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    The NEW BERN
NEW BERN, N. C. 28560, FRIDAY, AUGUST 31, 1073
The sultriness of August we
would rather not remember, as
anxiously we wait to greet
another bright Sep-
tember,..Septemter, with its
hint of fall and harvest moon,
gold .ghining; its inner
melan^lholy that sets hearts to
quietly pining.
There’s a sorta crispy feeling
in the cooling autumn air,
there’s a bit of romance stealing
all around you every
where The fields are
ripe for reaping, and soon fruit
and primises grain will be
safely stored for winter, against
the snow and rain.
We’ve never seen an August
yet that one could view ^th
pleasure, mosquito bites and
prickly heat aren’t souveniors
to treasure. And though Dan
Ciq>id does his best to keep his
arrows true, a kiss is less
convincing when you’re
steaming like a stew.
Proposals aren’t attractive, if
they’re cloaked in perspiration,
it takes a night that’s airy to get
real appreciation...And so we
write these simple lines in
praise of sweet September,
when Nature lends a helping
hand to Love’s faint glo^ng
. The stars takes on new
meaning, and the moon adds
kilowatts, old timers dream of
Memory Lane, and lost forget-
me-nots...While youth, too
young for memories, loves
unmindful of the past; kids
squander their romancing, little
knowing it won’t last.
Thou^ some of us have seen
our day, at least we can
remem^, so goodbye, sultry
August, it is high time for
Yesterday was when almost
nobody in New Bern fished with
a rod and reel. Cane poles
dominated the scene, and in
stead of shrimp or artifical bait,
a can of worms was what you
counted on for a good catch.
Little did we know that, aside
from appealing to the flnny
tribe, earthworms are nature’s
plowmen. An acre of garden
holds an estimated 53,000
squirmers, and 10 tons of soil
pass trough ther bodies each
Just to gaze at and feel of an
earthworm, you’d swear it is as
slick as a biild head, but they
are covered with tiny bristle
that are a big help when they
crawl and bturrow.
If you’ve never been able to
figire out which end of him is
what, you can stop wondering.
I^rows divide ms body into
lings. The ones in front are
larger than those in the middle,
and those bdiind are flatter.
You’re wrong if you think
earthworms are very simply
constructed. They have
digestive organs, including a
crop and a gizzard, and uey
have a circulation system and a
nervous system.
What’s more, each of its 92
body rings hks a tiny pair of
kidieys. The center of its
nervous system, serving as its
brain is very small, but sense
cells on the surface of its body
enables it to recognize sounds
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Autumn Is Coming To Carolina

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