North Carolina Newspapers

Vol. XIII, No. 15
June 1, 1951
Senior, Sophomore Activities Dr. Stone Receives Honorary
Fill Commencement Week End Degree At Western Maryland
Mary’s Scliool and Junior
College graduating classes will re-
^'«ve their diplomas, Monday, June
1951, at Graduating Exercises in
auditorium and chapel.
*-lyde A. Erwin, Pd.D., D.V.Ed.,
Superintendent of Public Instruc-
of the State of North Carolina,
"ill giyg commencement address.
lloiiors will be announced and cer-
**ficates given to commercial, art,
^^Pl’ession, home economics, and mu-
students during the exercises.
Fichard G. Stone, Ph.D., L.H.D.,
Resident of Saint Mary’s School,
"ill present the diplomas to the High
Jiliool graduates in the auditorium.
*‘6 Rt. Eev. Edwin A. Penick,
■*'^1-, LL.D., President of the Board
li'ustees, will present diplomas to
Junior College graduates in the
*'lie program will be as follows :
^ Part I—Aiiditoriuin
,"*14611110 Procession
puyer—Rev. I. Harding Hughes
\ "tatory
'JJi'ess—Clyde A. Ervin, Pd.D.,
..■^^•Ed., Superintendent of Pub-
J® Instruction of the State of
y'mi'th Carolina.
'"seiitation of High School Di-
iJonias—Richard G. Stone, Ph.D.,
j^''lI.D., President
iioinicement of Honors
!L\onor Roll
J'e Cooper Medal
Niles Medal
h Scholarship Awards
Pictured above are comuiencenient iiiarslials
Miss Davis Will Present Merchant Of
Venice Tonight In Open-Air Theatre
"‘Station of Certificates
^ Part II—Cliapel
J'gan .Pi-elude
IF*)'' —
,"Uior Processional
*^®®btation of Junior College Di-
Joinas—Rt. Rev. Edwin A. Pe-
’J®k, D.D., LL.D., President of
1> *e Board of Trustees.
"^^Rrnnae Association
^^ans Annual Meeting
o .
tig Mary’s Alumnae Associa-
ie,l' '"’ill hold its annual meeting
lot ®uturday, June 2. The agenda
day will include a business
ill the study hall at 12
followed by a luncheon in
IJining hall.
fei, . ® Alumnae Day is a special
for the classes of ’01, ’21,
(iJ, Jl, ’41, ’48, ’50 and most espe-
Ifj. y for the class of ’01 on their
"ill anniversary.
Tonight the Dramatic Cluh of ‘
Saint Mary’s will present its 109th
commencement ]Jay at eight-fifteen.
Hie Merchant of Venice is the pro
duction that the dramatics students
are presenting this year.
Miss Davis has announced that
the costumes which Avere ordered for
the play are unusually pretty and
colorful. As in past years, the set
ting for the commencement play will
be the open-air theater Avhich is lo
cated at the right side of the audi
torium. The stage has been arranged
so that three acts of The Merchant
of Venice will take place without
changing the scenery. This Avill he
accomplished hy having the stage
divided into three units.
The cast is as follows: the Duke
of Venice played by Mary Ann
Eaddy; Suitors to Portia and the
Prince of Morocco, Eniilie Adams;
the Prince of Arragon, Vicki Sted-
inan; a Merchant of Venice, An
tonio, Elizabeth Nooe; Antonio’s
friend, Bassanio, suitor to Portia,
Juliet Eulghum; friends of Antonio
and Bassanio are Sahuiio, Nancy
Haltoin; Salarino, Pat 1 ankard,
Gratiano, Nancy Dawson.
. Suzanne Robinson will play Lo
renzo, Jessica’s lover; Helen Setzer
will play Shylock, a rich Jew; M. A.
Hodges, a Jewish friend of Shylock;
Mary Michal, servant to Shylock,
and the clown Launcelot Gobbo;
Sally Hackney, father of Launcelot
or old Gobho; Edith Cross and Jane
Maddux will i)lay Balthaser and
Ste])hano, respectively.
A rich heiress, Portia, Katherine
Arniistead; her waiting maid, Ne-
rissa, Jean Summerlin; daughter to
Shylock, Mai Stewart; guard, Vir
ginia Gilliam; Clerk, Florence
The Production Committees are
as follows: Director, Miss Florence
C. Davis, head of Drama Depart
ment; Stage Manager, Rebecca
iloose, of Boone; Sound engineers,
Carmen Gardiner, of Rio do Ja
neiro, Brazil; and Mary I.ou llrqu-
hart, of Courtland, Virginia;
Trumpeter, Margaret Duncan, of
Raleigh; Attendants, King Risley,
of Savannah, Georgia; and Betty
Ruth klacNair, of Wilson; Cos
tumes, Mary Linda Garriss, of Mar-
garettsville; and Sue Trant, of
Portsmouth, Virginia; Settings and
Proi)erties, Claire Boone, of Arling
ton, Virginia; Betty Cheek, of Wil
son; Evelyn Oettinger, of Kinston;
Mary Jo Paul, of Washington; Ann
Penton, of Wilmington; Lois Perry,
of Windsor; Florence Swindell, of
Raleigh; Sue Woodward, of Hamp
ton, Virginia; and Sonoko Yama
moto, of Tokyo, Japan; Lights,
Mary Evelyn Fuller, of Raleigh;
and Anne Rixey, of Norfolk, Vir
Friends of the school are invited
to attend the play. In case of rain,
the play will be given in the Saint
Mary’s Auditorium.
Dr. Richard Stone received an
honorary degree Avhile attending
commencement exercises and a class
reunion at his alma mater. Western
Maryland, in 'Westminster, Mary
land, May 2C-28.
This year marks the twenty-fifth
anniversary of Dr. Stone’s gradua
tion from Western Maryland. Ho
was invited to make the commence
ment address as well as to receive
a degree, Doctor of Humane Let
ters. The subject of his address
was “Liberal Arts in a Chnrch Re
lated College.” He stressed the ad
vantages of a liberal arts education.
The general theme of his talk was
that the liberal arts college has been
successful over a long 2)eriod of years
because it emphasizes good teaching.
While attending Western Mary
land, Dr. Stone displayed his leader-
ship ability in a variety of ways. lie
was treasurer of his class, ])resident
of his literary society, ])resident of
one of the school social clubs, and
Adjutant of the ROTC.
This occasion was a ha])i)y one
for'Dr. Stone. He was reunited
with his brother, an alumnus of
Western Maryland, and his si.ster
for the first tim(‘ in eleven years.
On Saturday at the class reunion he
saw thirty-five iiuunbers of his orig
inal class of eighty-six.
On Monday, Commencement Day,
he was introduced and sjioko before
1,500 ])eople. At this time, after a
citation in his honor. Doctor Stone
received his degree. lie also re
ceived a new white velvet robe laair-
ing insets of green and gold, Wst(‘rn
ilaryland’s .school colors. He will
wear this robe for commencement
exercises here.
Seniors Will Present
Class Day Exercises
The seniors Avill ])resent the an
nual Day Exercises on Satur
day, June 2nd, in the auditorium.
At White, president, Avill give the
welcome, after Avhich IMargaret Dunn
will lead the class in the ])rayer
which she Avrote. The entire senior
class Avill sing the Ahna Mater after
which Eunice Saunders, class secre
tary, Avill call the class roll. Kit
Armistead and Becky Moose Avill
read the class history.
A1 White Avill present the senior
gift to the school, and Dr. Stone Avill
accept it. Bimbo Parshley and Alice
May Avill make the class prophecy,
after Avhich Barbara Clark Avill read
the class poem Avhich she Avrote.
Mickie Shannon and Tonia RoAve
will read the Last Will and Testa
ment, and Margaret Ann Sasser will
read the superlatives. Minii Lynch
Avill reveal the dedication of the an
nual, and Mr. Moore Avill present the

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