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Halloween party
Saint Mary’s School Library
Vol, XIV, No. 3
November 2, 1951
Classes Elect New Representatives
To SMS Honor Council For ’51-^52
Gillie Martin, Sandy Donaldson
Are Senior Representatives
Gillie Martin, Sandy Donaldson,
Hamer, Kacliel Brooks, Mary
^lichal, Joanne Trowbridge, and
betsy Williams are the newly elected
ilonor Council representatives. Each
'^lass nominated and elected its rep-
*’*^soiitatives the week of October 7.
Gillie Martin and Sandy Donald-
are the senior Honor Council
^embers for this year. Gillie, of
|i>oiimond, Virginia, was selected
the two senior members of the
l^ouneil as the Secertary of Student
Government. She is also a member
the Canterbury Club. She is a
^'ce-eounselor, senior dance mar-
®^al, and a Sigma. Sandy, of Wil-
is the head Mu cheerleader, a
^a'liiselor, a member of the Ca'nter-
''ay Club, and an acolyte.
Syb Hamer and Rachel Brooks
the chosen Honor Council mem
o's of the junior class. Syb, of
*'iioir^ is a second year girl, a Mu
ftoerleader, and a member of the
I Coach staff. Rachel, of Rox-
Q ^0) is a member of the Glee Club,
’’‘thesis, Granddaughters’ Cluh,
is a Mu.
^lary Michal, the underclassman
i^hi’esentative, of Boone, is a mem-
1 of the Dramatic Club, Canter-
j^’’y Club, Beacon, Doctors’ Daugh-
Club. Slie is a library assistant
is a Mu.
jj^'^oanne Trowbridge, of Plymoutli,
I'opresentative from the business
Vxl®’ ‘I member of Orcheais,
CA, and Glee Club. She is a
Williams is the day ,stu-
,.jj ® member of the Honor Coun-
(] ' ®be is a member of the Grand-
J^Siiters’ Club and is a Mn.
*e duties of the Honor Council
to su2)ervise the workings of
Student Government Associa-
5,| V to act as a supreme court and
5,|V-oi‘y body to the Hall Council,
H to take whatever steps seem
Of ®®®ary to maintain a high level
student conduct.
^rjorie Penton Is
New Bulletin Editor
Ipf. motie” Penton is the new J^ul-
j(ij editor. The nominating com-
nominated Bootie, and the
body unanimously elected
Hootie” succeeds Martha Hood,
return to school this
^ The Bulletin is the Saint
Im As literary magazine which is
■yjshed in December, March, and
ie^®*^tie, of Wilmington, is a mem-
'k ®t the Glee Club, Choir, Grand-
tjlj^^ters’ Club and Canterbury
She is program chairman of
Pi Alpha and a Sigma.
Juniors Convert SMS Gym To Den Of
Spooksf Witches For Halloween Party
Jonathan Daniels
Speaks In Assembly
Jonathan Daniels, editor of the
jVeu's and Observer, spoke in Octo
ber 23 assembly. Mr. Daniels spoke
..about the successes and failures of
the United Nations, which cele
brated its sixth anniversary this
week. He said that the United Na
tions building in New York City
should become to everyone a symbol
of the work which they are doing.
He also said that although the fail
ures of the United Nations are
many, the task which it has done
has been tremendous and that hojie
for the success of the United Na
tions should not be abandoned.
Aliss Morrison introduced Mr.
Daniels. She sfDoke of the new
United Nations flag on disjJay
which Miss Bason made and pre
Seniors Make Plans
For Christmas Dance
Senior class selected Twas The
Night Before Christmas for the
theme of their dance December 8.
Dick Levin’s orchestra will 2>lay.
Ann Patterson, class president, ap
pointed the various committees and
their resisectivc chairmen Alonday.
Chairman for the committees arc
as follows: decoration, Anna Red
ding; refreshments, Lane Buddy;
figure, Bootie Penton; hid. Beeps
Buchanan; and band, Pat Boesser.
Every member of the senior class
is on a committee.
Letter Club Plans
Posture Contest
Members of the Letter Club are
sponsoring the traditional Posture
Week beginning Monday, November
5, and ending Friday of that week.
A Sigma and a Mu will represent
each hall in the posture queen con
test. The Letter Club will present
a skit in assembly Tuesday entitled
“Posture in Dogpatch.” Judges will
eliminate contestants from various
halls before the finals at the assem
bly program on Thursday. The
student body will elect “Posture
Queen of 1951” at this time. The
members of the Letter Club will ob
serve posture of students during the
week and will elect a “Aliss Slump.”
Letter Club members will ])in “I’m
a Slumj)” tags on girls who do not
observe ]iosture week.
The “Posture Queen” of the year
obtains points for her team and also
points which might enable her to
become a member of the Letter
Club. The queen for the two jjrev-
ious years was Louise Alilliken, ’51.
Jan Winders Will Head
Granddaughters^ Club
Saint Mary’s Granddaughters’
Club elected officers at its first meet
ing October 24. Miss Pecte, the
Alumnae Secretary, j)resided.
Jaiiyce Winders, of Kenly, is
president. Jan is a vice-counselor,
assistant editor of the BELLES,
member of the Glee Club, YWCA,
and a Mu.
Helen Sanders, of Charlotte, will
serve as vice-president. She is a
member of the Letter Club, Canter
bury Club, and the Altar Guild.
Helen is on the BELLES headline
staff and a Mu,
Sue Trant, of Portsmouth, Vir
ginia, was elected secretary. Sue is
a member of the Canterbury Club,
Dramatic Club, and the Altar Guild.
She is a Mu.
Margaret Cheatham, of Hender
son, is treasurer. She is on the
Stage Coach staff and the BELLES
staff. Margaret is a vice-counselor,
a member of the Canterbury Club,
and the Altar Guild, a marshal, and
a Sigma.
Dawson, Davenport Are
New Hockey Captains
Sigma’s and Mu’s elected cap
tains for the hockey teams Monday,
October 22. The Sigma's elected
Nancy Dawson, of Elizabeth City,
as captain; the 2lu’s selected Deedce
Davenport, of Timmonsville, South
Nancy is vice-president of the
student body, vice counselor, mem
ber of the Choir, Circle, Canterbury
Club, and Letter Club.
Deedee is ])residcnt of the Mu's,
dance marshal, and member of the
Glee Club, Doctors’ Daughters Club,
and Letter Club.
Apple Bobbing, Prize Fishing,
Fortune Telling Are Features
Junior clas.s entertained the stu
dent body at a Halloween party in
the gym October 31.
Amid witches, owls, spooks, and
jack-o’-lanterns, the juniors trans
formed the gym into a weird and
ghostly Halloween setting. The
carnival featui-ed apple bobbing,
fortune telling, and fisliing for
Nell Eley, lu'esident of the
junior class, appointed the follow
ing committees:
Syb Hamer was chairman of tlie
decoration committee. Others on
the committee were Flicka Keane,
Paula Whitaker, Nancy Boston,
and Pat Flowers.
Deedee Davenport was chair
man of the entertainment com
mittee. Emilie Adams, Harriet
Harris, and Millie Ward served on
The 2)oster committee included
Frances McNeill, chairman. Gene
Overbeck, Sue Woodward, Becky
Hurt, and Beebe Correll.
The refreshment committee,
headed by Rachael Brooks, in
cluded Anne Bailey, Sara Fair,
and Frances Satterlee.
Members of the booth committee
were Louise Brand, chairman,
Georgia Moore, Nancy Hawkins,
Becky Gordon, and lialVye Sewell.
SMS Choir Elects
Officers For ’ST’S2
Saint Mary’s choir has elected its
officers for the year 1951-52.
President of the choir is Letitia
House. Letitia, of Beaufort, has
been at Saint Mary’s one year. She
is a member of the Canterbury Club
and Altar Guild and vice-i)resident
of the Glee Club. She is a Sigma,
Vice-president of the choir is Ann
McCulloch. Ann, of Bluefiehl, West
Virgiina, is a second year girl here
at Saint Mary’s. She is a member
of the Stage Coach staff. Hall Coun
cil, Y^WCA, headline staff of the
BELLES and is a J1/h.
Beverly Rutter is the secretary.
Bev, of Ormand Beach, Florida, has
been at Saint Mary’s two years. She
is a member of the Canterbury Club
and a Mu.
Perry Is Chairman
Of Hall Council
Saint Mary’s student body chose
Lois I’erry to serve as ('hairman of
Hall Council for 1951-52 in an elec
tion October 12. Lois succeeds Sally
Hackney, of Wilson, who was tem-
j)orary chairman.
Lois, of Windsor, is j)resident of
the Circle, member of the Canter
bury Club, and Choir, and a Mu.
As a result of her added duties as
Chairman of Hall Council, she has
given up her positions as cheer
leader, dance marshal, and member
of the Jlonor Council.
The Chairman of the Hall Council
has the following duties: To call
and preside over all meetings of the
Hall Council; to he responsible for
the general functioning of the Hall
Council; to serve as a member of the
Legislative Body; to submit to the
president of the Association the
name of the faculty member desired
as adviser; to apj)oint aud supervise
assembly and chaj)el ju'oetors, and
to make seating charts for chapel
and assembly; to serve on the Coun
selor Committee.

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