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Saint Mary s
XIII, No. 13
Juniors Give Final
Dance For Seniors
.The Saint Mary’s Juniors will
?''’e the annual Junior-Senior dance
honor of tlie senior class in the
^yninasium 8 ;30 through 12 :00 Sat-
May 5.
The members of the junior class
that the ' theme will be
Purple. Under the guid-
^»ce of Margaret Cheatham, chair-
the decoration committee has
J'^'^ided that the first two lines of
*6 song Deep Purple will be used
!** carry out the theme. Strips of
^Vender and purple crepe paper will
'^Cver the ceiling, and silver stars
a lighted moon will shine on
*Tther members of the decoration
jJ'ainittee are Marian Faison, Sue
v^^rison, Ruth Hines, May Holton,
' Boone Crofton, Sally Hack-
Mary Gage Hammond, Lois
Pat Tankard, Anna Red-
b''8) Pat Boesser, Kay Daniel, and
'^'icy Robinson.
j Tan Winders, chairman of the re-
T^^hment committee, announced
punch, cookies, and nuts will
served. Other members of the
•'eshment committee are Virginia
■ Jess Gant, Ann Nelson, and
1 ^onnie Edwards, chairman of the
r,,*id committee, xinn Harless, Betsy
f., and Becky Hurt have se-
f *cd Roy Cole and his band to play
* dance.
u,^*ivitations have been extended to
^ lUembers of the faculty. Rishop
Mrs. Penick, Dr. and Mrs.
Miss Jones, Mr. and Mrs.
r uuuco, xTij.
and Miss Morrison have been
to he in the receiving line.
l^J'Te figure committee, King Ris-
chairman, Mary Stuart McKee,
5^^Siaia Turley, Peggy' Costner,
tti "
o. -LLlllCJj J. CggJ ^ 7
Lane Buchley, has decided that
will begin at 10 :30. In
figure will be xVnne Rixey, pres-
A of the Student Government
of^iatioii; Ann Nicoll, secretary
5i Student Government Asso-
cpon; Martha McGuirk,
^A^iuan of the Hall Council;
Rift- ^obhs, Grace Gordon, Vir-
Turley, and Sandra Donald-
Honor Council members; Vir-
Hall, treasurer of the Senior
Ann Pentoii, treasurer of the
fpMoi' class; Eunice Saunders, see-
of the Senior class; Ann Pat-
Secretary of the Junior class;
ol^^^aret Ann Sasser, vice-president
v; ‘fio Senior class; Nancy Dawson,
l(j®Tresident of the Junior class;
tijv Pisher, president of the Busi-
tL® Class; A1 White,-president of
,®onior class; and Alice Hicks,
’^^'fient of the Junior class.
Pictuietl above are Toiiia Rowe and the Lemon Rrop dancers
from the May l>ay i)a5>'oant
To Serve For Coming School Year
New Chapel Assistants Begin
Duties May Day Week End
Mr. Hughes has appointed Mar
jorie Penton and Sally Hackney as
crucifiers; Ann Stewart, Mary Alma
Hodges, and Betsy Dunn as servers;
Sandy Donaldson, Lane Buckley,
and xUice Jones as acolytes. These
new chapel assistants will assume
their duties May 6.
Marjorie Penton, of Wilmington,
is a member of the Glee Club, choir,
Centerhury Club, Student Vestry,
Sigma Pi Alpha, and Bulletin staff.
She is a Sigma.
Sally Hackney, of lYilson, is a
member of the YWCA Dramatics
Club, and on the Stage Coach statt.
She is a Mu.
Ann Stewart, of New York,
N. Y., is a nieinher of the xVltar
Guild,’ Student Vestry, and Canter
bury Club. She is a Mu.
Mary Alma Hodges, of Kmgs-
treti S. C., is a member of the Can
terbury Club, and Stage Coach staff.
She is a Alu.
Betsy Dunn, of xVlexandria, Va.,
is a member of the Canterbury
Club, Altar Guild, and Stage Coach
staff. She is a AIu.
Sandy Donaldson, of Wilson, is a
niembe/ of the YWCA and Honor
Council. She is a cheerleader and a
Lane Buckley, of Fort Belvoir,
Virginia, is a member of tlie clioir,
Swimming Club, and Orchesis. She
is a Sigma.
xilice Jones, of Warrenton, is a
member of the YWCA, Orchesis,
Letter Club, Sigma‘Pi Alpha, and
the Swimming Cliih. She is a AIu.
Canterbury Club
Elects President
Saint Mary’s Canterbury Club
met April 25 and elected officers for
next year. Mary Jo Paul is the
new jn-esident; Ann Stewart, vice-
president; Mary Gage Hammond,
secretary; Margo Hester, treasurer.
Mary Jo, of Washington, is
BELLES editor. She is a memher
of Sigma Pi Alpha, Altai- Guild,
and Stage Coach staff. She is a Mu.
Ann Stewart, of New York,
N. Y., is a memher of the Student
Vestry aiul the xVltar Guild. She
will be a server in the Chapel next
year. She is a Mu.
Mary Gage, of Greenville, South
Carolina, will he Student Govern
ment secretary next year. She is a
member of the Altar Guild and the
Circle. Mary Gage is a Mu.
Margo, of Tryon, is on the
BELLES staff. She is a j¥u.
xVccording to Edith Rogers, presi
dent, the organization will send to
Bishop Gordon in Alaska twenty-
five dollars which will help pay for
the deep freeze unit. The Raleigh
Canterbury Club and the Saint Ma
ry’s Caiiterhury Club will have a
joint meeting May 20. In the neai
future the club will receive a char
ter from the National Canterbury
Saint Mary^s Holds
May Day Festivity
Saint Mary’s will hold the annual
May Day Saturday afternoon on
the front campus at 3:30 o’clock.
This year’s theme will he a fantasy
based on the song Over the Rain-
Iwiv. Members of Orchesis, a mod
ern dance group, under the direc
tion of Mrs. William C. Guess, will
s])onsor the event.
Sandra Sims, May Queen, will he
featured as Iris, the goddess of the
rainbow, and the May court will
represent the six colors of the rain
bow. The court includes Katherine
Armistead, Pat Boesser, Juliette
Fiilghum, Kitty I isher, (jrace Goi -
don, Peggy Hooker, Ann Miles,
Virginia Mowery, Ann Kixey,
Traques Saunders, Mary Strick
land, and Harriet Tew.
The plot centers around Tonia
Rowe, a carefree little girl who runs
and skips at play until, wearied by
her frolics, she falls asleep. She
dreams of a make-believe land lie-
yond the rainbow. A star heiids
iow and the wakened child makes
a wish. She then finds herself m
Rainbow land, ruled by beautiful
Queen Iris and her court.
xV crowd of merry lemon-drops
welcomes her. The little girl, joins
them. When they melt away, two
friendly bluebirds appear and in
vite her to join their flight. Sud
denly, she realizes that the birds
have led her over the rainbow.
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Seniors Plan Musical
Comedy For Follies
The Senior Follies of 1051, en
titled “Saint Mary’s On Site,” will
he presented Weilnesday, May 0, at
8:30 in the Auditorium. The Fol
lies is a musical comedy consisting
of six scenes and a finale. All se
niors take part in the program.
The theme of this presentation is
aspects of life at Saint Mary s as
uncovered by a young novelist in-
tcrviewiiig persons coiniected with
the school.
All the work on the play has been
done by three committees; the dia
logue committee, Mimi Lynch, chaii-
man; the music committee, Mar
garet Gaston, chairman; and the
stage committee. Kit Armistead,
chairman. The dialogue committee
wrote the dialogue and lyrics for
the songs.
The Senior Class has continued
the precedent set by last year’s se
nior class of not having a faculty
advisor or any outside help. The
seniors have written and produced
the program entirely on their own.

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