North Carolina Newspapers

IX, No. 12
April 12, 1946
Lavan Baltzell
Chief Marshal
bowler, Childs, Clark, Strick
land, and Yorke Are New Mar
shals for Next Year
ilai-slials for next year were
'‘onimated in as.sembly April !)
^ oil April 10. Lavan
oO chief marshal: the
marshals are Jane Bow-
I'r’ Childs, Katherine
'^‘^*^11 Strickland, and Mar
ti Best Yorke.
is-t I^owler, from Richmond,
|F' n been elected also as, a Honor
L representative for the
a n iilass of next year. She is
oidh of the Publications staff,
'^the 1., 'tail’s Auxiliary, the choir,
itlc. i hockey team, and is presi-
^iWeiit of the French Club.
^ "made Childs is from Columbia,
Y ^ande is a member of the
Cj , the Political Science
and ■’ Sigma basketball team,
, °ae of the senior life-guards
'iharge of the pool.
'She Clark, or “Crow,” as
i^he called, is from Lynchburg.
fleti.^Q a iiiember of the Mn Ath-
HatPand is hall represen-
I 'e foi- second floor Smedes.
Ls ’ Strickland, from Wilson,
claj.,,^^^'P^'‘^^iiiont of the junior
oy V ’,aianager of the Sigma hock-
p^vyam and is a member of the
the «taff, the Glee Club,
'■hoii Science Club, the
Aiiv i’- Sextet, the \Voman’s
and the Sigma Phi
Best Yorke, from Con-
the a .junior representative to
aieniT ^t?mlative Body, and is a
ina Y.YLC.A., the Sig-
iicat,-„^,^®^^all team, and the Pub-
‘rations s
who will be
chief'^*^ I5altzell
IS irom Jackson-
Villg TjVa’’’'*imi, xix>m ,JUC1V»UI1-
la. She is a member of the
a niemoer oi me
Mu aVm Auxiliary and of the
chosg], p Society. She was
the eo Queen this year in
ter J^ponsored bv tlie Let-
fee ‘ ’
a interviewed "shrkid^'^“Tt’s
^tem^' • "ii^noiic” was, unfor-
I'She^Pp,^.’ the infirmary when
hen .a®ws of her election.
a good .Vr sne saiu, its
Hrv „i ^aing J ^vas in the infirm-
thev f /®ady 13'ing down tvhen
told me!”
marshals will begin
soon, in preparation
’aent a^arshaling at commenee-
•''^ar T, ^ final dutv of this
."aii drop the hand-
this srd .a^Iiieli officiallj' closes
'school year.
Is Elected
For ’46-’47
Lubosliutz and
Nemenoff Give
Brilliant Concert
Familiar Encores Are Very
Popular With Audience
Pierre Lubosliutz and Genia
Nemenoff, duo-pianists of uiiequaled
fame, presented a brilliant concert
at the Raleigh Memorial Audito
rium on Friday evening at 8 o’clock.
Lubosliutz and Nemenoff have per
formed as duo-pianists for the past
ten j^ears. Both were recognized as
exceptionally outstanding soloists in
both this country and abroad before
beginning their career together.
They have jilayed many times with
the most famous sjunphony orches
tras and have made many concert
tours in this countiy, Cuba, and
Canada which have deserved the
highest praise.
They have also done a great deal
to broaden the music available for
tivo-piano performance by bringing
to the attention of the public eye
many long forgotten selections for
duo-pianos, and Mr. Lubosliutz has
arranged many of the great compo
sitions for two-pianos.
As an explanation for their “amaz
ing unaniniitj' and precision” Pierre
Luboshutz says, “Good duo-pianists
are born, not made. It is a special
gift. Any two virtuoso pianists
won’t necessarily make a good duo-
piano team. Even if we played in
separate rooms we would always be
together. Before Genia starts to
play, something happens inside of
me, and I know Avhat she will do.”
As an oiiening number Luboshutz
and Nemenoff played Concerto in
A Minor written by the violinist,
Vivaldi, famous for his outstanding
work in the development of the con
certo, and arranged by Bach. Sec
ond on the program was Variations
on a Theme of Beethoven by Cam
ille Saint-Saens, sometimes called
“the Chopin of Two-Piano Litera
ture.” Third on the program were
three movements from the Scara-
mouche Suite by the French com
poser, Milhaud. The first of these,
Vif, was light and airy, the second,
Modere, sober and calm,_ the third,
Braziliera, was a brilliant dance
with a “South American rhythm.”
Theme and Variations by Wolfgang
Adameiis klozart followed. Largo
at Factotxim, the well-known aria
from the Barber of Seville by Gio-
como Rossini was performed next.
The Ritual Fire Dan^e by Manuel
(See P. 4, Col. 4)
Jean Roberts Is President
Of ’46-’47 Senior Class
COUNCIL FOR ’46 -’47
Harriott Barnwell of Columbia,
South Carolina, and Jane Bowler of
Richmond, Virginia, were elected
Senior Honor Council members for
next year in elections held xVpril 4.
Harriott, a junior at Saint Mary’s
this year, was outstanding in high
school, holding numerous offices. She
was secretary of student council,
homeroom secretary her freshman
year, president of her homeroom
her soi)homore year, student council
representative her senior year, vice-
j)resident of school problem club her
junior j^ear, “Aliss Hi Miss,” D. A.
R. citizenship representative, j)resi-
dent of Diocesan Y. P. S. L. for
upper South Carolina, president of
Les Coquettes, and business manager
of Blue Print (school paper). At
Saint Maiy’s Harriott has also par-
ticij)ated in extracurricular activi
ties. She is a member of the AVoni-
an’s Auxiliaiy, Dramatic Club, and
is on the Mu all-star hockcj' team.
Jane was also active in high
school. She was secretary of her
class in ’42, ’4H, student government
rc])resentative ’44, ’45, on staff of
school paper, Arcadian, glee club,
and marshal in ’45. At Saint Mary’s
Jane has taken an enthusiastic in
terest in activities. She is president
of the French Club, is a member of
Publications staff, Woman’s Auxil-
iaiy, choir, and on the all-star
hockey team.
Ul)on being interviewed, Harriott
seemed to bo all agog over the idea
of her new position. She said, “1
am scared to death of the Honor
Council this year and now next year
I’m going to be a member of it.
Can you imagine ?”
Jane seemed equally thrilled over
the outcome of the election. All of
third floor Smedes is proud of their
protege, as are the rest of her many
friends. Upon being popped the
question as to how she feels about
the whole situation, Jane replied,
I just hope we can be as efficient
as the Honor Council this year.”
Junior Class Begins Election
of New Officers for Next Year
Jean Roberts of Durham was
elected j)resident of the rising senior
class in elections held on Wednesday
April 3. Other nominees for this
office were Harriott Barnwell, Helen
Boyle, Ann Burney Johnson, and
Myra Welsh.
Jean attended Durham High
School, and Salem Academy in Win
ston-Salem her senior year in high
school. At Salem she was sec
retary of the student council, adver
tising manager of the Quill Pen,
Salem Academy annual, a member
of the dramatic club, and of the glee
This year at Saint Mary’s Jean
has been one of the most loj^al mem
bers of the junior class. She is one
of the junior representatives to the
Legislative Body, and she is a mem
ber of the Woman’s Auxiliaiy.
Soon after the election j'our re
porter spied Jean in the midst of a
bull session on third floor Smedes.
The topic of conversation was pros
pective talent for next year’s old
girl-new girl party. When asked
how she felt about her election, she
replied with her enthusiasm and a
friendly grin, “We’ve got the mate
rial tor a grand senior class next
.year, and I know that it will be
Letter Club Initiates
Six New Members
The Letter Club held its second
initiation in assembly Thursday,
April 11. Six girls were taken iii.
I hose were Sally Lee, who made
All-Star in basketball, hockey, and
semor lifesaving; Harriott 'Barn
well, in hockey and senior lifesav-
Jean Strickland, in senior life
saving and as hockey manager;
Maiy Lou Pratt’ in hockey and bas
ketball; Ruby Leigh Williams, in
hockey and as basketball manager;
labiaii Wadsworth, in bowling and
senior lifesaving.
Stars were presented for ba.sket-
oaJl and senior lifesaving. Those
who made All Stars in basketball are
Barbara Pope’ Elizabeth Myatt,
Sande Childs, Martha Best Yorke
and Kathleen Smither. Margo Mar
tin and Nina klae DeBerry, who are
already m the Letter Club, also made
the All Star team.
• "^1 w made stars in sen
ior lifesaving wece Betty Beasley
Jeannette Boaz, Sarah Covington
Burney Johnson, Margaret Lee
Payne, Jane Thomas, Henrietta
, . ^iJ’ginia Werlein. Jose-
phine Cooper made an All-Star in
junior lifesaving.

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