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Saint Mary’s School Library
march of dimes
XIII, No. 7
January 12, 1951
To Find Examination Preferences Present International Dance Trio
Answers Show Students Prefer
Essay Tests for Better Grades
llie BELLES lias canvassed resi-
students of Saint Mary’s as
^“nipletely as possible and lias com-
Piled this poll of their opinions con-
'^^riiiiig examinations,
three-questions were asked by the
^porters. They are which type of
^^arti the student prefers, which type
o\vs a better comprehension of the
'^dent’s knowledge, and which type
, exam" usually gives the student a
etter grade.
jj^kighty-seven students stated that
preferred the essay type of
110 students preferred the ob-
etive type, and twenty-five students
Pi'essed no preference,
ertaining to the second question
the reporter about which type of
^ showed the teacher a better
1 ^prehension of the student’s
owlgdge, ninety-five voted for the
type, eighty-three voted for the
, Jective type, and twenty were un-
'^lie third question proposed to the
'•ents was on which type of exam
j Usually received a better grade,
students answered the essay type,
'ety-five said the objective type,
I *1 fourteen didn’t know.
I majority of students polled
: the opinion that the ob-
a mixture of objective and
- ^fchesis Announces
May Day Committees
(jj^f^uibors of Orchesis will s'ponsor
■‘'lay Day pageant held at Saint
s on tlie first Saturday in May.
K fjuess directs its planning and
*is 1 Dorris, iiresident of Orche-
‘*us announced the committees
year’s pageant. Betty Ann
|,g fiamson was chairman of the
^ Seam committee, which will an-
the theme of this year’s pag-
m some time in the coming week.
Jones, Anne Rixey, Becky
(jjj^ *) King Risley, and Anna Red-
S are other members of the com-
%jj^^'olyn Welsh, chairman of the
tyll^es committee, will be assisted
«o^^fargaret Cheatham, Sue Ilarri-
j> aiicl Florence Swindell.
L ^Ui'a Chapman, chairman, and
Rowe are on the properties
'L ^dtee. Lane Buchly, chairman.
Summers, and Ann Patterson
hji Members of the programs com-
P “•
Hooker is in charge of the
l^i^^uals, and Juliet Fulghum and
Hays are on the publicity
Rixey, president of the Stu-
SMS Library Gets Pi Chapter Takes In
FineNewBirdBook 22 New Members
type of exam required greater
Uiore exacting study. On such
leets as history, students actually
Schlesinger Donates Two New
Books to Saint Mary’s Library
Saint Mary’s library has received
some very interesting new books.
Besides many current best-selling
novels, there are several biographies
and Menahoni’s Birds by Athos and
Sara Menaboni. This beautifully
illustrated book is already being hail
ed as one of the finest bird books
since Audubon’s Folio.
Among the biographies is Man of
Independence by Jonathan Daniels.
Mr. Daniels’ book is primarily a
biography of Harry Truman, but it
brings in the story of the America in
Avhich the President grew up.
One of the most interesting of all
the new books is Thor Heyerdahl’s
Kon-Tiki. Six men traveled 4,300
miles across the Pacific on a ])rimi-
tive raft to prove a scientific theory.
This book is their true story and is
written by one of the men who went
on the voyage.
Some of the other new books are
Innocents fro.m Indiana by Emily
Kimbrough, World Enough and
Time by Robert Penn Warren, A. J.
Cronin’s The Spanish Garden, The
Adventurer by Mika Waltari, and
The Little Princesses by Marion
Besides these books, the library
has also received The Mature of the
Universe by Fred Hoyle and The
Mature Mind by Overstreet. Both
of these books were donated by klr.
B. F.' Schlesinger of Los Angeles,
State Joins Sigma Pi Alpha for
Initiation of Large Group
The Sigjna Pi Alpha chapter of
Saint Mary’s initiated twenty-two
new members in the study hall De
cember 13. Membership in this mod
ern language fraternity is based
upon scholarship. Requirements are
a B average and a B-|- on foreign
Members of the fraternity from
Saint Mary’s and State College took
part in the ceremony. Those initi
ated were Mary Sue Strupe, Mar
garet Gaston, King Risley, Alice
Jones, Franky Allen, Marian Fai
son, Alice Hicks, Mary Ann Eaddy,
Allein White, Laura Hays, Mary
Stuart McKee, Margaret Malvina
Stewart, Martha Hood, Mary Jo
Paul, Barbara Clark, Betsy Clarke,
Mary Aston Leavell, Mary Sutton,
Virginia Mowery, Libba Dorris, and
Sonoko Yamamoto.
Katherine Armistcad is president
of the Pi chaj)ter. klimi J.ynch is
vice-president, and Virginia Gilliam
is secretary and treasurer.
Old members of the Pi cha])ter
are Mary Strickland, Catherine
Bikle, June Bullard, Martha Me-
Gnirk, Margaret Dunn, LaNelle Ed
wards, and Laura Chai)man.
Anne Rixey Takes Over Student Gov^t
As Former Head, Williamson, Marries
Mr. Holder Officiates at Quiet
Wedding Ceremony In Raleigh
A quiet wedding ceremony at
Christ Church in Raleigh united
Betty Ann 'VTilliamson of Cerro
Gordo, president of Student Govern
ment at Saint Mary’s for 1950-1951,
and Ralston Welch of High Point at
four o’clock Tuesday, December 19.
The Reverend Mr. Ray Holder offi
Betty Ann is a graduate of Saint
Mary’s high school and was a senior
at Saint Mary’s at the time of her
marriage. During her three and a
half years at Saint Mary’s she had
been very active in school activities.
Prior to his marriage Ralston
dent Government Association, has
announced that nominations for May
Queen will be made Tuesday, Jan
uary 16, and that the election will
be held on Wednesday, January 17.
was a senior at M^ake Forest Col-
Immediately after the ceremony
the couj)le left for Winston-Salem.
I'hey are now making their homo
in High Point.
Betty Ann’s office as president of
Student Government at Saint Ma
ry’s has been filled by Anne Rixey
of Norfolk, who was vice-president
of Student Government.
As the new Student Government
head, Rixey’s new duties will ho
to call and preside over all Student
Government and Honor Council
meetings, to be an ex officio member
of the itall Council and the Legis
lative Body, to assume leadership
of student matters not belonging to
other students, and at the end of
school to appoint counselors and
vice-counselors for the coming year
on the advice of the Counselor Com
Saint Mary’s Will Be Host To
Famous Dance Trio Next Friday
Elena Imaz, Argentine dancer,
will appear with her International
Dance Trio in Saint Mary’s audito
rium Friday, January 19. Miss
Imaz has conceived a new kind of
entertainment composed of classical
Spanish dances, the balletoirianes,.
folk and character dancing.
The International Dance Trio is
comj)rised of three dancers. Miss-
Imaz, Iona McKenzie, and Wayne'
Lamb, and directed by Miss Imaz.
They i)erform as a group or in solos
or duets.
Miss Imaz is a tiny brunette who
is especially noted for her perform
ances of the Bolero, Tango, and the
Jota. From her studies of dancing
in the Latin countries of Europe she
hrings a dance technique amplified
by tbe facial and posture art of the
Iona McKenzie, the young baller
ina of the International Dance Trio,
dances in the classical tradition to
the music of Strauss and Choi)in,
She also combines with Miss Imaz
and her male partner in folk dances
of different lands.
Wayne Lamb gives the group sup
port as a male dancer and offers as
his solo contribution a specimen of
the modern dance idiom.
Mias Imaz was born in Argentina
of Basque j)arents. For four years,
a ballet and character dancer at the
Teatro Colon in Ifiienos Aires, she
won her j)lace there on the basis of
two examinations in which she com
peted with 300 other dancers. Dur
ing those years, Miss Imaz danced
in more than fifteen operas.
Ballerina Iona McKenzie is typi
cal of the new crop of young ballet
dancers. The English-born girl re
ceived her dance training in Canada.
In Canada, she conducted her own
school of the dance for three years;
in America she was soloist with the
New York City Opera Couqiauy
and i)remier danseuse with the Sail
Carlo Opera Company. On Broad
way, she scored a notable success as
])rineiple dancer in such hit musicals
as “Oklahoma,” “Call kle Mister,”
and “Ballet Ballads.”
Wayne Lamb is a jiroduet of
American training and the Broad
way stage, fie studied dancing at
the Edler School in his native Wich
ita, IGinsas. His musical comedy
experience has included solo dancing
in “Yours Is My Heart,” a leading
dancing jiart in the road comjiany of
“Call Me Mister,” and roles in “Earl
Carroll’s Vanities” and “Make Mine
Michel Bourgeot, noted French
jiianist, accompanied the Interna
tional Dance ’Irio. Mr. Bourgeot
was brought to America especially
for the Trio engagements by Miss

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