North Carolina Newspapers

    Saint Mary’s School Library
Vol, XIV, No. 5
December 14, 1951
Senior Class Entertains At
Christmas Dance In Gym
Seniors Will Present Annual
Christmas Pageant In Chapel
Senior class held its annual Christ-
"las dance in the gymnasium De-
'^‘«ber 8 from 8 :30 to 12 :00. Buddy
and his Statesmen furnished
^lusic for the dance. The theme was
the Night Before Christmas.
The ceiling was covered with white
^'®Pe paper and colored Christmas
“alls. A Christmas package formed
background for the band stand,
p brick chimney, a Christmas tree,
'olidiiy window scenes, and greenery
““iiipleted the decorations.
The refreshments were lime punch
a*id Christmas cookies. The tabl^
“^Oration carried out the Christina
aittiosphere. The centerpiece, a trc
ornamental balls, was surroundel
T greenery and red caudles. 1
A. P. Moore, senior class ad^
portraying Santa Claus, introj
1^00(1 the girls in the figure. Th^
came through an arch decorat-
a brick chimney and formed
'oath. Those in the figure were
Honorary Society
Taps Four Me
The Beacon,
school honora
new membj
Glee Club Sings At
l^te College YMC A
’s Glee Club presented
ert at the State Col-
g December 5.
^gram began
t by Nancy
pm State
6. Glee
ria by
*oe Hicks, president of Stude
j^®''ernment Association; Naiii
^ivson, vice-president of Stud
j°'’oi'iiment Association; G,
jM'tin, Honor Council repres'
1^ 0) Mary Ann Eaddy, presideir
Students; Lois Perry, chairma
ilall Council; Ann Patterson,
jjOsident of the senior class; Anne
“aton, vice-president; Ann Fitz-
(j, secretary; Beeps Buchanan,
jj“asurer; Pat Boesser, Chief Dance
j|'*“shal; Anna Bedding, decoration
l*'aian; Marjorie Penton, figure
ij^^^’inan. Poinsettia bouquets with
, 8 red streams were the flowers
^^Ti'cle Emphasizes
^^udent Honor Code
Oi 1
(ij “*’cle sponsored Honor Week De-
IjBber 2-8. To remind students to
Bp to the high standards of
Mary’s honor code was the
to-In assembly Tuesday, De-
Circle gave a skit to
IjjTbasize this important week.
5 d Biember of the Circle imitated
t^i ^Bi'acter from Mother Goose’s
and brought out the fact that
0^-cheating, stealing, and leaving
Voj,TBs without permission were the
B offenses. The Circle publish-
Student Government Gazette
J^Biber 6.
girls at Saint Mary’s or-
the student government in
to . The girls then had the right
])lj|Bition for their rights and were
their honor. In 1938 the
hi 'station placed the Honor Coun-
A(|.^°^cinost in school activities.
years this council was
right to control the viola-
cf the Honor Code.-
™ 01-
i^iatep a . _
TirKimie^ Tunlfiip®^ of - d^of^ibja,
outhj Cai'dliifa0iTtr(|i^ufict- of jf'"
hpmore:^ehlsSr Ti'SiiSftheA'-QfA
£^fe^haFa,ATi'ibble, Wake For-
es’^sZa (lay student. SlieA,^ i/w
a^^^pn the hockey tFSm.(^-'-C,
Senfors Will
CKratmas Carols
Seniors n^carol before breakfasH
Deeember 19r^First they will gcc.
singing to thcvjfijiiics of Air. Moorej^
Bishop Pcnick, Air. Hughes, Dr.^
Stone, and other members of the fac-^ '
ulty, and to the dori^tories of'tl^J
student body. Later
an arch in the covered way between
Sniedes and the dining room, carol
ing to the students who jiass on their
way to breakfast.
Nigl^ Bi'lt':|^
ajLiiiforijifilysphJal Kour' To the par-
Ipi’ huildin
cpjuH'ifeiS/'lfWentertain the'serviijeA
men'li’oj'i'r^iorea. Supper
serve'd'^^^fire^tho concert:; aiji
lyaX'SS'jther^'^Ul be dancii
« spou>;py^%rtir
Senior class ivill present the tra
ditional Christmas pageant, “Peace
on Earth,” in the chapel Sunday,
December 16. This year two per
formances will be given, one at 4:00
for town people and children, and
one at 5:30 for the students and
faculty. The pageant, uyder the
direction of Aliss Davis and Mr.
Broughton, will he done mostly in
pautomirao with a chorus singing
traditional Christmas carols.
The cast includes Alice Hicks as
the Virgin Alary; Alary Ann Eaddy
as Joseph; Alary Jo Paul as nar
rator; Nancy Dawson and Helen
^tzer as angel messengers; Letitia '
use, Lois Perry, and Barbara
ylor as the three wise men;'.Ann
mterson, Shepherd Rustin, Ann
'i^.gerald, Nanc.y Alurra.y, ■ Pat'
esser, Sandy Donaldson, .Vnn
enton, and Jeanie Patterson as
ang(ds; Beeps Buchanan, Alary Dor--
sett, Sally Ha'ckne.y, Ann I’enton,
and Alartha Bridg(w as shejiherds;
Jail Winders ami Peggy Costner
as pages; and Alice Jones as aco
lyte. Aleinbers of the jirodiiction
committee are Lane Buchly,. Vir-
inia Allen, J(>ss Gant, and Claire
The music will include Oh, Come
II Ye Faithful, Now Sing .We .All
'ill Sweetly, Venite AdorernnH-,
liile Shepherds Watched Their-
lochs By Night, Angels We Have
card On High, The. Firsi_Noel,
id Ox and .i.w, Jesu, Thou Dear
e Divine, sung by Barbara
Alarch of Alagi Kings as an
solo by Mr. Broughton, We
Kings of Orient .Ire, Silent
m- Fold .4men, and Hark
Angels Sing. Members
loir arc Barbara AVhite,
owers, Harriet Harris, Kitty
u, Isabella Alebane, and Eniil.y
Adam, Setzer, Eaddy,
Michal Star In Play
Miss Florence Davis’ advanced
students in Speech and Theatre Arts
presented the one-act play The
Twelve-Pound Look by J. M. Barrio
in assembly December 13.
The characters portrayed were Sir
Harry Sims, played by Eniilie
Adams; Kate, by Helen Setzer;
Lady Sims, by Mary Ann Eaddy,
and Tombes, by Mary Afichal.
The scene was a room in the home
of Sir Harry. The play is one of
the workshop plays required in the
drama course.
SMS Clubs Plan
Christmas Parties
Saint Alary’s clubs are planning
their animal Christmas parties ami
Canterbury Club has adopted two
Wake County families from the AVel-
fare Office. Each member of the
club is assigned to give either clothes,
food, or to.ys, which will be deliv
ered December 17. Canterbury Club
is giving a party in the parlor after
the Senior Pageant December 16.
Air. Moore will read Dickens’ Christ
mas Carol. There will be singing
and refreshments.'
The Doctors’ Daughters Club has
announced plans to give money to a
needy family.
Circle Presents Skit
To Stress Honor Code
Circle opent'd Honor Week at
Saint Alary’s in the December 4
assembly. Dressed as Afother Goose
characters, the Circle members
warned of the hazards of drinking,
lying, cheating and stealing, ami
leaving campus without permission.
Lois Perry was Mother Goose; Mary
Anil Eaddy was “the little girl ijd^o
had a little curl”; Nancy Dawson
was Little Boy Blue; Alice Hicks
was the little laughing dog; Ann
Patterson was Little Bo Peep; Sally
Hackney was a little girl who hgd
lost her dog; Pat Boesser and Namiy
Dawson wore Miss Miift’et and tlig
Spider; and Mary Jo Paul wa.s Qld
Alother Hubbard.
refreshments to Methodist Oiqihaii-
age in Raleigh December 14. Club
members will take their gifts-to the
The YWCA is taking gifts and orphan assigned to them

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