrite and table vital
legislation until it becomes too late t©
pass it int© law, I sincerely hope that
our own student government will not fall
intoP&he'"trap of parliamentary procedure.
In my opinion Dr. Davis' statement con-
bains an element of truth (for that mat
ter, anything utterable by the human
jbongue could be said to contain an ele—
lent of truth), but an element which has
leen stretched altogether too far. While
do not question his contention that
brld War Two made a lot of changes in this
■countiy's "life-style," I find "decadence'
jand "depravity” a little questionable, if
I not Just a bit insulting, I suppose it
I depends upon yoiir point of reference.
For those who subscribe to the "since

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