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VOLUME 12 number 1
SEPTEMBER 22, 1968
Greg Ferrel
The presidential election is just
around the corner. This election will be
the main subject in all the media. When
the results are in', just about everyone
will be glad that it is over. A lot of
folks would rather that all this mess be
done away with 'and just don't care. !
have heard a lot of people say that they
feel that their vote just doesn't make
that much difference. I have also heard
people say that they don't have a real
choice in the two candidates. I
challenge these feelings.
Most of us live in the world with the
same viewpoints as our parents. This is
especially true of our political beliefs.
However, college is a time of
discovering new concepts and
re-evaluating old views. The
presidential election is one that is
especially worthy of being analyzed.
I challenge you to look closely at the
candidates and make your own
decisions. Don't allow family to
completely influence your political
standing. This is not to say that they
are wrong. Vet an open mind requires a
suspension of doubt and a suspension of
preconceived ideas.
The questions you will need to ask
yourself are many. Do you want a
president like Mike Dukakis that
supports abortion (the murdering of
unborn children)? Do you want a
president like George Bush that
supports school prayer? The best way
to get a grip on the candidate's
platform is to watch the presidential
debates. More people watch the
presidential debates than the super
Most of ell, don't be apathetic. The
privilege of voting is not one that
everyone in the world has. If everyone
didn't vote then we might wind up being
dictated to by Khadefi. God has ordaihed
the people in power ~ Bush and Dukakis
are not excluded. Get out and vote.
Riots, rallies end threats are being
caused by one of the most controversial
films to be released in the '80's. The
Lest Temptation of Christ" directed by
Martin Scorsese was released with
much public protest in August of this
year. The film deals mainly with a
supposedly human look at the life of
Jesus Christ.
Now showing in three North
Carolina theatres. The Lest
Temptation" is causing much concern
among Christians and religious groups.
References hinting at homosexuality
and sex scenes ere in question in this
movie. In one scene, the apostle PeW:
(Harry Dean Stanton) gives Christ a
"holy" kiss on the mouth. Christ, played
by Willian Defoe, proceeds to make a
statement about the taste of Paul's
lounge in his mouth. That's gross! I
was brought up believing that the holy
kiss was similar to a handshake.
During the movie, Christ has a
so-called "dream" in which he marries
Mary Magdeline and fathers her
children. After Mary's death, Christ
theh proceds to move in with Mary, the
mother of James, and her sister Martha.
He fathers two illegitimate children in
these relationships. The sex scenes are
very explicit and to the point of being
The director Martin Scorsese
claims, in defending his film, that
these scenes symbolize the different
temptations of Christ. He said in an
interview with Time magazine that he
feels this movie gives a different
aproach and public vieyi- of Christ.
In consulting .with the word of God,
Matthew 5:48 states, "Be ye therefore
perfect, even as your Father which is in
heaven is perfect." Leviticus 19;2
states, "... I the Lord, your God am
Holy." And in John 10:30, "1 and my
Father are one."
Even in these few verses, it shows
us that Jesus, the Son of God, was
perfect and holy. After considering the
definitions from various sources, one is
led to believe this means without sin. 1
agree that Christ was tempted by Satan
but most definitely not in the way
Scorsese depicts. He has slandered the
precious name of Jesus in order to
make a more modem sounding Christ.
The movie ends with Christ
hanging on the cross being tempted for
the final time by Satan. Satan is in the
form of a voluptuous young girl asking
Christ to make love to her. Christ
overcomes the temptation end dies.
The scenes I have mentioned in
this article are ell I have seen of the
movie and it is all I care to see.
Because of the controversy, you may
feel compelled to write in and state
your feelings on the film. An address
to which you can reply is below.
The Lest Temptation"
American Family Association
P.O. Drawer 2520
Tupelo, Mississippi 36803
As Christians, let's stop the
release of such degrading "religious"
films. Take a stand for Jesus ... He
stands for you
[Editor's note: please feel equally
free to respond to this article or any
others in care of the Aletheia.l
boNt MissThe
H0MEC0WN& Fun./
- OcT
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