North Carolina Newspapers

Saint I'.lary’s School Library
XIII, No. 12
April 20, 1951
SMS Chooses Nancy Dawson, Mary Saint Mary’s Student Body Elects
Ann Eaddy Officers For 1951-52 Editors For School Year 1951-52
Hammond, Perry New Honor
Council Members for 1951-52
Hecent elections at Saint Mary’s
’lamed Nancy Dawson, of Elizabetli
p'lj) vice-president of the Student
overnmeiit Association, and Mary
■“ Eaddy, of Raleigh, president
the day students. Mary Gage
ainmond, of Greenville, South
ai'olina, and Lois Perry, of Wind-
Were elected to he Honor Coun-
. memhers from the incoming sen-
'oi' class.
^ancy Dawson at the hoginning
1 this year was chosen head cheer-
cader of the Sigma’s. She is vice-
Desident of her junior class and
^ ’nemher of the Dramatic and Ca'n-
’biii'y Clubs. Nancy was recently
'*Pped into the Order of the Circle.
Her duties are:
, ,^'.To perform the duties of the
’csident in her absence or at her
. • -to act as chairman of the Con-
'tution Committee.
• ho serve on the Honor Council,
to vote in idace of an ah-
''‘’t member.
> To serve as a member of the
^'^S’slative Body.
q "?' To act as chairman of the
‘''eiitation Committee,
jj • To secure in the fall from the
N”’! of Students the annual reports
uie Honor Council, Hall Coun-
])[.’ Ihe Legislative Body of the
(jj^'ious year and to suhit them to
jj c Legislative Body to read at the
I|j‘- To submit to the President of
at the end of the school
Hie*' records of the secretaries of
® Student Government Assoeia-
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^ittmittee Chooses
^heme For May Day
I file Rainbow will he the
of this year’s annual Alay
Hio^ pageant. Mrs. Guess, head of
will present the program on
Hont campus beside the library
L’HO May 5.
lij.j’c pageant centers around a
*: girl, who will he played by
(li , a Rowe. To introduce the in-
K’Hiial dances, the Glee Club, di-
,>iij by Miss Geraldine Cate, will
1?' rases of the theme song. The
h ^I'am will feature a Lullaby
a Blue Skies Dance, a Star
hg Cloud Dance, a Lemon Drop
and a Bluebird Dance. At
IjjjA’id the bluebirds will carry the
W V: gii'l over the rainbow formed
Vj|j He May Court. The Glee Club
0/j the finale. I’m Always
«p^’'chesis, led by Lane Buddy,
the May Day pageant. The
Sdt will have charge of the stage
physical education de])artment
^He May Day pag-
Shown above are Sandra Sims. >lay Queen, and the twelve otlier nieinher.s
of the t\)iirt
Sophomores, Freshmen Enjoy
Dancing Way Beyond The Sea
Student Body Picks
Setzer And Sadler
Saint Mary’s student body elected
Sue Ann Sadler, of 'Parhoro, as sec
retary of the Hall Council and Helen
Setzer, of Hickory, as chairman of
assembly programs in recent elec
Sue Ann is a Mu, on the BELLES
start’, and a member of the YWCA.
Helen is a Sigma and a mend)er of
the Dramatic Club.
The duties of the secretary of the
Hall Council are to keep full min
utes of the council meetings and to
give students written notification of
ITall Council iienalties except when
notification has been officially given
in the Hall Council meeting. She
must i)repare in May for the Dean
of Students a statistical rei)ort of all
cases handled during the year. She
performs general secretarial duties.
The chairman of assembly j)ro-
grams must submit to the president
of the Association the name of the
faculty meniher desired as adviser,
])lan j)rograms for the regular 'Pues-
day and Thursday assemblies, and
preside over the assemblies. She also
presents to the incoming chairman
of assembly j)rograms a written re
port commenting on the value of the
year’s programs and containing sug
gestions for improvements.
Saint Mary’s freshman and soj)h-
omore classes had their annual dance
in the gymnasium Saturday even-
April 14, from 8 ::i() until
12:C0. Previously the two classes
had .selected Rryond llir Sua as the
theme of the dance and Gene Wal
lace and the Statesmen as the orch
The de corations followed the un
derwater tlieuu'. 'Phe (‘iitrance wa.“
in the shape of a' conch .sliell; the
(lueen’s throiu' took the form of a
shell also. From the octopus of
balloons in the center of the ceiling
flowed sea green er(‘pe jmper stream
ers. Streamers of tlie same color on
the walls gave a watery background
to the shiny, silver, multi-shaiied
fish with fins of pinks and greens,
the starfish, the green sea horses,
and the coral.
Composing the receiving line were
the presidents of both classes with
their dates; Miss Nancy McLaurin,
sophomore class adviser; Miss Mary
Louise Kelly, freshman class ad
viser; Dr. and Mrs. Owen Browne;
and the Rev. 1. Harding Hughes.
During intermission ujiou a net
and shell-covered table green fruit
punch and star-shaped cookies were
served as refreshments.
The figure took place during the
latter part of intermission. As Mr.
Moore announced the girls and their
dates, the participants took their
places in the semi-circles on cither
side of the throne.
Catherine Morrison, maid-of-
Paul, Redding, Hood Will Head
School Publications Staff
Saint Mary’s student body unani
mously elected Mary Jo Paul, Anna
Redding, and Martha Hood editors
of the BELLES, the Stage Coach,
and the Bulletin resj)cctivoly for the
school year 1951-.52 on March 20.
Mary Jo succeeds Eranky Allen
as the editor of the BELLES, the
semimonthly newspaper of Saint
Mary’s. Anna succeeds Mimi Lynch
as editor of the Stage Coach, the
annual, and “Bunny” takes over
Barbara Clark’s job as editor of the
Bulletin, the literary magazine.
Mary Jo, of Washington, is on the
BELLES start and the Altar Guild
and is a member of the Canterbury
Club and Sigma Pi Alpha. She is a
Anna, of Manhasset, Now York,
is in Orchesis, the Dramatic Club,
and the YM"CA and on the BELLES
and the Stage Coach starts. She is
a Mu.
“Bunny,” of Rio de Janeiro, is in
the Glee Club, Sigma Ri Alpha, and
the YMBLV and is on the BELLES
and Ihillet in starts. She is a Mu.
Anna is in her third year at Saint
Mary’s while Bunny and Mary Jo
are second and first year girls rc-
Dramatic Club Wins
Top Rating On Play
Members of the Saint Mary’s
Dramatic Club won top rating for
their ])roduetiou of Caprice in tho
2Sth Annual Drama Festival of tho
Carolina Dramatic A.ssociation held
at Chapel Hill, April i),'l!)51. 'Pho
girls, under the direction of Miss
Florence C. Davis, head of the
Speech and 'Pheater Arts De])art-
ment, presented the ])lay in compe
tition with other junior colleges in
North (’’arolina.
(hiprice, written by Alfred do
Mus.set, is a French ])lay of tho
eighteenth century. Tho east wore
colorful costumes ami i)owdered
wigs of that pc-riod. Elizabeth Nooo
played the ])art of Count de Cha-
vigny; Katherine Armistead, Ma
dame de Chavigny; Juliet Eulghum,
Madame de Lery; .lean Summerlin,
Uosette. Suzanne Robinson and
Helen Setzer assisted with stage
])i'od notion.
The of the Carolina
Drama Festival, .s])onsored each
year by the Carolina Dramatic A.s
sociation, is to encourage dramatic
art in North Carolina.
honor to the queen, took her place
beside the throne. The last to enter
was Tracques Saunders, who with
her date, ascended the throne and
was crowned Queen of Beyond the
Sea by Dr. Browne.

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