North Carolina Newspapers

Vol. XIV, No. 4
November 30, 1951
College Department Undergoes Many
Major Changes As Petitions Pass
Ann Patterson and Mary Ann
^addy are the, newly elected officers
the Legislative Body. Ann was
^hosen to serve as chairman and
Jtary Ann as secretary in an elec-
held November 6.
Dr. Stone and Miss Jones have
''^eently approved several pietitions
'diieh were drawn up by the Legis
lative Body. These petitions in-
'^bde: (1) Unlimited late lights in
De individual rooms for upperclass-
aien for a trial period of one quar-
(2) Abolition of the date list
p'. upperclassmen, (3) Dating on
D'iday nights until 10 :45 for upper-
*^‘assnien provided they are not in
supervised study hall and that they
•Uako up study hall in the after-
Uopn, (4) Extension of bathroom
privileges for upperclassmen until
*’■55 and for all students during
’’•ass time provided the bathrooms
not directly above the class-
Doms, (5) Unlimited meal cuts ex-
>?Pt for breakfast Monday through
* riday.
,, Dr. Stone stressed the fact that
aese petitions deal primarily with
Pperclassmen, for he wishes to ob-
a more emphatic distinction
etween the college department and
a high school department.
Trucker Announces
^ew Requirements
j^^Iiss Elizabeth Tucker, secretary
president, announces, “Due
,.| *lie fact that our high school
j^Usses meet only four times a week.
Order to meet the requirements
State Department of Educa-
„" We will schedule supervised
hall for all high school .^tu-
. . . The school authorities
made it a point to schedule
®Duly periods so they will not
(i|’’uict with football schedule, and
so that they will aid students
(.jj, Pupparing for the first semester
(.r^^dnations.” The schedule in-
,J Dos study hall December 1, 1951;
fUffiary 12, 1952; January 26, 1952,
Du 9:30 mm. to 12:30 ilm.
^^oibers Of Orchesis
^ill Present Program
^jj'^^oinbers of Orchesis will present
program December 6.
'L Uew members will present their
lijgjOs with three old girls at the
fj,, of each group.
T members of the Orchesis
lU Dois Perry, Nancy Dawson,
*^ostner, Helen Setzer, Eliza-
Jluti ^yun, Kay Baker, Alice Hicks,
Dines, Janyce Winders, Rose
Dourie, Marian Faison, Kath-
^siil Dook, Carolyn Landis, Ann
*\f^D Dene Overbeck, Nell Boone
Harless, Ann Bowen,
Delson, Emily Urquhart, Ann
Penton, and Nancy
SMS Circle Taps
Five New Members
Order of the Circle, Saint Mary’s
secret honor society, tapped five
new members, Pat Boesser, Mary Jo
Paul, Mary Ann Eaddy, Ann Pat
terson, and Sally Hackney, Novem
ber 12. Old members of the organi
zation are Alice Hicks, Lois Perry
and Nancy Dawson. Membership
in the Circle is one of the highest
honors given a Saint Mary’s girl.
The white-clad figures, each hold
ing a burning candle, formed the
traditional circle in the back quad
rangle around the Circle stone. With
Lois Perry, president of the Circle,
leading the impressive procession,
they then walked around the school.
The next morning the eight mem
bers attended Holy Communion to
gether in the chapel.
Pat Boesser, of Winston-Salem,
is president of the Sigmas, chief
dance marshal, a member of the
Hall Council, Glee Club, choir, and
Canterbury Clul).
Mary Jo Paul, of Washington, is
editor of the BELLES, president of
the Canterbury Club, secretary of
North Carolina Canterbury Club,
fjublicity chairman of Sigma Pi
Algyha, a member of the Altar Guild
and Dramatic Club. She is a Mu.
Sally Hackney, of MUlson, is
senior dance marshal, crucifier,
member of the Hall Council, Stage
Coach staff, Dramatic Club, Altar
Guild, and Orchesis. She is a Mu.
Ann Patterson, of Edenton, is
president of the senior class, feature
editor of the BELLES, chairman of
the Legislative Body, and a member
of the Hall Council, Stage Coach
staff, Canterbury Club, Altar Guild,
and Orchesis. She is a Sigma.
Mary Ann Eaddy, of Ealeigh, is
president of the day students, secre
tary of the Legislative Body, secre
tary-treasurer of Sigma Pi Alpha,
and a member of the Dramatic Club.
She is a Sigma.
Juniors Originate Winning Song In
School Contest Sponsored By BELLES
Sophomores Receive
Honorable Mention
Seniors Plan For
Christmas Dance
Preparations for the senior dance
to be held in the gym December
8 are being completed this week.
Buddy Kline and his Statesmen’s
Orchestra will play from 9:00 to
12 :00.
Approximately two hundred and
thirty are expected to attend the
dance, including the seniors, ten
dance marshals, sixteen pages, and
their dates and stags.
The bid price is six dollars for
as many as three bids. Extra stag
bids may be obtained for two dol
lars each. The bids will be in the
personalized form.
Selection of the receiving tine has
not been completed as yet; however.
Dr. and Mrs. Stone, Reverend Mr.
and Mrs. Hughes, Miss Martha Dab
ney Jones, Mr. C. A. P. Moore, and
the senior class president, Ann Pat
terson, are customary receivers.
Others will also be invited to re
The figure committee headed by
“Bootie” Penton is keeping the ex
act details of its plans a secret. The
main class officers will be in the
figure. The fiowers and the figure
arrangement will carry out the holi
day theme. The refreshments will
also be a surprise. The committee
under Lane Buchly plans to have
new and different refreshments.
The decoration committee will be
gin getting the gym ready this week.
Anna Redding is chairman of this
committee which will carry out the
dance theme, 'Twas the Night Be
fore Christma.'i.
The senior Christmas dance is
always one of the most successful
dances of the year.
Speech Students Give
Program In Assembly
Miss Davis’ first year speech stu
dents presented a program in assem
bly November 27. The students,
who are taking courses in speech and
theatre arts, gave several amusing
and well-executed character sketches.
Among the students who partici
pated in the program are the follow
ing : Pearl Smith and Carolyn Dun
can as Mrs. Moffett and Cook Brid-
git in “Interview”; Elizabeth Cat
lett in “A Dark Brown Diplomat”;
Betty Ruth Martin and Cecilia Al-
bury as Peggy and Frank in “Pas
toral”; Peggy Smitlideal in “The
Train Window”; Margaret Mans-
Mary’s Sch
Juniors won first prize in Saint
Mary’s song contest, sponsored by
BELLES November 29. Mary Jo
Paul was in charge of the program.
Miss M. D. Jones, Mr. Broughton,
and Mr. Moore judged the classes’
songs on presentation, rhythm, orig
inality, and appropriateness.
The winning song, using the tune
of When I Grow 'Poo Old to Dream,
was written by Susie Nicoll and
harmonized by Dcedee Davenport.
“Like a tiny spark of fire.
Saint Mary’s sj)irit will linger.
Though at times it may grow dim,
It will always live in our hearts.
And so from the start.
Lot’s keep in our hearts
That tiny spark of love we gained
And shared at Saint Mary’s Scliool.”
The sophomore class, whoso song
Mary Lee Lafar and Kay Baker
wro’te, received honorable mention.
Adams’ Poem Published
In College Anthology
“Thou, Love” by Emilie Adams,
of Ahoskio, will appear in the An
nual Anthology of College Poetry
published by the National Poetry
Association. The Bulletin, school
literary magazine, will publish the
poem in its Christmas issue.
“The Anthology is a compilation
of the finest poetry written by the
college men and women of America,
representing every section of the
country. Selections were made from
thousands of poems submitted,” ac
cording to Dennis Hartman, secre
tary of the association.
Ruray Sibley Gives
Lecture On Astronomy
Ruray Sibley, noted lecturer on
astronomy, presented a series of as
tronomical films with commentary
in the Saint Mary’s auditorium to
students and visitors November 5.
The subject of the films and talk
was the earth and the planets around
it. The films, made through tele
scopes by Dr. Sibley, included the
planets and moons of our universe
and the stars or suns of other uni
verses. A film on the atomic activ
ity on the sun’s surface was of espe
cial interest.
Dr. Sibley began as a youth to
prepare himself for a career in as
tronomy. He turned to the study
field-Jones in “The Reward”; and
Myra Thayer and Elizabeth Lynn as
Lady Teazle and Sir Peter in a
scene from The School for Scandal.
Senior Class Elects
Honor Council Member
Senior class elected Ann Fitzger
ald, of I'rinceton, to re])la'(!e Sandy
Donaldson, who resigned as senior
Honor Council member.
This is Ann’s fourth year at Saint
Mary’s. She is a member of the
Glee Club, YWCA, Stage Coach
staff, and BEI>LES circulation
staff. Ann is also president of Al
tar Guild, secretary of senior class,
a counselor, and a Mu.
of geology, however, and did not be
gin his career in astronomy until
1933. Having no work during the
depression. Dr. Sibley began work
on these astronomical films. Ilis
purpose is to show the people of
the world something about the plan
ets and stars.

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